Hazard Freaks

Hazard Freaks

September 17, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.0044
Founders: Outlaw
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 4/10
Overall Score: 5.5/10


We have updated this review from caution to approved after the founder reached out to us and decided to publically doxx himself.

Hey all! Today we have something strange that has been cooked up with the help of AI. Hazard Freaks are a collection of 1234 freakish and otherworldly beasts soon to be minting on the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT is created by AI with human assistance. The Hazard Freaks NFT collection is an art-first project, so utility takes a back seat here.

Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Behind the Collection?

Behind the collection we have the artist known as Outlaw, Outlaw was kind enough to have a quick chat with me. I learnt that he has been creating artistic assets for the last two decades and has worked on many popular online games, including CS:GO and other IPs. Looking at his Instagram, Outlaw seems to be a highly talented artist!

Team Members

The team is small, consisting of just the founder and artist mentioned previously – Outlaw. We also have one marketing expert, Nover who is a self-described project analyst. Outlaw – Founder & Artist Nover – Marketing The team is bare-bones and the founder is doxxed to a degree

About the Collection

The collection is the first of the “Amonavera AI Ecosystem” (We’ve no idea who Amonavera is – there are no details online).
The genesis collection consists of 1234 NFTs minting onto Ethereum.
The collection was already slated to mint previously on September 9th, but barely any NFTs were minted – the team greatly underestimated their exposure and the difficulty in the current market. The September 9th release only led to 19 mints, across a total of 10 holders. The project was also previously minting at 0.099 ETH, which has now subsequently been lowered to 0.0033 ETH for Whitelist holders, or 0.0044 ETH for those minting in the public sale.

The projects artwork is very striking. The ultra-exclusive NFTs consist of AI generated humanoid figures. I would imagine the fashion in which they were created was through a serious of text prompts fed to an AI (Like Midjourney, DALL-E etc). Clean generations can then be refined and cleaned up further to create quality artwork.

Each piece of artwork is a 1/1 generation, meaning that this NFT collection is like a collectible fine art project. NFTs aren’t created through a pool of traits with this particular collection. Everything has been generated from prompts, further refined and then assigned a rarity level of either Uncommon, Rare, Epic, Legendary or Artifact.

The total supply is broken down as follows –

1234 NFTs

  • Uncommon – 611 NFTs
  • Rare – 410 NFTs
  • Epic – 170 NFTs
  • Legendary – 30 NFTs
  • Artifact – 13 NFTs

Most will receive an uncommon or rare NFT, with most of the collection falling in this range. Those that are the luckiest and mint a Legendary or Artifact (43 NFTs) will be airdropped a free Hazard Overlord NFT five days after the project mints out.
Hazard Overlords are a small collection in their own right and are a way to reward a select portion of the community.

The Overlord collection features pale, demonic looking creatures – ready to rule over the rest of the Freaks.

What about utility?

This is an art project, first and foremost – as a result little utility was planned. However, the team have got a few things up their sleeves to help tide us over. The Hazard Overlords are the first, as mentioned previously. Each will be airdropped to Legendary and Artifact NFT holders – meaning each minter is in with a slim chance of a second NFT.
Outside of the current collection, but within the “Amonavera AI Ecosystem” the team is planning to develop more projects – all of which Genesis Hazard Freak holders will receive automatic whitelist access for. The benefits are little, but the team are transparent on this and they have mentioned that there could be some more announcements soon.

Road Map

The team does not have a set Road Map available on their site or Discord. We only know that there are going to be further NFT collection installments within the Amonavera Ecosystem, as well as the Overlord airdrop, five days after the Hazard Freaks collection mints out.


  • Twitter – 7k followers | Joined August 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Regular tweets are made. The tweets get average engagement, with some receiving much higher engagement due to them being viral WL giveaway tweets.
  • Discord – 2.4k Members | 309 Online – Simple click to verify on entry. No bots, only shilling is in the collaboration channel. Conversation is very slow.

Smart Contract

The collection previously minted some on September 9th, so we have the contract here. No bad associations were found with the creator wallet.

Price & Mint Date

The NFT project previously minted at 0.099 ETH – but this was believed to be too high. Now Whitelist holders will pay 0.0033 ETH, and public sale minters will pay 0.0044 ETH.

The project is set to mint on September 17th. Whitelist and Public Sale appears to be at different, to be announced times.


I’m a fan of AI artwork. The rise in use of AI is starting to show in the art world. We are seeing more and more high quality pieces of artwork created by AI – just recently a man even won a state competition with his AI generated artwork. Hazard Freaks are no exception and are creating high quality, authentic AI artwork. The final NFTs are very mintable.
Now onto the negatives. Currently, we don’t know much about the founders or Amonavera – it would be nice to hear a bit more about the founders and this greater brand. Investors need somebody to believe in.
Secondly, the Discord seems to be very underexposed and the project as a whole requires more marketing.

Overall, great artwork and a nice mint. But I would be concerned if looking to make a profit. The momentum is slow and the community is relatively unknown – this is one to sit back, and wait from the sidelines for an opportunistic snipe or mint. If you do get involved, use a burner wallet as the project is undoxxed.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.