September 29, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.08
Founders: Ven Wong
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.5/10


Hi guys, today we have an art/comic originating NFT project to take a look at! CubeMelt NFT is an upcoming collection of 8,888 Ethereum based NFTs, that are the continuation of the original CubeMelt WebComic which began in 2016, created by a doxxed and passionate team. Now, CubeMelt is finally going to enter the Meltiverse and provide a new experience for fans across the globe.

Let’s get into it!

Who is Behind the Project?

Behind the project, we have Ven Wong – an illustrator and artist who created the CubeMelt series at the lowest point of his career – inspired how life is seemingly short – much in the same way an ice cube will melt away under standard room temperature. Wongs series was an instant success and his humorous little ice cube drawings resonated with the comics followers. Over the years Wong has grown the CubeMelt Instagram to nearly 300k followers.
Outside of the CubeMelt series, Wong is an Art Director at 7 Steps Productions based in Singapore, his business creates other graphics and animations for many esteemed organisations across the globe.

Team Members

Ven Wong – Founder & Artist (Instagram)
Wei Siong – Project Lead
Joshua – Creative Lead
James – Community Manager
Kin Kok – Technical Director
Dr Oracle – Advisor

The team is a good size and covers the core roles. The team are doxxed as per the Discord.

About the Collection

The collection is a continuation of the famous CubeMelt WebComic series which initially started in 2016 and led on to become a short animated series, as well as a mobile game.
The comic explores the shortness of life and the way in which this is shown is the ice cube slowly reducing to a pool of water. Depending on the situation the ice cube finds itself melting into, the viewer is left feeling a range of emotions, pity, surprise and sadness.
In a way the ice cube is a representation of the time that one spends on this earth. We are all melting – some faster than others, but what really matters is the value we bring to those around us.

There aren’t a whole lot of previews available for the upcoming NFT drop, but from what’s available we can see each NFT comes with a bunch of different traits including eyewear/masks, clothing, hats, background, accessories and more allowing a great deal of variation.
The style of the CubeMelt NFTs themselves are true to the style of the original WebComic, with each CubeMelt NFT looking like a cool character in its own right!

The Utility

This is primarily an art project for supporters of CubeMelt, as such there are only a couple of key takeaways.

Comic NFT Raffle

The details are limited but the team mentions on their site that CubeMelt Comic NFTs will be raffled to holders. I am assuming that this means we will see new comics, or possibly old comics minted onto the blockchain for some lucky holders to be the true owners of.

CubeMelt Tokenomics

The team makes mention that there are upcoming tokenomics – the only thing I think that relates to this is the special Popsicle NFT that will be awarded to anyone who mints at least 3 CubeMelt NFTs. The team also mention that if you stack 3 of these Popsicle NFTs you will have a better effect. So in theory if you minted 3x in Early Bird Sale, 3 in Whitelist, 3 in Public you would have 3 Popsicle NFTs for maximum effect.
Currently, we’ve no idea of the purpose of these Popsicle NFTs but the team have reassured us that these have a value of 0.3 ETH each and the value is determined by the tokenomics that they will offer. Are the Popsicle NFTs the key to unlocking the “frozen assets” that the team keep on mentioning?


Merchandise will be created along the way for holders to enjoy. It’s not clear if this will be a token gated store, giveaways or available for all, but the first physical drop will begin shortly after mint day. The first 500 minters of 3x CubeMelt NFTs will each win a CubeMelt Plushie and the following 350 will win a CubeMelt enamel pin in different designs.

Road Map

The Road Map is incredibly brief and straight to the point. Only offering simple one-liners and no dates. Perhaps to be expected with an art project.


  • Twitter – 32.3k followers | Joined July 2017 – Large Twitter account. Seemed to only become active a few months ago despite being years old. Just in time for the drop. Most tweets are low to average engagement.
  • Discord – 5.7k Members | 1.6k Online – Rule acceptance on entry. Bots sit above regular Discord users. No shilling channels. General chat is slowish, but there is some chat.
  • Instagram – 269K Followers | 366 Posts – Large account with many posts dating back to early 2016 when CubeMelt was first designed. Posts get good engagement,.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The project has three different minting times, and a couple of prices.

  • Early Bird – 0.05 ETH (September 29th 2022)
  • Waitlist – 0.08 ETH (September 30th 2022)
  • Public – 0.08 ETH (September 30th 2022)

Don’t forget, 3x mints equals one Popsicle NFT.


The artwork and comic that came before the NFT project are both pretty cool by design. The comics themselves offer a rather humorous take on lifes problems and joys. The work took my attention away and had me interested in all of the different situations the ice cube finds itself in. The NFT artwork, is good and keeps within the aesthetics of the CubeMelt series. The utility mentioned is minute, and details are lacking.
The negatives of the project are that currently the details about upcoming tokenomics are limited – prospective minters are asked to max mint for an additional NFT without knowing what the use is. Additionally, the project seems underexposed – there is a large Instagram following and a relatively large Twitter following, but the Twitter account seems pretty fresh having only started posting a few months ago. The Instagram isn’t really THE platform for NFT marketing. The Discord is small and it needs further promotion.

Overall, the project sounds good, and has some nice artwork. The founders are also fully doxxed, it has the hallmarks of a great project. My only concern is that I believe they are underexposed and could struggle to mint out quickly.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.