May 23 News

-Overall weekend volume remained low as we closed at a two-day total of just over $70 million
-However, marketplace action was sustained with a massive Goblin party, a surprise Moonbirds airdrop and a series of random degen mints.
-The price of ETH closed out the weekend just above $2000 as we look for an injection of life into the upcoming week.
Moonbirds announced an airdrop called “Moonbirds Oddities” to all holders of nested Birbs. The project is a collaboration with artist Gremplin, of Nouns and CryptoToadz fame. Unnested birds were not eligible for the airdrop with extra proceeds going towards underrepresented groups in the NFT space including women and minorities. The collection is expected to reveal in July.

-The window for BAYC/MAYC holders to claim their Otherside land closed this evening as the team went on to also announce the “First Trip,” upcoming for all Voyagers on July 16th. continued its surge into the weekend as floor prices topped out at .8E and are still holding a healthy .55E range. The details behind the mysterious project are ongoing but a variety of clues and puzzles along the way have kept things interesting. Since coming to life late Friday night, the Goblin Horde has traded 3700E on OS secondary with 4.3k holders.

-BEEPLE Twitter account hacked to share Louis Vuitton phishing link.
-Opensea introduces Seaport, brand new NFT marketplace protocol. For further read: Blog0ageIntroducing Seaport Protocol – OpenSea Blog

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