Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: ANDREI
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 3/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 5.5/10


Okay, Community today we have a project by the name of Deskheads this project is currently still in the early stages, but today they have a Twitter for you to check out and also an awesome website for you to check out.

So far this project has managed to gain 23,000 followers on Twitter, and 9,000 members on Discord.
They came alive on Discord April 25th 2022. They joined Twitter in the month of January 2022, so they’ve been around for about 5 months.
Their website is very well put together I like the quality of the art and of the GIF images,
every video they drop on YouTube is in pretty high definition, I’m talking 2160p 60FPS 4K type of quality.

It is safe to say that the team behind the project values quality over quantity and has taken the time to deliver something great to the community.

This is a Genesis Collection All the traits & animations are finalized.
The team at Deskheads are bringing a new wave of staking
to the NFT community and quite frankly I have never seen this done before.
The feature is called “”STAKE & LEVEL UP”, and with that holders can unlock some pretty cool perks.
The team at Deskheads are offering us a wide range of rewards, from web 2 and web 3 tools to IRL utilities.

Here is the backstory on DeskHeads

Set in a dystopian present, Deskheads have been created by a bunch of humans around the world in the hope to hack their way out of their desks and into the wonders of real life.

Tired of their 9 to 5, magic internet money felt like the key to humanity’s freedom and end of suffering. And so, humans put Deskheads to work.

At first, everything was running smoothly. Deskheads were hard to work, obedient, disciplined, and quite productive!
Working from their cubicles, barely taking any breaks, 168 hours a week, 24h a day.
No paid leaves! 9 to 5 re-worked into 9 to always. The dream!

But…a dream can never remain a dream unless you stay asleep forever. Of course, there had to be a problem.
A virus perhaps? Sleeping beauty quite literally got slapped in the face with this one. A VIRUS?!

A virus that triggered a chain reaction among the Deskheads it seems.
Someone is trying to hack the hackers? A rebellion is on the horizon, and a fight for freedom is about to take place.
Who’s behind all of this? Who’s taking over?
That might just be the cycle of life! Rumour has it, Deskheads are looking for an upload. Will they find it?

Lets Dive Into Their Plans

⚡They plan on Airdropping us an “S” Key
The Access Keys to their experiment codenamed “Project S”.

This includes the Stake & Level Up feature, available on the mint day.

⚡:Lab Project #001
The first software tool was developed by the Deskheads team.

⚡Deskheads Studio
The studio is a dedicated project incubator for all of the members.

⚡Second Collection
A collection that will expand the Deskheads lore and supply.

⚡Deskheads Merch
The Deskheads Shop will be the place to grab cool merch.

⚡Roadmap 2.0
Exploring DAO, Token airdrop and metaverse integration.


☑ANDREI- Founder and Creative Director. –
He is seen in the video below.


☑EO – Serial entrepreneur –

☑MAYA – Ex-fintech founder –


☑CONNOR – Data analyst –


They are planning for sometime early/mid June (Q2 launch)



Discord 9.30k MEMBERS

Security 3/5

As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!