October 2, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Mike Fraleigh
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 7/10
Overall Score: 6/10


Hey there all! Today we have an upcoming utility jam-packed project to take a look at. The project boasts large giveaways, upcoming rewards, whitelist access and more. HEXGO is an exclusive collection of 5,000 Ethereum-based NFT cards that enable a range of benefits, perks and utilities within the HEXGO ecosystem.

Let’s look a little deeper!

Who is Behind the Project?

The man behind the project is Mike Fraleigh. Mike is an experienced business owner, who is reportedly the owner of 20+ e-commerce sites. He also sells products on Amazon, Walmart, Target, Groupon and other marketplaces. From early 2022 Mike has been hard at work on the Hexgo NFT project. Little else is known about Mike.

Team Members

Mike Fraleigh – Founder & Creator
Kyle Stad – Operations Manager
Taylan Kaplan – Project Manager
Andre P. – Blockchain Manager
Val Jhon – Website Manager
Kat Lunar – Membership Manager
Maria Shiela – Social Media Manager
Macon Panopio – Marketing Manager
Kim Romero – Ads Manager
Sabrina Par – Customer Manager
Medelyn Cristobal – Whitelist Manager
Princess Marasigan – Graphic Designer
Dan Berg – Operations Manager
Bryan Ondo – Content Writer
Christian Mendoza – Partner Manager
Joshua Leonor – Partner Manager
Dianne Mayuga – Partner Specialist
Kimberly Dano – Partner Specialist
Sien Atienza – Partner Specialist
Alex Miles – Team Lead
Dan S. – 3D Designer
Mark S. – Blockchain Developer
Bernadeth Torres – Customer Specialist
Hazel Unabia – Social Media Specialist

The team is a very large team, in fact they are probably the largest team for a project that NFT Approved has ever reviewed. The team is extremely comprehensive – reportedly owing to the fact that Mike, the founder has leveraged employees and virtual assistants that work on his other businesses into this NFT project.
A lot of the members are doxxed down to a personal profile, with some appearing to have profiles created just for this social link.

About the Collection

The collection serves to be a premium NFT collection worth holding with a long term plan. Hexgo is different from your standard NFT project – this one is backed by a registered business with 20+ full time office staff and virtual assistants from across the globe. Every week the project will run giveaway competitions where at least 200 NFTs are randomly awarded back to the community. The pool of NFTs will range from partner projects all the way up to some blue-chip NFTs that will be included in the once monthly giveaway. (Weekly partner NFT giveaways with blue-chip draw once a month)

5000 NFTs are available and five days after the mint the NFT cards will reveal, exposing a Silver, Gold or Black Card. These cards are all the same, except for their visual effects and the amount of vault keys they offer.
How many vault keys you have will determine the number of NFTs that are won. For example, a Gold card awards 3 keys – meaning that if you win on a Gold Card NFT you will be awarded with 3 NFTs.

Silver Card – Awards 1x Vault Key (1x NFT if you win)

Gold Card – Awards 3x Vault Keys (3x NFTs if you win)

Black Card – Awards 10x Vault Keys 10x NFTs if you win)

All giveaway contests are run on the Gleam.io platform to ensure that giveaways are conducted in a fair and responsible manner that is totally transparent to all HEXGO NFT Card holders.

Other than just being a giveaway project, the team are including some additional utility for holders. Which include the previously mentioned giveaways, access to the private members club, access to partner whitelist opportunities, access to the Meta Savages Metaverse on release and more. The NFT project strives to be your all in one Web3 partner.

Road Map

The Road Map touches on all of the points made and makes a nice summary, dates are not included so holders could be waiting some time.


The Hexgo whitelist is exclusive and invite-only. Our internal whitelist is built with 100+ NFT project partners and 100+ NFT project collabs. We do not require anyone to join our discord for a whitelist role. We are focusing on high-quality investors and collectors. We will be very selective on who gets a whitelist spot to avoid quick flips, raffle bots, and minting manipulation.


The whitelist mint will be on Sunday, October 2nd to avoid ETH merge conflicts. There will be 5,000 NFTs, and each whitelist mint spot will be able to mint (X) NFTs.


30-minutes after our VIP whitelist mint, we will be opening the minting to everyone who wants to test their luck on the last mint spots. Usually, many whitelisters can not mint on time for many reasons.


After our NFT deployment to OpenSea, we will instantly buy hundreds of NFTs to prime the Hexgo vault for the first 30-days. We will include many blue-chip NFTs and a unique variety of partner NFTs.


Over 95% of all NFT projects stop advertising and marketing campaigns as soon as they sell out their mint. Unfortunately, these projects didn’t plan a post-mint floor strategy. This causes the sales volume to drop and the floor price to crash for almost all new projects leaving NFT holders in the dark. Not Hexgo! We have built and developed a game-changing floor strategy to stabilize and scale up weekly.


