August 26 News


-Lower costs, higher speeds after Ethereum’s Merge? Don’t count on it
-The Crypto World Can’t Wait for ‘the Merge’
-Alameda Co-CEO Trabucco Steps Down From Crypto Trading Firm”
-FTX CEO Calls Alameda VC Merger Report a ‘Big Misrepresentation’

-BTC can still run up to $22k and still be well within the confinement of the bear flag.
-Right now we are sitting just below the heartline (center line) of the channel, so it has room to run to either side.
-Flip a coin haha Jerome Powell speaks tomorrow. Every time he has terrible news the market reacts bullishly inverse to the news and rally like crazy, it’s happened the last 3 times now…
-Clown market. So if they are propping up the market until then expect a bs pamp like every other time he speaks followed up the next day with bearish price action, that’s my prediction anyhow.

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