Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: The Conjurer, The Jester
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 3.75/10


Hello guys, today we have a bizarre one to take a look at. Bestiary is a 10,000 upcoming NFT collection minting on the Ethereum blockchain. The artwork has an otherworldly aesthetic, heavily inspired by Hieronymus Bosch – a 16th century Dutch oil painter, renowned for his religious, dark and sometimes bizarre art style.
Bestiary also goes a little further than just the artwork and has plans for a collectible card game (CCG), where holders will be able to use their NFTs as cards to battle other players, Bestiary aims to be a polished Ethereum blockchain based CCG.

Who is behind the Project?

Unfortunately, the project is totally undoxxed, we do not know any of the founders personally, or the people working on the project. The only information we have on them is that they are supposedly brothers. With Discord names of The Conjurer#6642 & The Jester#0741.

Exercise caution and use a burner wallet. There is no doxx and no accountability just yet.

Team Members


We do not know anything about the team.

About the Collection

The collection features some crazy artwork that is heavily inspired by the legendary Dutch oil painter Hieronymus Bosch. Hieronymus was a fantastic painter that presented us with an unnerving religious narrative. One of his most famous works features several of the character types in the NFT collection.

The collection itself has drawn heavily from Hieronymus. If you are a fan of Bosch’s work then you are sure to notice that a lot of the NFTs main characters are copies of some of the strangest and most terrifying creatures, each with their own spin and variation.

As can be seen, a lot of work has gone into replicating Bosch’s style. I think that the end result is spectacular. There are many different types of creatures in the collection.

I’m seriously impressed by the level of detail that has gone into these 3D Renderings, the artists do deserve some recognition. The collection evokes the same feeling and aesthetics as looking at a classical Bosch piece. Great job.


The above four images are each the same base character, but with varying traits. I think it’s important to note this, as it seems there isn’t a great deal of trait variation in the collection. It looks to be that just the colours and backgrounds of each NFT are the variables available. For a collection with such high quality artwork I imagine creating a lot of different traits to overlay the creatures would have been tough.

The Game: GoB

The project also intends to create a functional collectible card game (CCG) – Game of Beasts (GoB). The Genesis drops NFTs will serve as valuable cards that can be used inside of the game. The team intends to make both a blockchain based version of the game, plus a real physical version once the mint has finished. People that have played card games such as Magic the Gathering will understand the style of the upcoming game. Think collectible cards, tokens and other trinkets that assist your gameplay.
The team are also planning future NFT drops that will serve as key pieces within the CCG.

Going beyond the CCG the team also has plans to develop a 3D online social experience, integrated within the web-browser with third person style graphics. Presenting, The Lume.

The Lume

The Lume plans to be a browser-based 3D immersive social experience, where holders will be able to meet and socialise with one another, challenge each other to games of GoB, engage in play-to-earn quests and take part in tournaments for prizes. Your Bestiary Genesis NFT will serve as your avatar in The Lume. Many more exciting features are planned for the world, including companion NFTs.

The Garden DAO

In addition to the game, the team will be establishing a DAO – The Garden. The Garden DAO will act as a steward of the game, allowing holders of physical GoB pieces to be fully authenticated on the Blockchain. Other features will include validation for the games tournaments.
Holders will make key decisions within the DAO, voting on the future of Bestiary.

Road Map

The Road Map comes in phases, with no set dates or indication of how or when each phase will begin. The Road Map mentions the names of future drops and planned additions that we do not yet know anything about, including a token drop.

Phase 1

  • Create a thriving online community
  • Launch The Store & Deploy Vol. I – GENESIS Collection
  • Complete minting of Vol. I – Genesis Collection

Phase 2

  • Start development of The Game of Beasts Live Card Game (LCG) and The Garden
  • Release Vol.II – Places of The Garden – Dynamic NFT collection that gives ownership to sites in The Garden
  • Complete minting of Vol.II – Places of the Garden

Phase 3

  • Release Vol.III – Sinners of The Garden – Avatar NFT collection ready for The Garden
  • Complete minting of Vol.III – Sinners of The Garden
  • Beasts and Sinners 3D models are available to download on the site

Phase 4

  • Game of Beasts Live Card Game is released
  • Deck Collections and collectibles are available in stores
  • Holders can claim from a pool of unique Bestiary LCG Cards related to Vol.I Genesis Collection

Phase 5

  • BEA$T Coin – The Garden and Underworld currency is released
  • Beast and Sinner NFT holders receive BEA$T Coin airdrops
  • A small number of Sinners are granted beta access to The Garden and The Underworld

Phase 6

  • The gates to The Garden and The Underworld are unlocked
  • The Game of Beasts blockchain-based NFT game is released as a WEB3 Experience in the Underworld
  • Sinners and Beast holders receive Beasts NFT Card airdrops


  • Twitter – 236 followers | Joined July 2022 – Small Twitter account. Regular tweets are made. Engagement is ok, account needs to be worked on to increase exposure. Tweets seems to get fake engagement and comments a lot from a particular account, as can be seen.
  • Discord – 55 Members | 9 online – Simple verification on entry, rule acceptance. Bots sit at the same level as regular users. No shilling channels. Not really any conversation at all.
  • Instagram – 33 Followers | 31 posts – Regular posts. Good previews of the upcoming NFTs. Engagement is okay considering the small size of the account.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

We do not yet know the price of the projects NFTs, or the release date.


The artwork for this project is on fire! I may be a little biased being a fan of Hieronymus Bosch, but the team have nailed this replication to a tee, I would have thought it was made by Bosch himself, if he were indeed a time traveller! The idea of a CCG based on the collection seems an interesting route to take, and a very achievable one. We are not being overpromised on anything here.
The negatives facing the project at the moment are that it is hugely underexposed. It looks like a lot of work has gone into it so far and the website looks fantastic. I’m really surprised this hasn’t got more fanfare – it could be that we are very early as the project only launched earlier this month. The other glaring negative is that we have no idea who the founders or the team are at all – we haven’t even got Twitter aliases to take a look at, we have nothing to go off of whatsoever, hopefully this will change in time.

Overall, the artwork is brilliant and its obvious a lot of work has gone into creating these high-quality creatures so big credit to the team there. However, the lack of information about the team is a little off-putting, people need to know a face or at the least a twitter alias, currently, Bestiary feels faceless. I am hopeful that if this can be addressed and marketing increased that they could potentially have a bright future.
In the projects current state, due to the undoxxed founders and the lack of information it would be advisable to mint from a fresh burner wallet.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.