May 7 News

-Blvck Genesis holding steady at .25e after some troubles with the mint
-Probably Nothing has minted out. Currently at .053e
-ProjectPXN keps pumping. Now at 4.25e -Oneones pumped from .04 to .095 and now sitting at .08
-Google’s cloud group forms Web3 team to capitalize on booming popularity of crypto.
-Any dip buyers left? Bulls are largely absent as the total crypto market cap drops to $1.65T
-Crypto mixer sanctioned by US Treasury for role in Axie Infinity hack
-‘Tamagotchi on Crack’: Irreverent Labs Raises $40M for NFT Cockfighting Game
-A good read for the weekend: There’s more to NFTs than just PFPs — 5 ways nonfungible tokens will transform industry

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