May 24 News

-Probably Nothing Genesis pumped yesterday due to a tweet saying that they have big news for tomorrow. I heard from a very reputable source that they are collaborating with Warner Bros and Bose. Holders of this will get a free mint on both the Warner Bros project and Bose project supposedly.

-TopShot announces that a special edition set called “The Anthology: Magic Johnson” will come to the marketplace on June 7th. A total of 1600 packs will be made available with differing Top Shot Score requirements to be eligible.

-RTFKT announces that Christie’s Auctionhouse will be hosting the project to auction off one CloneX on 5/26.

-Gamestop launches wallet for Cryptocurrencies and NFTs.
-Balenciaga will accept Bitcoin in US.
-eBay launches its first collection of NFTs in partnership with OneOf NFT.
-Filecoin Foundation and Lockheed Martin are working together to develop a program for deploying the Interplanetary File System (IPFS) in space.NBA Top Shot (@nbatopshot)[email protected] is coming to NBA Top Shot Own the Magic on June 7th


RTFKT (@RTFKT)26 of May Ultra Rare Golden Samurai Helmet Clone will be auctioned at @ChristiesInc Wonder who will get this grail of the Metaverse Avatars ?


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