June 6 News

-PsychonautzNFT has minted a collection of 9,999 unique works hand-drawn by the artist Sander Jansen and is getting great volume with a fp currently at .16E

-Quirklings have revealed and the fp seems to be stable at around .4E post-reveal, which looks very healthy -We are all going to die seems to be losing some traction and went below 1E, after a big pump to 1.5E
-Gobling Grlz have made a comeback from below .1E pumping to .25E and now sitting at around. 15E Some TA: -BTCUSD dipped again, took out the low, but stayed above the Weekly Pivot. We are currently seeing some strength, although nothing major.

The Jan – Feb lows at 33-34k might not be retested, just like back in December the market didn’t properly retest the breakdown zone, however, it is possible that it could get up to 32600 to test the Monthly Pivot, take out all the highs and then go lower.

-ETHBTC made a new low but closed above it. Alts don’t look great, yet there might be another relief rally. By looking at ETHUSD I truly believe 1550 is coming. I just hope things don’t get too ugly because the market has tested the 1700-1800 lows so many times, that the breakdown could lead to a major downside.




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