A-Catraz NFT

A-Catraz NFT

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Ibrahim Naji
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 7/10
Overall Score: 5.75/10


Hello guys! Today we are going to dive into A-Catraz. A-Catraz is a 4,444 NFT pfp collection soon to be minting onto the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features clean visuals, with a range of over 170 traits. A few surprises are featured along the way. Each A-Catraz is highly unique, with all traits being designed by hand and painstakingly tested to ensure high-quality final Acatrazers.

Who is Behind the Project

Behind the project, we have founder Ibrahim Naji, based out of Stockholm, Sweden. Ibrahim brings a bucket load of operational expertise and business development acumen to the table. Previously having worked for notable organisations such as Google, Mohammed Bin Rashid Innovation Fund and others. Ibrahim is complemented by an exceptionally strong team, which we will look into below.

Team Members

Ibrahim Naji – Founder, Head of Operation
Sara Al Madani – Advisor
Mustafa Naji – Head of Community
Mohammad Belarbi – Head of Security
Saana Azzam – Advisor
Aniket Jha – Community Moderator
Isac Norlin – Community Moderator
Mister Sausage – Head of Strategy

Comprehensive team, with some of the members doxxed, the remainder are either doxxed to a pseudonym (Mr Sausage) or not at all. There are some well accomplished team members, we even have one appearing on Forbes 7 Under 30 (Middle East).

About The Collection

The collection features 4,444 skillfully designed avatars. Each made to be unique ensuring no two look-a-like. The 170+ hand designed traits span hairstyles, mouths, clothes, eyes, accessories and more. Some of the combinations I have seen are very clean and something I think most would not mind rocking as a pfp. In addition the collection features 20 super rare 1/1 Acatrazers available for lucky minters.

Each variable trait pinpointed.

The collection is rumored to have a family feud death match event, which will see something happening to most peoples NFTs and one persons lucky Acatrazer ultimately winning the event. I believe this may be a new addition to the project as there is no information on the specifics apart from a screenshot of a casket from twitter and the initial comments made on the projects site which claim a death match and a fight to the top.

Unfortunately, that is all that is known about the death match elements.

Animated TV Series

The team is in partnership with a famous production-house in Stockholm, Sweden to develop a 10 episode animated TV Series with plans for release on a syndicated streaming platform within Europe. Merchandise will be created specifically for the series. Holders will have some design input.

Dubai Holiday

Post mint, one lucky holder will receive an all-inclusive weekend stay in Dubai at a 5 Star hotel. Flight tickets will be paid for and the lucky winner will also receive some extra spending cash for the adventure.

Revenue Share

The team makes mention that holders are shareholders and that they can receive cash. However, the only way this is explained is that if your NFT is chosen to appear in the animated series or other ventures, you will be due royalties. The project doesn’t seem to be offering straight up revenue share for everyone. See for yourself –


The road map is brief and only contains a couple of phases after the initial mint. No timeframes are given, so you could be in for a long ride. Buckle up.


The team currently only uses Twitter & Instagram, but a Discord link is soon to come.

  • Twitter – 5k followers | Joined February 2022 – Small Twitter account. Most tweets get good engagement. Occasional tweets are made. Some collabs and partnerships with other projects.
  • Instagram – 874 Followers | 21 Posts – Infrequent posts, mainly just artwork details with some project information. Engagement is good, but could do with more posts having been un-updated in months.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

Both price and mint date is to be announced. We are early.


The artwork is nice, and looks better than 99% of projects coming around at the moment, so kudos to the team on that point. Most of the team is doxxed, and the ultimate goal of the collection seems to be to reach the animated TV Series milestone. If they actually have a credible production house and have the connections to get A-Catraz going as a syndicated show then this could be a very valuable project.

On the flip-side, the project is using the seemingly over used NFT project milestone of TV Series, Comic Book, etc. We see so many projects purporting these benefits yet zero is often delivered.
The website is also littered with spelling errors, including spelling errors on team members names – which I can’t help but find bizarre when some of these guys are public figures.
Lastly, the project seems to have either hit a brick wall, or is slow to move. When writing this report I noticed that the project has been marketed since April 2022, with little progress made since then. The website has been changed to include the death match information recently, but there is not enough information to discern what this actually means for holders.

All in all, an interesting project with nice artwork. The utility is limited and the information we have is underdeveloped. I would only buy this if you like the artwork. I really think the team needs to better explain the full mechanics of the project. An in-depth Whitepaper could be in order.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.