May 26 News

– AIMoonbirds have minted out with beautiful art and made a crazy run from 0.008 to 0.25E
-Goblintown fp went all the way up to 2.5E and is now at 1.8E as more people realize they are not “just a meme”

– Other AI (XXX) type projects were quick to follow, with some being scams, so beware
– Japanese BAPES, which we have called a few days ago, have made a nice run from .1E to .34 with # of listings remaining very low. Keep an eye on them…

– ProjectPXN has dipped below 1ETH as it continued to decline since reveal (fp was 4.5 at ATH pre-reveal)
-“Terra Ecosystem Revival Plan 2” vote has passed.
-The Sandbox $SAND has been listed on Coinbase Pro.
-Electric car company TOGG is hiring an expert in “electronic wallet and payments”.
-FTX will support LUNA and UST migration, and new LUNA Airdrop.
-a16z announces $4.5 billion fund for crypto and blockchain startups For further read:

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