Exclusible Penthouses (Exclusible Ecosystem)

Exclusible Penthouses (Exclusible Ecosystem)

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.4
Discord Security: 4/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 10/10
Smart Contract: 9/10
Discord Security: 8/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 9.25/10


Exclusible Penthouse is a luxury property NFT collection built in the photorealistic metaverse, Web3 Plattform spatial.io. It is the 3rd addition of Metaverse Real Estate within the Exclusible Ecosystem. The previous collections were smaller and build on Sandbox / Decentraland. The penthouses are supposed to be complementary to what they have already built and fit other collectors’ expectations or tastes (photorealistic design, ability to meet up, etc.). The penthouses are 500sqm equivalent spaces, with unique renderings and different views. Designed to host up to 50 invitees at any given time, these design-led spaces include a reception suite, screening room, and wraparound outdoor sky lounge outfitted with a fully animated helicopter and panoramic SkyScape featuring global destinations such as Paris, Miami, and Dubai.

Website: https://exclusible.com/

Supply: Expected to be 5000 Penthouses

Price: TBA, 0.4 ETH

Mint Date: TBA, June 2022

Whitelist: Island, Villa, Theia, and Alpha holders are already whitelisted with a discount. There is currently a Premint raffle going on. You can also buy a WL spot.

What can you do with your Penthouse?
The utility is based on what the owner wants to do with the Penthouse. From creating an exhibition room for NFTs, establishing a company HQ in the metaverse, alternative to a traditional conference tool such as Zoom, Parties, Company Presentations, etc.

As the owner of the NFT, you can :
💎Invite up to 50 people
💎customize it in your look and feel
💎showcase your NFTs, art, 3D objects, JPGs, really anything you desire
💎VR/AR compatible
💎Share your screen, present your most sophisticated sales pitch, or simply stream a movie, or sports game
💎Give your clients, and partners a unique experience and let your guests wait in the lobby in style
💎Close deals in the metaverse
💎Upload content, and corporate presentations and establish your company HQ in your penthouse
💎Enjoy the comfort of a true luxury space in the metaverse

-> The exact parameter and utilities associated with the ecosystem will be communicated soon.

What is the Exlcusible Ecosystem exactly? 

Exclusible is a premium, curated NFT marketplace designed for luxury brands across the verticals of fashion, beauty, watches, jewelry, lifestyle, and supercars. With a strong presence in the Metaverse, the goal is to take the luxury market to the next level. The ultimate goal is to take luxury to the next level in digital space. Exlcusible had already several NFT Collections and has collaborated with notable Brands (Hogan, Louis Monet, Asprey Bugatti, Christofle, etc.)

Team & Investors (fully doxxed)


Thibault Launay, Chief Executive Officer
A serial entrepreneur & BA across various sectors. He is part of an NFT Hedge fund (Blackpool), advisor of OVR.ai, and is a well-known collector of NFTs, & physical vintage watches. Thibault is an alumnus of Paris Dauphine, Harvard Business School & Forbes30U30.

Artur Goulão, Chief Technology Officer
Artur is a Portuguese entrepreneur, technical leader, and cryptocurrency & blockchain, enthusiast. Artur is also the founder and former CTO of Utrust, one of the biggest cryptocurrency payment gateways in the world. Before his cryptocurrency career, lead his way as the CTO at several fintech & cyber security companies, namely Portuguese Easypay and Privus.

Olivier Moingeon, Chief Commercial Officer
Olivier is a Luxury executive with more than 18 years of experience at Cartier, Goyard, and more recently as CEO of Bastide. Our CCO created “The Luxury Weekly” podcast to review Luxury news and trends. Olivier is based in New York and holds a BA from GEM Business School and a Master’s from Warwick University.

Olivier Bureau, Chief Digital Officer
An entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. Olivier has successfully led technical & marketing teams from inception to large-scale websites with millions of users. Our head of digital holds an IT Management & BSc in Engineering from Supinfo.

Pierre Guigourese, Chief Operating Officer
An Entrepreneur with 8 years of experience advising C-suite clients as a strategy consultant with Deloitte and KPMG, with deep knowledge of the NFT field as a collector and investor. Pierre is involved in FingerprintsDAO, one of the largest organizations collecting CryptoArt NFTs. Our COO holds an MSc from HEC Paris.

Sophie Trombetta, Head of Business Development
Originally from France, Sophie built herself an international career. Having achieved a Double Masters Degree with Edhec Business School and the London School of Economics, she worked for all major luxury corporations LVMH, Hermès, Richemont in Hong Kong, Shanghai, London, Paris and New York.

Viktoriya Polos, Finance & Operations Associate
With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from NovaSBE and a lot of experience on business, financial, and particularly cost analysis, Viktoriya is now looking to expand more on her knowledge in the topics of luxury and the metaverse. Coming from a technological and innovative background, Viktoriya is the Finance & Operations Associate at Exclusible.

