Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Founders: Tyler Lockley, Sophie Kotri, Lega, Ana Nikabadze, Tina Kharaishvili, Jeron Chan, Alina Rozanova, Nico Burke
Discord Security: 4/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 7/10


Dribblie is a very interesting project, I have not seen something as fresh and innovative in a while. If you are a fan of football (or soccer to some of you) then this is sure to pique your interest!

Dribblie is essentially a Football Manager style P2E game, where the players, managers and assets (think stadiums and other items that adorn these stadiums) are NFTs living on the Ethereum blockchain. Dribblie features numerous advanced burning and staking mechanics, making it deflationary in nature.

Dribblie boasts a world class team including –

Partnered Developers –

  • + 4IRE – Blockchain Development
  • + EJAW – Game Development


How Does The Game Work?

As of the date of this post NFT distribution is not 100% confirmed. We only know that you mint a “box” and I would assume the box contains a number of NFTs. From what we know this could be players, managers or assets (more on this later).


It all starts with the players, each player is an NFT. In an odd twist, players can come in different species, so far we have confirmed:

  • Titans
  • Humans
  • Aliens
  • Robots

What does this mean? What this means is that the different player species each have advantages and disadvantages. For example, humans are smart and have great passing skills and teamplay, but lack the strength of a Titan – however a Titan is much slower than the other species.

Composing a complementary team is all a part of the strategy.

Player Skills

Players have a set of 16 core skills that are rated on a scale of 0-99. The skills include:

  • Dribbling
  • Pace
  • Ball Control
  • Shot Accuracy
  • Shot Power
  • Long Passing
  • Short Passing
  • Strength
  • Stamina
  • Set Pieces
  • Heading
  • Vision
  • Tackling
  • Defense
  • Attacking
  • Goalkeeping

A teams overall player ranking will determine the chance of winning a match. However, these are not the only mechanics at play. The quality of the football teams manager, stadium or even substitutions made at key points can influence the outcome of a match.

Player Archetypes

In addition to the mentioned core 16 skills above players are born with Archetype(s), each player will get one, or a few if you’re lucky. These Archetypes can be viewed as player talents separate of the core 16 skills. Archetypes include –

  • Super Sub (Has higher chance of scoring when subbed on)
  • Leader (Boosts team morale)
  • Cold Blood (Has a higher chance of scoring from penalties / Free kicks. Also good for goalkeepers)
  • Big Game Player (Performs better than usual in the decisive matches)
  • Injury Resistant (Unlikely to get injured)
  • Fans Favorite (Performs better when playing home games)
  • Team Player

As you can see they are all fairly self explanatory and some synergistic examples can be cooked up. If we take a player that has Cold Blood & Super Sub, could you sub them on and then use them for all of your penalties and free kicks? Sounds like a plan.

Player XP

XP is another core mechanic in Dribblie. Players slowly gain XP through active participation in matches. The individual accomplishments of a player in a match can also bear some weighting to the XP given. If a player performs exceptionally well during a match, or specifically scores or assists then additional XP points are awarded to the player. Players that accumulate more experience throughout their career will become better Managers (more on Managers shortly).


In order for your Players to be in tip top shape they must be completing regular training as a team, and one on one. This is where Managers come into the picture. Managers are able to train a team or individual Players on certain skills, such as dribbling, ball control & passing. If a manager trains a player individually, that player will benefit from an XP gain.


Another interesting mechanic is the aging of Players. The youngest Players are 16 years old and on average most Players will retire between 36-40. Players will age at a rate of 1 year per 2 seasons. Once a Player reaches the age of retirement three Players may be burnt to generate a Manager.


Managers are one of the most important NFTs in the game. They are the backbone of your team of Players and the future generations of Players. Just like in the real world each team is composed of 11 football Players and 1 Manager. Managers are capable of swaying the outcome of a match. One example is that if you had a Human Manager and most of your team are Humans, then the performance of those Human Players will be increased.

