June 29 News

-MoonRunners became the #1 sales volume collection on OS in the last 24h after last night’s event.

The fp did drop as is seems like the expectations were too high and they couldn’t be met. fp currently is at .35
-MoonTurtles have also seen a good volume of sales but their fp went down as well to .015
-aPileofBones have launched yesterday and went up to above .06 with a promise for a burn mechanism to receive an NFT from a smaller future collection

-MoonPepe was another rocket that went to .2 very quickly after launch, but is now back at .05 fp Some new about Crypto regulations: Potential harsh EU regulations – Only Bitcoin is a commodity, so that means many other coins/tokens are securities Kucoin & Bybit having issues with Canadian Regulations Sam also said that there could be issues with many smaller exchanges

– Some are warning about Nexo too, which so far has escaped from the collapse of other lenders – All of them point to the fact you should get possession of your own assets. Keep on major exchanges only a portion of your funds. Maybe you want to buy the dip, so keep some there, and if the dip comes… buy and withdraw. We have no idea how regulators could crack down on the market. Exchanges that aren’t demanding KYC yet, will definitely demand more. Exchanges like Binance could get multiple fines and will be excluded from some jurisdictions, but at the end of the day will be fine. However, if multiple crypto assets are deemed to be securities, they will face huge problems that could hinder their growth.

Patrick Hansen (@paddi_hansen)

1/ The two most important EU crypto regulations to date, MiCA (“PoW-ban”) & TFR (“unhosted wallets”), are about to be finalized by the end of June. They have huge implications for the crypto market in the EU and beyond. Here is a quick update thread on both regulations

Bitcoin Magazine (@BitcoinMagazine)

JUST IN – SEC Chair Gensler said #Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency that is a commodity.



Kucoin banned in Ontario, Canada after ghosting securities commission

The Ontario Securities Commission says it’s banning crypto exchange Kucoin from operating in Ontario and slapping Bybit with a $2.5m fine.

Kucoin banned in Ontario, Canada after ghosting securities commission


Bankman-Fried Warns: Some Crypto Exchanges Already “Secretly Insolv…

After throwing lifelines to troubled digital currency exchanges BlockFi and Voyager Digital, Sam Bankman-Fried, the 30-year-old billionaire founder of FTX, warns that many crypto exchanges will soon fail.

Bankman-Fried Warns: Some Crypto Exchanges Already “Secretly Insolv...

ChainLinkGod.eth (@ChainLinkGod)

If you have any assets on @Nexo, I highly recommend you withdraw immediately From their Zeus Capital short and distort scheme in 2020 to their social media astroturfing that is ongoing to this day I’ve never before seen organizations with so many red flags

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