May 11 News

-The Azuki drama continues as the reaction to the founder’s Spaces yesterday was to dump further
-Founder since then has posted an apology on Twitter, taking responsibility for the 3 rugs. Too little too late? We shall see…
-In the meantime, Azuki fp is at 9.3e and Beanz are at 1.3e
-A trend of Azuki meme collections is on the rise, obviously. Check out Fast Food Azuki

-Ragnarok has revealed and fp is now at 1.1e
-An interesting day with a bit of a recovery from BTC and ETH.
-El Salvador has bought 500 BTC at an average price of $30,744.
-House was sold for Bitcoin for the first time in Louisville, Kentucky.
-The Flow Blockchain developed by Dapper Labs announced the launch of a $725 million ecological fund. Supporters include a16z, HashKey, DCG, etc., and will support developers to build games, infrastructure, decentralization Financial, Content and Creator Fields.
-After stablecoin UST lost its dollar peg, Do Kwon and the Luna Foundation Guard are issuing $1.5 billion worth of loans to stabilize the token.

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