When three Players reach the age of retirement and are burnt for a Manager, the Manager given will be rated on the same 16 core skill 0-99 system. An element of RNG comes into effect here, because the generated Manager will have the same average overall score as the three burnt Players, with a possibility of receiving -5 or +5 to their overall rating. For example, if three of your Players have an overall average score of 80 the generated Manager can range anywhere on overall skill from 75-85. This means that burning three highly skilled Players together can result in a much highly rated Manager.

XP is also a large factor here, because if you are burning Players that have a higher amount of XP, then the generated Manager could have up to 10 extra skill points, bringing our optimistic potential of 85, into an even further optimistic 95.

Breeding aka Youth Academy

The basic Youth Academy (YA) is awarded to every new user on the Dribblie platform. The YA is a place for you to stake your Managers. Staking a Manager will result in new Players being born. The basic YA will only allow you to stake one Manager at a time, but if upgraded with assets you will be able to stake more than one Manager at once and increase your Player output. Staked Managers are unable to interact with Players or perform any of their other duties whilst staked.


Every player by default plays on an open field. Stadiums must be purchased on the marketplace.

The benefit to owning a stadium is that your team will receive a boost to their skills when playing home games. You will also be able to buy additional assets to develop and improve your stadium. With each improvement made, it will boost your Players home games even further. Offering a significant advantage to any home game to those that have well developed stadiums. Stadiums are worth investing in because in addition to the increased performance, they also provide additional income to your team (internal token DRBL).

Leagues & Divisions

To begin with there will only be 4 divisions and 15 leagues (As the ecosystem grows more divisions are added). There is only 1 league in division one (the top division). 

You can see the hierarchy below –

At the end of each season, the top 2 highest scoring clubs in each league are promoted up into the lower league in the next higher division and the bottom 4 clubs in each league are relegated into a higher league in the next lower division.

Cup Matches

Across a given week, each user has up to 50 games to play. You can play whenever there is somebody else willing to play you.

You need to win as many games as possible. If you draw the game will go into overtime and then it could go into penalty shoot outs.

The rewards you receive will be based upon how many of these games you win.

Each player that wins at least 5 matches in a given week will receive a mystery box. The more matches you win, the rarer your box. If you win all 50/50 in a given week this will make you eligible for the rarest mystery box. Players will find assets or Players in mystery boxes, with the rarer boxes giving better assets & Players.

You won’t get DRBL coins from cup matches. Matchmaking also depends on your teams average ratings.

League Matches

League matches are played every day, which means a single league season lasts for 20 days. User earns X amount of coins for winning a league match, Y amounts of coins for a draw and no coins for losing. Keep in mind that the amount of coins earned can be influenced by other factors, like stadiums that we covered previously. League Matches are your bread and butter games, where your strategy can be exercised, practiced and honed in.

Private Leagues

Users also have the ability to create their very own private leagues. This can be used to play against friends or organize your own tournaments. To play in a private league you must be invited. A private league must have a minimum of 6 teams, or a maximum of 20 in order to be created. Private Leagues costs coins – players must pay to play. It is yet to be confirmed if you will win coins from Private Leagues.

Brands will also have the option of setting up private leagues, for select teams to play in for great prizes. Approval by the DAO will be needed in order to host a Private League.

Weekly & Daily Quests

As a bonus to Cup, League and Private Matches Dribblie will also be running weekly and daily challenges in order to keep things exciting and reward the most engaged members of the community.


Assets come in three distinct flavors. Dribblie offers Player Assets, Stadium Assets and Youth Academy Assets.

Player Assets – Each Player is capable of equipping up to 5 assets. Each asset will boost one of the core 16 0-99 Player skills. For example, you may equip and item on a player that will increase a given stat by 20%. For example a 60 score in dribbling would become a rating of 72. It is currently not mentioned what these assets are, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they are typical football apparel, think things such as headbands, or football boots.

Stadium AssetsAny stadium worth its salt has to have decent amenities and look the part. That’s why you will be able to develop & upgrade your stadium. Upgrades made on your own home stadium will increase the probability of winning a home game. Confirmed stadium assets are currently flags, fan chants and stands – with no doubt many more… Hopefully we can build some bars into our stadiums!

