Cani Spaciens

Cani Spaciens

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Patrick Ashworth, Nukhet Cetin
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 6.25/10


Hi guys, today we have a cool art project to take a look at. Cani Spaciens are a free mint collection of 4,444 intergalactic-themed dogs, soon to be arriving onto the Ethereum blockchain. The pfp/avatar project is primarily an artwork project, there is little to no utility available. Cani Spaciens holders will have access to the main Homo Spacien collection in the future.

Who is Behind the Project

The project is founded by Patrick Ashworth, a serial entrepreneur working in the IT space. Patrick has established many online businesses. Originally getting his start at Longines Watch Co. and Swatch, he is now primarily focused on Vizzio Art – a platform used for displaying artwork through televisions and other devices and the Homo Spaciens NFT series.

Behind the artwork we have Nukhet Cetin. Cetin is a skilled artist and creative director. Outside of the project, Cetin is the creative director of Vizzio Art.
It seems that Cetin has delved a little into NFT artwork before, having already built out part of the Homo Spacien collection.

Team Members

Nukhet Cetin – Artist & Founder
Patrick Ashworth – Founder
Paco Alvarez – Developer
Marcal Sans – Marketing
Vikash Verma – Blockchain Development
Bahadir Olez – Social Media Marketing
Gareth O’Sullivan – Marketing Specialist at Creation
Jack Kosakowski – Marketing Specialist at Creation

The team is comprehensive and all bases are covered. The team is fully doxxed and are a highly complementary and experienced team.

About the Collection

It seems the main collection Homo Spaciens has already begun. We have an Opensea Collection page of a few hundred assets. It could be that these were initially created on an individual basis for early supporters of the artist – an early bird sale if you will.

Cani Spaciens themselves are a fun collection of 4,444 intergalactic dogs soon to be minting onto the Ethereum blockchain. The project is an artwork project, first and foremost – the team is upfront and transparent about the little utility on offer. Really the only utility on offer is that by holding a Cani Spacien NFT you will have first-in-line access to mint a female Homo Spacien NFT once the primary sale goes live.

The artwork is highly varied featuring 262 unique traits across 12 different categories. Your Cani Spacien NFT will have different fur, eyes, earrings, masks, tongues, dresses, backgrounds and more. The combinations are numerous and there are sure to be some clean combinations available.

A lot of detail has gone into the projects various NFT traits.

Homo Spacien NFT

Holders of a Cani Spacien NFT will have priority whitelisting to the Homo Spacien NFT project and will be able to mint a female Homo Spacien. Homo Spaciens are their own collection which has some utility and rewards available for holders. Unlike the Cani collection, the Homo collection will cost 0.045 ETH to mint. This is likely due to the extra benefits on offer which include sending NFTs to space, a merch store, and a space travel competition amongst other things. Take a look here for full details.

Carbon Neutral

The team are working alongside Earth9 to purchase Carbon credits to offset all Carbon emissions created from the Cani Spacien and Homo Spacien NFT collection mints.

Unless you are also investing in the Homo Spacien collection then the utility ends there. Cani Spaciens & Homo Spaciens are an art project, first and foremost.

Road Map

Whilst there isn’t really a Road Map for the project, as this is just a free mint with limited utility – I like to see the Cani Spaciens NFT as a sort of ticket to gauge the publics interest in the greater collection. Some users that minted a Cani Spacien are likely to move on to minting a paid Homo Spacien in the future.

The greater Homo Spaciens Road Map ties into the Cani Spacien collection if you are using your Cani as a whitelisting spot for your Homo Spacien mint, so I will include the Homo Spacien Road Map below.

The Homo Spaciens NFT Road Map features some utility and potential prizes.


  • Twitter – 4.8k followers | Joined October 2021 – Small Twitter account. Semi-regular posts. The engagement on most posts is very low. We are seeing single-digit engagement on most tweets.
  • Discord – 6.1k Members | 620 online – Verification, rule acceptance. Bots sit above regular Discord users, as well as below. No shilling channels. The conversation is on the slower end, but it turns over.
  • Instagram – 21.3k Followers | 317 posts – Lots of regular posts, with artwork previews, information and more. Engagement on most posts is very low. It is likely the account has had the followers botted or they purchased an account for the project.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

Cani Spaciens are a FREE MINT. Only gas fees are required.

Mint date is to be announced.


The project has some fairly decent artwork. We have not seen something like this before. Whilst some of the artwork looks basic, you can find some more advanced combinations, let’s not forget this is a 262 trait collection across 12 categories, all for free. A lot of work has gone into ensuring all traits match and are complementary. In addition to the artwork, the team is highly capable and fully doxxed – there is a level of accountability – the project also does not over-promise or make silly goals, these are real achievable goals set by a transparent team.
On the flip-side, I believe the project to be severely underexposed, they need a lot more marketing in order to get the traction going and the mints rolling in. The engagement on most of their socials is stone cold. I assume that the previous collection on Opensea was a very slow mint and they closed up, regrouped and got Gareth and Jack onboard from Creation in order to better market the project – hopefully we will soon see the project making strides.

All in all, a nice project and a good potential free mint. I would personally wait to see what happens and how the momentum builds and then make a decision on whether you would like to mint.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.