June 8 News

-The biggest drop in the last 24h is of course Minted for free and now after 1k ETH volume in just 12h is at .23E fp with what feels like a lot of room to run. The dips are being swept hard on this one.

-troll-town kept pushing up yesterday and is now at .46E
-Other notable drops were Grimbogs and Assplosion, both are now at around .06E fp
-Hobotown is back after a couple of announcements and is around .1E fp The shit meta:
-IllPoop – market leader for few days in a row. Strong breakout and still creating super bullish trend. Fresh breakout rn with FP of 1.64E. Resistance at 1.7-2E. Profit stop 1E breakdown.
-ShitBeast – just mirroring the move of IllPoop. Creating strong bullish trend with successive breakouts. Current FP is now at 0.849Eh creating new highs.
-FTC – creating potential iHnS breakout pattern.

Watch out key levels with 0.45-0.50 strong resistance to create uptrend move. Red line 0.30sh for support to hold. Team was trying all the hype in twitter.

-BTC – holding so far and back 30k level -ETH – back to 1.8k level and holding so far

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