May 21, 2022 to May 22, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.3
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 6/10
Discord Security: 7/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 7.25/10


Avvenire means FUTURE. The Avvenire City is a utopia where beauty, mood, art and community are in sync. Being a citizen of Avvenire City allows you to be a part of an exclusive community with entry to various benefits via airdrops and other offerings. As a citizen of Avvenire City you will be a part of the journey of building the city together.

Avvenire City is built across 5,000 architectural models. Traits will determine the rarity and how they contribute to the Avvenire City. Models will be based around various types of commercial real estate IRL such as retail shops, laboratories, museums, film studio, cafe, restaurant, mini golf, art gallery and more.

Once the Avvenire City is in the Metaverse it will be populated by the 3D versions of the 5,000 citizens (genesis collection). As a Citizen, you will have a unique identity within Avvenire City, with the opportunity to interact with other members of the. 💯


Blockchain: Ethereum

Supply: 5,000 citizens

Mint Date: May 21st 2022

🚀 Stage 1 Fair Dutch Auction

Date: 21st of May at 4pm EST

Mint price: Fair Dutch Auction starting at 0.3 ETH

Available supply: 1,000 citizens

A Fair Dutch Auction allows the buyers to set the mint price for the Avvenire NFT collection. The auction starts at the ceiling price of 0.3 ETH and the price will drop 0.05 ETH every 20 minutes until the price reaches 0.1 ETH or when the supply sells out. So, the reason it is “fair” is that if the final NFT is minted at 0.1 ETH then users who minted at a higher price will be able to claim the difference. For example, the auction starts at 0.3 ETH if the last minted citizen sells at 0.1 ETH, then users who minted at 0.3 ETH can claim 0.2 ETH back. This claim can be done on the Avvenire website within 24 hours of the mint.

🚀 Stage 2 Whitelist

Date: 22nd of May from 4pm – 7pm EST

Mint price: 30% off the floor of the Fair Dutch Auction

Available supply: 3,000 citizens

Whitelisted members have 3 hours to mint and can mint a max of 2 citizens per wallet. If the Fair Dutch Auction ends at 0.1 ETH, then those whitelisted will be able to mint at 0.07 ETH.

🚀 Stage 3 Public Sale

Date: 22nd of May from 7:30pm EST

Mint price: Floor of the Fair Dutch Auction

Available supply: 1,000+ citizens

All remaining citizens will be available for sale at the Fair Dutch Auction floor price. Minting at this stage will continue until the collection sells out and all wallets can mint as many as they wish at the sale price.

What can your citizens look forward to?

💥 Roadmap 💥

⚡️ Phase 1: Citizenship Mint

Launch of the Avvenire Citizenship Mint (limited to 5,000 citizens).

Citizens will be minted as a part of a 2D PFP collection. A design/style connection exists between the Models and the Citizens. The style for the PFP Citizens is influenced by the anime art tradition. PFPs will be exclusive and hand-drawn art.

Customization will also be possible through the Avvenire site. Soon after mint, you will be able to exchange the individual traits of your Citizen with other members of Avvenire City to create your own custom Citizen to suit how you see yourself in the Metaverse. 💥

⚡️ Phase 2: Avvenire City Parcel Release

Citizens from partner communities will be airdropped parcels. Specs TBD

The Avvenire City Map will be launched. Holders can connect their wallet to the website and it will show you where your land is situated on the map with its coordinates within Avvenire City. The Map will be loosely based on the concept of Sandbox coordinates and how they sell land, but it will be made to be more like real life by having a master-planned community. This means the land is also filled with forests, bodies of water, and also the Avvenire Tower.

⚡️ Phase 3: [REDACTED] TBA

But here is what you can look forward to…

Community Education

The Avvenire project will develop resources for Avvenire City Citizens, so they can learn how to build their 3D environments, learn to interact, sell merchandise, or rent their properties, and so on.


The community phase will allow the community to influence the direction of Avvenire, such as the choice of Metaverse. We will come to decisions based on what may suit Avvenire in the long run and how certain steps in the Metaverse will grow the brand of Avvenire.


Possible merch drops for Avvenire City citizens.

🧬 Who is part of the team? 🧬

Oscar Mireles – Founder: Created the Avvenire team and managed behind the scenes. Oscar was once a professional eSports gamer and has become a brand and community builder devoted to web3 and innovation. https://twitter.com/Mireles_2000

Jeremy Lay – Founder: NFT and AZUKI enthusiast. A true business builder, helping bring Avvenire to life. Jeremy has a background in building successful online retail brands since 2015. This success has generated over $150 million in sales online and partnered with Meta, Instagram and TikTok. https://twitter.com/IcedcoffeeEth

Dev – Developer: Web3 developer driving the technological vision of Avvenire City. https://twitter.com/KyotoDev

Yams – Developer: Former VC associate. Web3 developer keeping Avvenire on the cutting edge. https://twitter.com/KyotoYam

Cotal – Influencer: Manages social media and securing collabs and WL with the best communities. Cotal is a content creating machine on social media and a professional eSports player. https://twitter.com/CotalTV

GOSVTO – Lead 2D Artist: Self-taught Illustrator based in France with a degree in Economics and Digital Marketing. https://twitter.com/gosvto

H. Loshak – Lead 3D Artist: Leading the design and collection of Avvenire 3D homes. Loshak is a London based 3D artist and CEO of 4thDimension Studio specializing in immersive art and building NFT projects from the ground up. https://twitter.com/HLoshak

Sabishi – 3D Graphic Designer: 3D graphic designer with master’s degrees in Mathematical and Computer Modeling. https://twitter.com/shambala962

Akshay – 3D Visionary:  Bringing Avvenire ideas and stories to life with incredible 3D art. https://twitter.com/Ak47_ADx


Twitter: https://twitter.com/AvvenireNFT

Website: https://avvenire.io/



  • 8,884 members
  • High engagement rate for contests
  • Different channels for community topics such as mental health, fan art and more

Smart Contract

Avvenire will be using ERC721A for minting. This enables the minting of multiple NFTs for the same gas cost of a single NFT. ERC721A optimizes data storage by leveraging string chain at the time of reading the NFT instead of at the time of writing (mint) this innovation includes the removal of duplicate storage and batch updating. Furthermore, the use of batch updating allows ERC721A mints to update the owner’s balance once per transaction instead of once per token.


As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!