Karto Cars

Karto Cars

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Founders: Najib Hayek, Matthew Klayme, Dolphin Xavier
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 7/10
Overall Score: 6/10


Hey guys! Today we have a cool P2E project to take a look at. Karto Cars is an upcoming collection of 10,000 retro-fitted race cars living on the Ethereum blockchain. The project boasts a range of holder utility including competitions, giveaways and more. Also, we’re glad to announce that the team are partially doxxed.

Let’s dive in!

Who is Behind the Project?

The Founder behind the project is Najib Hayek, a young and motivated entrepreneur. Born in Lebanon, and eventually emigrating to Austin, Texas at a young age. Najib is passionate about the NFT space and is devoted to the future of the Karto Cars NFT project. Currently he is studying Finance & Marketing at the University of Texas.

Team Members

The team is fully comprehensive and includes a large core team. Each member is doxxed to a degree. The team has three artists, so expect great artwork!

About the Collection

The collection consists of 10k (4x sales rounds of 2.5k NFTs each). NFTs. Each NFT is it’s own individual car that comes fitted out with a range of trims, colours and various options – with each of these variables serving as your NFTs traits.
The collection has already minted about 50 NFTs for early team and supporters. None of these have been sold at all and have been held with diamond hands.

Each NFT looks bright, vibrant and fresh. The NFTs are each generated to a high standard. Sharp visuals here only! Each NFT is broken down by both its type – for example, Sedan, Coupe, Convertible and its generation. The first initial drop of 2,500 will be GEN 0.
Furthermore, holders will be excited to learn that if they do not like the look of their NFT car upon reveal, it can be customized through playing the upcoming game – each NFT will be dynamic and able to change appearance to a degree.

The Game

The information on the game is limited – I have been told that the game is basically ready for launch as soon as the project has begun its mint. The Whitepaper unfortunately does not provide highly detailed information – only going over the basics.

The platform is divided into a few sections. We have the Garage, the Market, the Studio, The Racetrack. We also Car Stat Systems & Reward System.


When you aren’t racing, your car will need a suitable storage location. Presenting, the Garage. The Garage is an area where holders will be able to see all of their Karto Car NFTs in high detail. Holders will also be able to interact with their vehicles – fine tuning and customising the car to their personal preferences.


The Market is a place where car NFTs are bought. We don’t yet know if this will be a peer to peer market, or a minting marketplace, or both.


The studio introduces all new cars coming to the market. Users will be able to take punts on cars here – buying the car based on it’s looks only until the stats are revealed, 48 hours after.


There will not only be just one Race Track, but multiple. The team have mentioned that a new track will drop every 2-4 weeks for holders to enjoy. Each new track will be unique and have different obstacles and layouts. Depending on the track, certain car types will be better than others – players will need to be mindful of selecting the car with the highest probability of winning.

Car Stats & Customisation

In addition to the car types mentioned previously each car will have randomly generated stats, that are generated within a pre-defined range based upon the specific car type. For example, a Convertible may have higher average speed than a Sedan, but lack the same level of handling – meaning a track with lots of bends could be better suited to a Sedan in theory.

The stats include:

  • Speed
  • Acceleration
  • Handling
  • Grip
  • Braking
  • Cooldown (time to wait between races)

In addition, driver experience level is also applied after the stats in order to determine who wins a race.

Based on the track raced upon, there will be an optimal blend of stats you would like to use. A race is won by the player with the best combination of stats for that race.
The player who has the best combination of stats for the specific track will win. To make things interesting, driver experience level will influence the race – meaning that the car isn’t the only variable – plus a random number is added onto each players total weighted score in order to simulate randomness – meaning that in a fluke a vastly underpowered/unsuitable car could go on to win a race.

The customisation that can be carried out on a holders car is purely cosmetic and will only effect victory poses – and other cosmetics associated with the car.


The way in which players earn and progress is through racing. Each car comes with a bunch of free races, but after those are used up, tokens must be spent to race. From racing, holders will accumulate the $KARTO token. Meaning that if you perform well you will be able to keep on racing and earning – those that perform very well can stand to earn an excess of $KARTO tokens.

Special racing events and tournaments will be held now and again. Players will be able to earn unique prizes including:

  • $KARTO tokens
  • Special 1/1 Karto Car NFT
  • Special parts and mods for your Karto Car
  • Cash

Road Map

The Road Map is brief but touches on the objectives to be met. The Road Map does not include a timescale, so holders could be waiting for some features to release.


  • Twitter – 8.3k followers | Joined November 2021 – Medium Twitter account. Regular tweets are made, seems like some Tweets were removed – only replies which date back very far whilst the projects tweets on its own page only go back to early September.
  • Discord – 372 Members | 167 Online – Rule acceptance and captcha on entry. Bot sits above Discord users. No shilling channels. Conversation is slow, but the founder is very talkative.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is available to view, due to 50 mints earlier this year for team/close supporters. All appears to be ok, and no bad associations found connected to funding wallet and founder wallet.


Price & Mint Date

The NFTs price and mint date has not yet been announced.

We do know that there will be a presale of 1000 spots for each 2.5k drop.


The projects artwork is very nice. It has a great retro aesthetic to it, something that is sure to be broadly popular in the current market. The game itself sounds like it holds some promise – supposedly as it is ready to launch right away. The project is also doxxed to a good level, with some founders being doxxed to a personal level, these are all positive signs.
The faults I can currently pick are that the team report that the game is a “download” and is of good quality – it’s also supposedly ready… so where are the screenshots of the game — we are only seeing cars. Secondly, the Discord seems very underexposed. With only a few hundred members it will need a lot of work. Lastly, the whitepaper that I got a lot of this information from was a hard read. The Whitepaper lacked proper structure, had frequent errors that caused some initial confusion and a lot of headings aren’t in place where they should be. The Whitepaper is a mess.

Overall, the project has some initial promise. Everything sounds good, but we are not seeing a whole lot of the game. I would watch this one closely and make a decision closer to the mint date (when its announced). There have been a number of NFT racing projects similar to this that have totally missed the mark, Reactor Motors, Metadrag — I have fears this could go the same way if the founders are not careful.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.