Crazy Catz

Crazy Catz

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Solana
Discord Security: 1/5 (Extremely Weak)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 1/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 2.5/10


Here at NFT APPROVED we bring you CRAZY CATZ.
Now this here is a Solana project, seems like things are heating up over on the SOL Blockchain.
Its not hard to see that this project was inspired by Cool Cats with a little 1957 Gumby twist to it,
with that being said I would love to give the art a solid 7, only because it’s not really that original,
but I do love the 3D format of the avatars.

These are catz who despise being normal, hence why the team behind the project have chosen the name Crazy Catz.
These catz control their craziness, its their secret weapon. They hate rules, they hate dictators, they hate conforming to standards, I kind of like these catz 🤣.

The collection came alive on discord May 22nd 2022, and February 28th 2022 on twitter.
They have been around for for about 4 months. The project has collaborated with Chinese craft beer brand “No Rules” to roll out 100,000 Crazy Catz branded beer bottles into the market.
This is apart of the IRL utility behind the NFTs.

Since they have began their journey, they have hosted many giveaways for their community.
They plan on bringing the physical with the digital through partnerships and collaborations with both Chinese and Western culture as well.
The web 3 collectibles are designed by 22 year old German born William Lindhorst. His Doxed information will be below along with the rest of the teams info.

The community has created a nice amount of pretty serious fan art as seen below.

The community has fallen in love with the project and cant wait to mint. Crazy Catz have received almost 12k members in their discord channel
and over 100k followers on their twitter. All in four months, and the engagement seems legit thus far.

There will be 8,888 NFTs in the collection, Their whitelist is still open. So you as an potential investor have some time to join the team.
The official mint date has not been released to the public yet, along with the mint price.

There will be more drops in the future from the team but for now their main focus is on this Genesis Collection.

Crazy Catz has also partnered with Toy Manufacturer Sheng yuan located in Dongguan China.
They plan to produce stuffed animals.
As an holder we will receive 50% of net profits from toy purchases.
Crazy Catz merchandise and collectables will be located on shopify, which is pretty dope being that most people trust shopify in the eCommerce world.

Let’s dive into the roadmap.

Real world events – Crazy Catz will be sponsoring events all over the globe and holders will receive perks such as free merchandise, future airdrops, and more.

Community Moderation – They have hired “the best” moderators to ensure that the community remains positive.

Spotify Playlist – The team plans to curate a collection of the best albums made by the community on Spotify, as well as other hits that capture the essence of Crazy Catz stand for.

Charity initiatives – Crazy Catz will send donations to multiple charities for animals suffering from hardship.
The community will lead their decisions on which initiatives funds are distributed to.

Crazyvers3 – Crazy Catz aim to create a digital world that lives forever for all holders to enjoy.

They also aim to work with the community in choosing and building future alliances.
All moves made in this space will be focused on placing Crazy Catz at the forefront of the developing web3 space.

Magic Eden is the leading NFT marketplace on Solana.
The plan is to have Crazy Catz holders given the most exposure possible by working with the team at Magic Eden on a more personal level.

-William Lindhorst – Artist


-SAN YUEN YEUNG – Operations & Community

-ANDREW HRISTO – Marketing Advisor

-LOSGATOS – Community Management + Communication

-PETER HOGAN – Content + Creative

-PRINCE CHI – Social Media Manager

-EVAN BOSER – Western Partnerships

-JOSH FRANKO – Web + Creative

-CRAZY CHEMIST – Community Ideation + Communication






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Discord – 11.8k MEMBERS

Security – 1/5


It’s important to note that the founder has purposefully PROXXY doxxed themselves to a LinkedIn profile that has a picture of an NFT, they have made no real attempt to dox themselves in the public eye, all projects that have any sort of payment made by the investor should always exercise caution, but those that are not DOXXED elevates risk when stacked up against accountability.

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  • As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!