Youth Academy Assets – With YA Assets things are kept relatively simple. The sole use of your YA is to breed new players. The only asset for a YA is aptly named “Manger Spots”. Extra Manager Spots will allow you to stake more than one Manager at once, which in turn will increase the rate at which you produce new Players.

Pregame Strategy 

Before each game, each user will have the ability to dial-in their in-game strategy.

You will be able to select your starting eleven players, substitutes, set piece takers (Players who take free kicks, corners, throw-ins and penalties) and team captain. These are easily submitted through the in-game interface & drag and drop feature, once all selections are made the match begins. 


Dribblie is proud to offer their own internal marketplace where you will be able to buy and sell the various assets in the game. The marketplace will use internal token DRBL and will be a near zero gas fee with low transaction fees. 

Extra Information

Now that we are familiar with the mechanics of the game, what else is good to know?

Various benefits are offered to the first 10,000 holders –

Breeding – Being one of the first users in the ecosystem will allow you to take control of the future supply. The first 10k holders will have access to Manager(s) and have the ability to breed the new generation of Players, these Players can be sold to other users on the platform and any new users will need to buy these in order to play.

DRBL Airdrop – Shortly after the NFT sale finishes the DRBL token will be listed on launchpads, such as Safelaunch and Seedify. The first 10k holders will receive an Airdrop of the DRBL token.

DAO – The first 10k members will have a chance to influence the future of the project. The DAO will be responsible for managing the treasuries funds and voting on big decisions for the future of Dribblie.

Whitelist – Original holders will have automatic whitelist to future offerings.

High Division Ranking – The first 10k members will have their teams reserved in the higher divisions, this means more rewards. Top division teams are more valuable because of the increased rewards. You must remember though that you will still be susceptible to relegation, so it is crucial that you capitalize early on.


Savvy users will be able to collect various assets such as players, stadiums, or any of the in-game NFTs and rent these out to other users. This will offer a steady stream of DRBL and is a more hands-off approach to earning suited to those that would rather not play all of the features of the game.

Mint Price

Mint price is TBA, each mint receives a box, which could contain multiple Players & Managers.

Important Dates

Whilst no solid mint dates have been set in stone yet, we are aware that the team wishes to release before the end of June 2022, in order to keep in-line with the road-map.

  • The DRBL token offering is released shortly after the NFT mint concludes, airdrops are allocated to Dribblie holders.
  • The Marketplace will not be released until early Q3.
  • Across Q3 a demo will be released which will offer users the chance to experience early P2E mechanics. Breeding (staking) with Youth Academies will go live. Stadium sales will go live, offering users the chance to purchase stadiums on the primary or secondary markets. Towards the end of Q3 the DAO will be launched and game marketing and merchandising will begin.
  • In Q4 the team plans to fully launch the game, where all P2E mechanics will be deployed. League and Cup Matches will begin. This is where Loan2Earn will also come into play.
  • Looking beyond and into 2023 the team has plans to reach out to other premium NFT projects and plans to integrate other collections into the Dribblie ecosystem. This means you could have the opportunity to play as, or against other well known NFT collections.


Dribblie is a well planned project. They have a solid roadmap and foundation to execute their plans. All of their core team are fully doxxed and known. If the team continues to innovate and develop at this pace they have all the makings of a great P2E project.

The community is friendly and generally very talkative, the discord isn’t popping off per se, however there is great community spirit. I had to ask a few questions in order to complete this report and my questions were promptly answered by the head mod.

The only few points I could fault Dribblie on is that there seems to be some mismatch between their Whitepaper and the advertised benefits of the project. I imagine this is just some oversight on their part, but it could do with updating. Also a few mechanics are a little unclear, such as League Matches. I have spoken with the Dribblie team about these issues, and whilst they haven’t yet addressed them I am hopeful they will make some updates to their roadmap & whitepaper. All in all, in the right conditions Dribblie could be a very rewarding project.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.