This will be a very exciting day! After the mint and deployment onto OpenSea, you will see your NFT in the pre-reveal mode for 5 days. Each will have a different rarity and value. You do not want to list your NFT for sale because the first Hexgo vault opening will be a few days after the reveal.


After you acquire and secure your NFT vault card, you will be able to connect your wallet address to the famous collabland APP inside our discord server. You will then get instant access and unlock the members-only channels and online portal, giving you access to the member perks and rewards.


All hexgo vault card holders will be automatically entered into the weekly contests. Gleam.io software bot will do everything automatically. (How it works video on discord)


The moment everyone has been waiting for! The gleam automated raffle system will pick the contest winners that will be able to open the vault. The vault opens every week, and you can check the vault at any time to see what is inside. (How it works video on discord)


After our first vault opening is complete, we will be starting next week’s marketing campaign for the next vault opening. This will make our NFT vault cards in really high-demand, showing how much value and power they hold for the holders. This will cause a lower percentage of NFTs listed for sale and drive the supply/demand price up. Less listed for sale = floor price increases.


This is where it gets more exciting! This vault opening for the bank heist will happen once every month on any random day. This NFT giveaway will include only bluechip NFTs like MAYC, Clone X, Azuki, Meebits, Doodles, Cool Cats, VeeFriends, etc. There will be a member vote for the type of NFTs everyone wants to be in the vault. (How it works video on discord)


We spent months building our NFT partners list and we are not going to stop! After our launch hundreds of NFT projects will be now reaching out to us. We will be updating everyone with our exclusive partnerships with other NFT projects, crypto companies, alfla groups, tech companies, software companies, metaverse companies, and whoever would be a good fit for the Hexgo brand.


Hexgo is building the biggest and strongest NFT project ecosystem. We have partnered with over 100+ NFT projects including some of the top 100 NFTs, education NFTs, gaming NFTs, metaverse NFTs, NFT tools, and other incredible utility NFTs. Hexgo members will have special access to many more great utilities which hexgo members will have access too.


The Hexgo VIP key will give you access to upcoming whitelists, allow lists, and access to our diamond NFT partners utilities including education, tools, and other NFT utilities.


Hexgo will expand our team and get a second office location to focus on scaling our NFT brand to new record-breaking levels. Our #1 goal is to make sure we hit the top #1 blue chip utility NFT.


Introducing the hexgo rewards! We will be releasing new rewards as often as we can. We have a team only focused on building new partnerships and creating more value for our members. Every member will have access to the member portal, which will have virtual events, physical events, store coupons, shopping discounts. gift cards, giveaways, prize draws, merchandise, and much more!


It’s time for merchandise! We will be releasing our hexgo online POD store collection where all members will be able to purchase necklaces, hats, and much more.


Hexgo has an exclusive joint partnership with Meta Savages. The #1 metaverse you have all been waiting for! Over 10KM to explore on the tropical island built on unreal 5. Hexgo will have our clubhouse, bank, and vault on an exclusive part of the island. AAA gamification graphics including concerts, shows, lectures, stores, houses, vehicles, sports, shopping, parties, and so much more! Most NFT projects promise the metaverse and never deliver. The metaverse is already over 90% done. Please visit our Discord for latest updates (TBA – Q4 2022)


  • Twitter – 54.9k followers | Joined February 2022 – Large Twitter account. Regular tweets are made. A lot of regular collabs are made. Tweets get good engagement most of the time.
  • Discord – 15.2k Members | 1.8k Online – Pandez Guard to verify on entry. No bots, no shilling. Conversation moves along in General Chat smoothly.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

Currently, we are waiting for the price to be announced. It looks as if this announcement will be made on September 22 2022.

The project will begin minting on October 2 2022.


There isn’t much artwork to talk about, but the cards look intricate and have a visually satisfying style – sure to be a cool addition to sit in anyone’s wallet. The utility announced seems like a good benefit – If we look at it at face value. This is a 5k collection that plans to offer around 1000 NFTs as awards each month in perpetuity from a one time sale as well as a host of other benefits. It all sounds very good.

The negatives of the project? It sounds too good to be true – there will be a catch somewhere. Unless the collection can maintain its status its value will decrease which will in effect lower the royalties generated and ultimately killing off the mechanisms that sustain the giveaway features of the project.

The project needs funds to buy the NFTs for giveaway after all. My other concern is the promise of a Metaverse and partnership with Meta Savages. Who are Meta Savages? Their website has no info and their twitter account is silent. Is this an empty promise?

Overall, it’s a nice project. It’s doxxed with a business location. However, I have some concerns about the ongoing viability of the giveaways – if not enough money comes in, the NFTs given away will be cheap or possibly defaulted upon. Take caution in this project – it looks good but this could change with time.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.