Delicious Bowls NFT

Delicious Bowls NFT

September 11, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Michael Casalino, Justin Webber, Peter Lavoie
Discord Security: 1/5 (Extremely Weak)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 1/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 2/10


Hello guys, today we have some savoury treats to take a look at! Delicious Bowls are a collection of 5445 Food Bowl NFTs minting onto the Ethereum Blockchain. The NFT project features bright, bold and colourful aesthetics as well as a litany of traits, for Ulta-unique NFTs. Best of all this is a free mint, created by a well-experienced bunch of doxxed founders*. Sounds almost too good to be true.

Let’s dive in.

*The project has a major fault so please read the full report before minting.

Who is Behind the Project?

Behind the project we have three key founders, each bringing a trove of experience to the table, both within the NFT space and further beyond.

Michael Casalino AKA Surf Rat

A veteran artist in the game industry. Over 20 years of experience. Has previously worked for the likes of EA and Disney on various projects. Currently, he is working on his own investment projects.

Justin Webber AKA Frantic Sloth

Justin is an experienced business development professional, having helped bring hundreds of products to market. He has worked for the likes of Gameloft, and Shutterstock. Justin is deeply immersed in the NFT space, his current role at Shutterstock is within NFT & Metaverse Strategy.

Peter Lavoie AKA Yoga Dog

Peter is a skilled Scriptwriter, who is currently working at Ubisoft. Peter has held a range of roles over the years most recently working as a business development manager, and then shifting to script-writing.

Team Members

Michael Casalino – Founder (Twitter)
Justin Webber – Founder (Twitter)
Peter Lavoie – Founder / Community (Twitter)

We don’t know who else is working on the project, but it is likely members of Michaels studio that created the NFT artwork.

About the Collection

The collection features a bit of a strange mystery. The major fault that you’ve been waiting to hear is that it is very likely Delicious Bowls is a rug project, or a straight-up malicious contract when it comes time to mint. I would say, it’s about a 95% chance this is a complete scam.

Rug or Redevelopment?

The project appears to be a direct copy of an older project from early this year, Full Belly Club. The Full Belly Club is exactly the same as the Delicious Bowls site. The only differences are some minor changes to the text, the mint size (5,445, rather than 10,119) and all of the founder’s social links which are removed. This reeks of rugpull.
What is very strange is that the Full Belly Club project seems to never have minted – the last tweets made on the official Full Belly Club Twitter were made on April 5th, and we know that the project wasn’t initially planned to mint until the 11th & 12th of April 2022. So what happened? There seems to have been radio silence, from all of the founders and the page. The Discord is gone, but looking on Opensea, no legit Full Belly Club exists – so did the mint not go ahead? There are a lot of questions to be answered.

Additionally, I entered the Delicious Bowl discord, and they seem to be running verification for entry, with a captcha running to an external site. It looked like the legit but I did not investigate further and follow any external links from their Discord. They also mention that the mods may reach out to you for manual verification to avoid excessive scammers on the server… This is a red flag to me. It feels a bit like the mods may DM you to try and scam you – I have never really heard of a manual verification system on a small, already suspicious project like this.

The only small chance I could formulate where this wouldn’t be a rug is for the following reasons. Firstly, the original project, Full Belly Club didn’t appear to mint – the collection size in Delicious Bowl appears to be about half the size originally planned. This leads me to think, could it be possible the original project was underhyped and didn’t have the traction required, so the team came back, rebranded with a new name and cut the mint size in half – who knows? But there is a small shred of plausibility in this theory. Nonetheless, this project is highly suspicious and I would most likely say it’s a rug or scam.


The artwork appears to feature a bunch of variations, with a grand total of 175 different traits, with many of these traits being the ingredients in your Delicious Bowl NFT.

Holders can enjoy the visual feast of a hearty bowl of Ramen. Some of the bowls are rather comical and feature eyes, doge, worms and other weird creatures. The large variation of traits will ensure that each holders bowl is very different.

The listed utility is scant, it seems to be an artwork project only. Some of the only benefits mentioned are a free character based NFT Airdrop, although I would not take this seriously as the project is most likely a rug.

Road Map

The Road Map is incredibly brief, with little to no elaboration on the details. No set dates are mentioned, so holders may be waiting a while for the completion of the milestones. Also, because this is likely a rug pull, holders will probably be waiting forever.


  • Twitter – 2.9k followers | Joined August 2022 – Small Twitter account. Regular tweets are made. Engagement on most posts is bad, some tweets are ok.
  • Discord – 1.9k Members | 190 Online – Discord is small. As mentioned earlier in the report, the verification seems strange and has the potential to scam users through manual interaction.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review. Due to the nature of this project, the Smart Contract could be a malicious contract intended to steal funds or NFTs.

Price & Mint Date

The mint will supposedly be free.

The project is said to mint on September 11th 2022.


The project has good artwork, when I first looked into this one I really thought I had found something decent. It’s unfortunate that this project has suspicious surroundings.
The negatives of this project vastly outweigh the positives. It is likely a straight-up rip of Full Belly Club NFT. Because this is a free mint, when it comes to mint day, the contract interaction will likely try and gain access to a wallets funds and tokens – then siphoning off and draining each wallet. If that’s not the case, there is likely some longer con at play. However, there is, as previously mentioned an incredibly small chance the project is a rebrand, but I highly doubt this.

Contact has been attempted with project founders to try and clarify the situation.

Overall, stay well away from this project. The project will likely either try and scam you or it will end up being a rug or long rug. Stay away until further information is announced, as currently we should assume this a rug pull.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.