Awesome Possums

Awesome Possums

September 7, 2022 to September 10, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.055
Founders: Nicholas Brison
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 5.75/10


Hello guys, today we have an interestingly awesome project to take a look at. Awesome Possums are a collection of 10,000 awesome little critters soon to be minting onto the Ethereum blockchain. The project aims to help support substance misuse charities, via donations and sponsoring the costs of individual addicts seeking treatment. The team also have things such as a Podcast, animated series and VR game planned further out.

Lets take a closer look!

Who is Behind the Project

We have a doxxed founder behind the project. Based out of Ohio, USA, Nicholas Brison is the founder of the project and a self described father, veteran, business owner, Kambo practitioner, mental health advocate and nature explorer. In his past Nicholas served 11 years in the US Air Force, working in Program Management and Command & Battle Control. Nick has excellent organisational and administration skills as reported by his LinkedIn and experiences in the military.

Team Members

We don’t actually know the full team behind the project. Nicholas only lists himself as working on the project as the sole founder. The projects site does not make any mention of any other team members, even though there likely is.

Nicholas Brinson – Founder (Instagram) (LinkedIn)

About the Collection

The project is the first collection dedicated to empowering mental health awareness and addiction recovery. Community is the number one priority of the project, the founder stresses that he is in the project for the long haul.
Looking at the projects twitter it seems they previously planned to launch Awesome Possums back in May and again in July, but both times the mint didn’t seem to go ahead for one reason or another. The upcoming mint will be the third attempt.
The artwork consists of 10,00 Awesome Possums, which includes 2,000 in 3D and 10 rare 1/1s. The artwork is very distinctive and the difference between the regular Possums and the 3D Possums is a great contrast. Each Possum comes with variable eyewear, accessories, hats and more which will ensure a good range of variation.

The artwork is pretty good. We are unfortunately unable to see any further variations of the 3D Awesome Possum NFTs on offer, as the team has only published the one preview to their Twitter.

Other purported utility on offer from the collection –

VR/AR Games

The team mentions that later down the line a Metaverse game will be built that is focused on Mental Health and addiction recovery. The game purports to help improve the players fitness due to the technologies used which will include immersive experiences such as AR and VR. We don’t know much more about this.


The project reports that holders will be able to use their Awesome Possums and put them to work via staking, lending and more. The team also mentions that in the future that holders may be able to make passive income through holding future tokens. The language is unclear and very vague.


The team makes a quick mention that later down the line when the project has minted out that the “Awesome Possum Podcast” will be released. Serving as an outlet for fully recovered former addicts and those recovering from mental illness to share their road to recovery and help inspire every listener.

Animated Series

The Road Map briefly mentions an animated series once the project mints out. No other information is known.


The team mentions that they are aiming to produce their own NFT marketplace, allowing Awesome Possum holders to take part in both buying and selling of NFTs. The marketplace promises a host of features to rival current leading marketplaces.
In addition to the NFT marketplace, the team wish to create a store that will sell fitness kits and other accessories to holders.
Both marketplaces will reportedly use the projects upcoming Awesome Possum token as a currency on the platform.

Charity Donations

Some of the team have had close friends and family affected by drug addiction and mental health issues. As a result the team have decided to make multiple donations to a range of charities spanning these causes. In the future the team also wishes to go a step further and individually fund education for low-income and disadvantaged students.

Road Map

The Road Map is very brief and the milestones are quickly flown over. We don’t have any set dates available for the milestones set to be achieved.


Currently, the team only has a Twitter account – but the account has only been posting around a week so I am sure we will soon see the release of a Discord.

  • Twitter – 12k followers | Joined January 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Semi-regular posts. Most tweets aren’t getting good engagement, however some of the latest ones are good.
  • Discord – 12.1k Members | 350 Online – Verification and rule acceptance on entry. No shilling channels and no bots. Chat is on the slower end but moves along with some conversation.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is available for review as a few thousand have already been minted and are held by the project’s owner.

The contract appears to be clean and no bad associations were found.

Price & Mint Date

  • Presale Mint Price: 0.055 ETH
    Public Mint Price: 0.08 ETH
  • Presale Mint: 7th September 2022
    Public Mint: 9th September 2022

Reveals 24 hours after Public Mint.


The project has some fairly decent artwork and they are also aiming to support some decent causes. The founder is doxxed, so that’s a positive. The Road Map has some good ideas aimed at self-betterment. It sounds good.
However, I have a little scepticism – the Road Map seems overly ambitious at times. Most projects like this promise a game, or a show but this small project is promising a game, a podcast, a tv series, giveaways, various defi mechanics including staking, as well as an upcoming token launch and NFT marketplace. It all sounds a bit too optimistic. I also have to say that whilst the regular Awesome Possum artwork is decent, the 2k 3Ds looks a bit rough around the edges.

All in all, some of the artwork is nice and the founder wants to make a success of it from the looks of it. However, this project is very ambitious and in it’s current stage I would not mint unless I am doing it for the art alone.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.