August 10, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.15
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 10/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 7.75/10







   to real-time racing competitions

1 2 3 … RACE! Is anybody interested in drag racing? If you are, then today is your lucky day as I have a new project that is all about Web3 drag racing. MetaDrag.

MetaDrag begins with a collection of Alpha drivers, giving you membership into Moody’s Drivers lounge. Moody’s Drivers Lounge is where crypto degenerates, developers, and creators meet on the borders of Web3. The MetaDrag motto is: SHIFTING CULTURE while creating an online competitive experience built for NFTs.

Big Tech has occupied Web3 and exploited autonomous vehicles. The terms of conduct were way too long so nobody read them and now they have no control over their car. On the outskirts of society, a resistance cultivates.

Utilizing “Proof-of-Race,” the resistance bands together to revolutionize through competitive battle. Gas guzzlers and hacked electric vehicles swerve through the streets and you are the character in the story. Unique drivers represent each competitor, no two are alike, yet we’re all the same.

🏎 🏎 🏎


🏎 🏎 🏎

This is MetaDrag…


MetaDrag is the foundation for creating utility for other NFT communities. Meaning that you can stream in eligible NFTs from your wallet – as markers on your car, a flag that drops at the finish line or as billboards & more. MetDrag’s multi-community approach bridges the gap between other NFT projects, mediums and experiences.


P4K™ is a concept being built by the MetaDrag team which is set to launch after the Alpha release. In P4K players can risk in-game assets in races against other drivers. Those in-game assets have no value, monetary or otherwise in the real world, and they cannot be traded or exchanged outside of the game. They’re the ultimate bragging rights meant for the elite. Similar to street cred, it’s earned, not given. Play-4-Keeps will be rolled out in phases, initially, racing for in-game items, then NFTs & more.

Want to be a member of the pack leaders 🐺… here’s what it comes with:

🐺🏎Alpha Access: MetaDrag Racing

🏎🏎Beta Access: Play-4-Keeps

🐺🏎Alpha Only Unique Vehicles

🔑 🔑Community Chair Holder

👚👕Limited Merch Collabs

🎟 🎟Invite Only Competitions

🤑 🤑Car Clubs, Popups & More

🎟🤑Exclusive Popup Alerts


Blockchain: Ethereum

Supply: 8,888

Presale Date: August 10th, 2022

Price: 0.1 ETH

Public Date: August 12th, 2022

Price: 0.15 ETH

You will have 48 hours to mint your presale spots. After the presale ends, any unclaimed spots will be added to public sale on 08/12.

Presale Access Tiers

🚦 Pit Pass

This is an entry-level pass that grants you access to 4 presale spots.

🚦 League Pass

This is a second-level pass that grants you access to 6 presale spots.

🚦 Premier Pass

This is the highest level pass that grants you access to 8 presale spots.

How can you secure a pass? 👀 You can get one through general participation, attending Twitter spaces, winning the games on game night and more…

What can you look forward to?


🧭 Mint Day: Presale  August 10th Public  August 12th

➡️ MetaDrag Racing Alpha 1.0: Ability to play the game on your browser or with a desktop client  

️ MetaDrag Council Formation: Car meets

️ MetaDrag Vehicle NFT: Beep Beep

📍 MetaDrag Racing 1.0: This is your final destination

🏎 Who is part of the team? 🏎

Tito – Chief Execution: Crypto dork, IRC lurker, game director. https://twitter.com/TxnPending

Maca – Chief Creative: Successful kid and branding 2/3 wiz. https://twitter.com/madeincomputer  

Steki – Chief Business: Tiny yellow hat, rainbow teeth. https://mobile.twitter.com/stekisteks  

Sycore – Web3 Architect: Blockchain dev and solidity guru. https://twitter.com/sycore0x

Lindsey – Marketing Strategist: Photographer, creative director and host. https://twitter.com/LindseyByrnes

Nicky – Business Relations: Founder of Diamond Supply Co. https://twitter.com/NickyDiamonds

Steven – Business Counsel: Business, legal and growth genius.  

Alex – Operations Specialist: Vet, operations and certified technician. https://mobile.twitter.com/brokim_eth

Brand Ambassadors:

Franalations: https://twitter.com/franalations23

Baron: https://twitter.com/TheeHustleHouse


Twitter: https://twitter.com/MetaDragProject

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/metadragproject/

Website: https://www.metadrag.io/

Board of Apes website: https://www.boardofapes.com/



Smart Contract

The smart contract is not available for review yet but will be based on the ERC721A standard, allowing for more efficient mints – especially when minting more than one NFT.

$1,000,000? … will I mint it?

To be honest, this is f**cking dope, not only do you get to drag race and win in-game items that you get to keep but you can also stream in your own NFT’s to display on your race car. This is the ultimate form of flossin’. This project opens the door to leveraging the potential of true digital ownership.


As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!