Sara Teixeira, NFTs & Metaverse Marketing Manager
Sara is an expert in digital luxury unravelling the future and latest trends. With a Masters’s in Marketing Management and a professional experience in startups related to fashion and technology, Sara has worked with brilliant professionals from Vogue Business, TikTok, Galeries Lafayette, and The Fabricant, among many others equally surprising. Sara is in charge of all the strategic planning in terms of marketing for the success of the NFTs collections and for designing high-end metaverse experiences and events for some drops of the most fascinating luxury brands.

Melvyn Lorenzen, Community Manager
Melvyn is a web3 maximalist and wears the values of blockchain close to his heart. Next to being an investor into NFTs, DeFi or Crypto gaming, he has consulted projects and built bridges, utilising his network & communication skills. Additionally to being the community lead, he’s now also taking personal care of VIP clients and supporting the team on our metaverse vision.

Patricia Paulina Karrer, NFT Drop Manager
Patricia is an early adopter and enthusiast of the NFT and crypto space. She dedicated her master’s studies at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) entirely to the area of innovation dynamics in the creative industry with a special focus on NFT utility applications, consequently initiating an NFT project for New Emerging Artists and started advising on NFT Investment portfolios. Prior to her master’s her professional background initially was drawn from the banking and consulting industry, however quickly pivoted to the Start-Up space.

João Medeiros, Growth Manager
In addition to starting multiple businesses of his own in the technology, e-commerce, and fashion space at a young age, João strongly believes in Web3 and has been actively investing in its ecosystems. With a bachelor’s degree in Business Management, João took the opportunity to pursue the field of Psychology in Business and Economics for his master’s degree.

Nicolas Amsellem, Metaverse Analyst
Crypto enthusiast since 2017, Nicolas firmly believes in the Web3 revolution. He discovered NFTs in early 2020 with Sorare, and then invested in several projects, including Exclusible, which represents his biggest exposure. Recently, Nicolas has joined the Exclusible team as a Metaverse Analyst to support all the gaming and virtual initiatives with huge potential on transforming the next age of digital luxury.

Jordan Brier, Graphic Designer
With a First-Class Honours Degree in Graphic Design from DJCAD Dundee University, Jordan lives and breathes all things design. His key areas of focus lie within branding, fashion design, and web design. However, his recent discovery of Crypto and NFTs has switched his focus towards the metaverse and is further developing his skillset in 3D design, digital fashion, and AR/VR.

Hugo Gesbert, Metaverse Analyst
At only 21 years old, Hugo has already accumulated professional experience in different sectors (international business, advertising, automotive…) as well as freelance consulting missions (American Express…). Today, Hugo puts his creativity to the benefit of Web3 to create original and advantageous concepts for future holders!

Investors: https://next.exclusible.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Exclusible-White-Paper-.pdf

Eco-System Collections

First Collection Alpha


Metaverse Real Estate

Brand Drops

The goal of Alpha was to create a community of early supporters, passionate about Luxury. The collection works as a membership card and therefore, Alpha holders have benefits for future releases with major luxury brands. The Alpha Collection offers a wide range of privileges for all future drops. In essence, Exclusible is building a private community for the holders of its Alpha NFTs. Some of the utilities include Members-only drops: some future-branded NFT collections will be reserved for Exclusible members (i.e., holders of Alpha NFTs), with no public sale. In addition, Alpha NFT holders will enjoy access to Exclusible private discord channels dedicated to NFT collectors and will have the opportunity to take part in the creative process around some of the future collections.

Discord & Socials

Discord Security: 4/5


  • 109’669 members – 8248 online
  • A big community from several previous collections
  • Different holder channels closed
  • General channel: not very active but active Mods and very welcoming

Twitter: https://twitter.com/exclusible 

Joined June 2021, 526 Following 182.5K Followers / 1,703 Tweets

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/exclusible / 248 likes 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/exclusible/ / 21 Posts, 52.3k Follower, 117 Following

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@exclusible

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/exclusible/

Telegram: https://t.me/exclusible, ​https://t.me/exclusiblecom

Knowledge base: https://next.exclusible.com/

Key Takeaways
The Exclusible Eco-system has definitely an ambitious team behind it and has collaborated with notable Brands. The new penthouse collection is the latest addition to their real estate portfolio and the biggest one so far with 5000 NFTs. The mint price considered the actual market is quite high, especially considering there is no clear roadmap to it and the utility within the eco-system is not published yet. I have not tested out the spatial.io technology, which would be interesting to see how it differentiates from Sandbox and Decentraland (except for the design) It could be definitely a good entry for businesses to build their HQs in web3. Being part of the Exklusible Eco-system is definitely interesting from a collector’s point of view since there are a lot of brand collaborations in the pipeline.