Dystians 2130

Dystians 2130

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Jacob
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 10/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 3/10
Doxxed: 3/10
Overall Score: 4.25/10


How’s it going NFT Community, hope all is well. Today we have a pretty cool cyberpunk project by the name of Dystians
This is an Ethereum-based entertainment Web3 start-up. There is a long-lived story behind Dystians
that will be told through many artistic formats including comic books, banners and animations, they call this the Archives.

As a holder you will be able to earn through a system to claim royalties based on specific story-based criteria, this will be based on when your character appears in an Archive.
That is a huge plus, because I’m sure we all appreciate earning within a project while holding the NFT’s in our portfolios.
A payment in the cryptocurrency Ethereum will be rewarded to those who meet the criteria, namely the role your character plays in a specific segment or the placement.

Dystians have goals on creating a brand in this space.
The team behind the project plan to use the money and royalties after mint to expand as well as to grow their Capital Fund and IP.
The awesome part about all of this is that the Capital Bank plays significant importance in the production and utilization of the project.
The team plan on having all of this established by post-mint, Dystians Capital Bank represents the Capital Fund.
A very interesting part about them having a Bank for the holders is that they have a financial team
to secure that the money is protected from mint and used in a law-abiding manner.

Holders will have full commercial rights over their Dystians NFT, also holders can use the IP however they please.
Another way that this project will bring value to its holders is through its Arkitex Program.
The Arkitex Program is an exclusive group that only a specific amount of holders in the community will be chosen to take part in.
The selected few will be able to participate in reward systems, Collab’s & education.
Funding is a valuable feature within the Arkitex Program, passionate people with ideas in the community will be offered support from the team behind Dystians

Lets Check Out Their Roadmap

Dystians prioritize community above all else because they know that it is the key to a strong, thriving collection.
Without community, there would be no Dystians.
That’s why they are so committed to building relationships within the community and always putting their community first.

Quality is paramount. Dystians take great care to ensure that each and every piece of art meets their high standards.

Dystians values innovation, in every aspect of their collection.
From the art produced to the technology.
They strive for uniqueness and innovation.

2130 Digital Storyline
The Dystian story will begin in a digital format. It will be delivered through written story and immersive graphic art.
It begins in the year 2130. The Earth in 2130 looks entirely different to what most can remember.
Decades of war and pollution have rendered the atmosphere unbreathable and much of the land has become scarred and uninhabitable.
Most life has been wiped out, but among the ruins, the Dystians have flourished and taken over the new world armed with their masks, talents, and a vast array of futuristic weapons.
Five great cities stand amongst the ashes, and they aim to compete for dominance in the post-apocalyptic world of the Dystians.

Five great cities stand amongst the ashes of the Dystians world.
Each district inhabits different factions as they compete for dominance in the world of the Dystians.
The factions are constantly vying for control, using any means necessary.
This often leads to violence and bloodshed, as the factions battle for supremacy.
As a result, the streets of the Dystian world are often filled with conflict. However, amidst all of the chaos, there is still some beauty to be found.

The five great cities that stand amidst the ruined Dystian world are home to a fierce competition.
The factions fight for control using any means necessary.

Animated Series

Dystians story platform
The Dystians story platform will be a digital web app used to deliver our story in various artistic formats.
The platform will have the features necessary to facilitate an immersive and engaging story experience.
The platform will also be the holder’s means of claiming their royalties based on specific story based criteria.
The platform itself will evolve over time to accommodate the healthy growth of the Dystian collection and story.

Dystian Archives
An interactive gallery of Dystian characters. This archive will have story based data associated with each character.
Users will be able to see specific story appearances by each character, how frequently each character appears in the story,
and specific traits of each character. Users will be able to filter the archive by certain story based metrics.

We are confident that the Dystians story is strong enough to build a game around. Many collections attempt to make games however,
very few collections have successfully executed this before.
It is an ambitious goal of ours and you can be sure that if we do create a game, it will be a masterpiece.

Marketing for Dystians will be a core focus from the beginning.
They aim to build a following on social media and collaborate with other projects that align with their values to increase visibility.

Once the foundation is built, they will establish a strong brand presence.
They have full brand documentation which allows them to be consistent and cohesive across all channels.

Launch will begin. Date: TBD

The Dystian characters will be revealed in stages after the mint. They will do this by dynamically updating the metadata.
Each stage of the reveal will release crucial information about the character such as the district they reside in or the faction they belong to.
This will allow Dystians to slowly introduce their characters to the world and build anticipation for their appearance.

Story Platform
The Dystians story platform will be a digital web app.
The platform will have the features necessary to facilitate an immersive and engaging story experience.
The platform will also be the holder’s means of claiming their royalties based on specific story-based criteria.
The platform itself will evolve over time to accommodate the healthy growth of the Dystian collection and story.

Dystians will use their newly developed story platform to upload ‘Archives’ on a regular basis.
The archives will be in the form of art that will include characters from the collection, they will all have a story attached to them.

Brand expansion
Dystians will undergo expansion. New levels of the story will be uncovered and more Archives will be found in a time capsule that will lead the Dystians world in a new direction.
But these Archives appear to have many new characters in them.

Jacob – Founder/Marketing Director

Discord – 2.96k MEMBERS

As always this is NOT financial advice
Remember to ALWAYS DYOR!