May 25 News

-Okay Duck Yacht Club has minted out and is now at .12E fp within less than 12h as the degen season continues

-Trippin’ Ape Tribe began and finished their 10k generative collection mint today at 3.25 and 4 $SOL for whitelist and public respectively. Secondary immediately saw positive price action where the floor reached as high as 80 $SOL before settling around 60 $SOL with 7640 unique holders by day’s end. Despite the lack of activity on the ETH network Trippin’ Ape Tribe did a lot of heavy lifting with an incredibly strong debut trading 282K $SOL across all platforms.

– Goblintown Grls, a derivative of the recent hit Goblintown, stealth minted this morning to positive community reaction while trading 330 ETH collection volume. The 5000 mint supply ended up with 2310 unique holders and a floor of .03E after its mint out at .005E.

– Ebay announced the release of a Wayne Gretzky NFT collection in collaboration with Sports Illustrated. The NFTs are editions of 299 each and are purchasable directly through Ebay’s website and tradable on the OneOf marketplace.

– A snapshot was taken at noon eastern time earlier today by Parallel Alpha. Eligible Galaxy Key holders will be able to claim rewards from their Galaxy Faucet.

– VaynerSports Pass holders were able to claim their first partner mint of Team Starboy NFT, from the creator of the popular project Aku, Micah Johnson. The Claim window is open for 2 weeks to allow users to mint during a low gas period.

-AstarDAO has announced a partnership with Microsoft. For further read:


Microsoft x AstridDAO Join Forces

05/24/22— Today, we are thrilled to announce a massive partnership happening in the Astar ecosystem. Our good friends at AstridDAO…

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