Angry Sheep Club

Angry Sheep Club

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.333
Founders: DaF*ck
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 3/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 2.5/10


Hey guys, today we have some sheep to take a look at… Angry Sheep Club is a soon-to-be-minting collection of 9,999 Angry Sheep NFTs that will be living on the Ethereum blockchain. The collection features a range of artwork, and a number of traits. The project purports a lot of holder giveaways – to be precise 200 ETH in giveaways to engaged community members and holders – however this is coming from an undoxxed team so take it with a pinch of salt (also, the project must sell a minimum amount of NFTs for these giveaways to start.

Let’s dive in.

Who is Behind the Project

We don’t really know who is behind the project. We know that the team lists a bunch of team members on the site, but we’ve no idea who is overseeing, funding or managing the project directly. We do know that the artist goes by DaF*ck – we have his Twitter but this is just a recently made alias account that does not reveal further info. Due to the undoxxed nature of this project, extreme caution is advised. If you choose to mint, use a burner wallet.

Team Members

  • Shephard – Innovative Visionary Strategist
  • Paco – Artist Advocate for Creativity
  • ZUKOO – Smart Nodes Shephard
  • Raphee – Word Wizard Writer
  • WASABI – UX Automation Manager
  • DaF*ck – Intentional (International?) Creator
  • Lawee – Compliance Advocate
  • ASH – Rising Star Designer
  • SINdicate – Manager & Talent Hunter

The team is undoxxed, and the only profile we have is for the artist – but this is only an alias profile. The team is pretty large. The titles given to the team don’t really make sense, or seem like they are misspelled in some cases – I haven’t edited them at all. Some of the titles give me the impression that they are bad translations to English of real titles.

About the Collection

The project features a bunch of different Angry Sheep with a range of facial expressions, outfits, backgrounds and other items. All of these variables will serve as the individual traits for your Angry Sheep Club NFT. We are seeing blinged up sheep with diamond encrusted teeth, glasses and chains. From afar the artwork is OK and it seems there will be a lot of variety in the collection.

The artwork is ok, but if you take a little closer you are going to see inconsistencies – parts of the design where layers have been placed in the wrong order, or there doesn’t seem to be an effective perspective.

Some of the accessories (chains and things), hats look like a simple cut and paste job of some vector artwork posted over on Freepik. The artwork definitely falls short – usually I wouldn’t be so critical, but for an undoxxed project with little to no utility but giveaways and a mint price of 0.333 ETH you are going to get the honest truth.
Overall, I am not a fan of the artwork.

How do the upcoming giveaways work?

The giveaways are really not all they are cracked up to be. The team is just redistributing some of the mint proceeds whilst ensuring they get a bottom line.

All 200 ETH that is set to be given away is only given away to those that shill for the project and cough up 0.333 ETH ($531 USD at the time of writing) for an NFT. The holder of this project simultaneously becomes both customer and advertiser.

Let’s boil it down.

50 ETH Marathon

In order to be able to get your hands on a chunk of the 50 ETH, there will be 6 opportunities to get a share, and 20 people will win on each of these 6 occasions. To do this, players have to connect their wallet and begin shilling for the project – posting the projects media and advertising materials in various places. Each instance must be recorded and points are awarded. The top 20 leaders for each of the 6 draws will win a share of the ETH.

150 ETH Giveaway

The project will do their mint in a stage of 5 pre-sale stages, minting 2000 each time. Once a pre-sale has finished anyone that purchased and held the NFT will be eligible to win a share. For 10 days, following the successful sellout of a pre-sale round, holders will be randomly awarded ETH. 10 people will win on each day. In the first pre-sale round a share would look like 0.055 ETH, in the last round a share would look like 1.5 ETH.
Holders that got in at a specific stage will be eligible for any subsequent pre-sale sellout giveaway competition. Meaning, the earlier you get in the more chances you have to win as you will experience more draws.

Here’s the catch. In order to mint the project you must have whitelist. To get whitelist, you have to shill in the same awareness program as the 50 ETH marathon and reach a certain level of points. In effect this means holders are contributing to the marketing of the project by way of shilling, and getting milked for 0.333 ETH for some bad artwork. Let’s hope that these giveaways are totally legit.

You can read more about the giveaway distribution in the Discord.

Unfortunately, that’s about all of the utility – some giveaways and some artwork is the crux of this project.

Road Map

The Road Map is really just a load of fluff. They touch on the giveaways mentioned previously, some special holder Discord channels and some app, that we know nothing about at all yet and the team is relatively silent on.


At the moment the team only have a Twitter account to communicate with the community. Hopefully a Discord or other platforms will come.

  • Twitter – 15.6k followers | Joined February 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Tweets are fairly regular, but unfortunately the engagement isn’t that great.
  • Discord – 1,022 Members | 129 Online – Verification on entry and rule acceptance. No shilling channels. Bots sit below regular Discord users. Conversation is very slow.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

Each NFT is reported to cost 0.333 ETH.

The mint will be held in 5 pre-sale stages, we don’t yet know when this will begin.


The projects artwork is OK at best. The utility is also OK.
Usually I wouldn’t be so critical on a project. But a mint price this high, from an undoxxed, non-reputable group, with bad artwork that has several errors no less, I just can’t get on board with.

The artwork comes across as rushed, many of the layers conflict with others, or are layered in the wrong order or lack any perspective. This is not the artwork that a 0.333 mint should be getting you.
The utility itself, how are we to trust this?

The giveaways could all be assigned to select wallets – there is no oversight at all and no confirmed identities to hold accountable for this large re-distribution of mint proceeds. The app that is in development, will most likely never be developed.

It is just a talking point for the project – in every instance the app is mentioned the team uses vague descriptive terms like “revolutionary app to change the way we view relationships”.

Overall, I don’t like the project. Bad artwork with a lot of mistakes, giveaways that we cannot fully trust from an undoxxed team, and a mammoth mint price. Stay away from this project. If you do mint, please use a burner wallet.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.