August 19, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Thomas McApline, William Askew
Discord Security: 4/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 8/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.25/10


Hi guys, so today we have another solid Ethereum-based P2E game to take a look at. Kryptoria is an immersive map based game, where players battle for lands and weapons (which are all individual NFTs).

The genesis NFT of Kryptoria, the Alpha Citizen will be a dynamic NFT which starts with you first picking your faction before minting. Your own Alpha Citizen NFT is dynamic and can switch factions and/or receive various upgrades over time, allowing an NFT which can be changed by the holder.

Who is behind the project?

We have two key founders behind the project. Both bringing a wealth of skills to Kryptoria.

Thomas McApline

Thomas is a big sci-fi fan, he has grown up on various titles from Halo to Starcraft. His dream is to build a sci-fi-based game, now his dream is becoming a reality.

Thomas has spent the last few years growing a UK-based business into one of the largest online marketplaces for property.

William Askew

William has been working in the tech and finance space for the last 10 years. Primarily working on scaling early-stage tech businesses.

Will has previously worked at Nutmeg, scaling the business to become Europe’s largest and fastest-growing online investment manager. The firm was acquired last year by JP Morgan, reportedly for an eye-watering sum in excess of $600,000,000.

Team Members

Thomas McApline – Co-founder (Twitter, LinkedIn)
William Askew – Co-Founder (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Zahraa Alkhaleef – Operator (Twitter, LinkedIn)
Aftergani (Ikhwan Walliyuddin) – Artist
Simon Starkman – Strategist
Josh Laird – Guru
Han Hee – Advisor
Alex Tan – Researcher
Moonfuel.eth – Advisor

The Kryptoria team is well constructed and seems fairly lean.

About The Game

The game begins before you even mint. There are two distinct factions that you can choose from the moment before you mint your Alpha Citizen. Don’t be afraid though, you can always choose to defect to the other faction and change this at any moment.


The Kryptorians can be seen as the good guys. They care about advancing the capital “Exodus”, advancing human intelligence and striving for a better future. The city was built in under a decade by drones.

The Kryptorians left Earth to avoid the Degens.


The Degens, whilst not bad guys are painted as the more chaotic side. They fight for the wilder side of Web3.

Their home city is Zion. Zion is a bustling city full of many people from diverse backgrounds. All are welcome in Zion, that also means the Criminals. The city has a strong presence of crime and organised criminal activity that borders on the realm of anarchy.

The game is formed of the following core assets. All of these core assets are tradeable outside of the game itself –

Alpha Citizens

As we touched on before, the Alpha Citizens are your avatars and the core NFT of the Kryptoria ecosystem. Your avatar serves as your key to redeeming each other core assets including Land & Weapons.
The team claims to have pioneered a new multi-sig contract that will allow holders to update any of their Alpha Citizens traits, post mint. The team plans to expand on this and release collaborations with other brands and NFT projects. Who knows, someday you may be able to purchase some new Ray-Bans for your avatar…. The best part of all is that you will be able to use in-game resources to purchase these new traits.


Each Alpha Citizen holder will be able to claim land a few weeks after the initial Alpha Citizen mint. Your Land exists as a separate NFT in its own right.

Your land will passively generate resources over time. There are several resources your land can generate and each land will vary with its abundance of those resources. You can even build a city on your land in order to generate extra resources.

Your Land can be defended by placing your Alpha Citizen on it. The stronger your avatar (via weapons) the greater your chance of successful defence. Each land also has a natural level of defence, which if defended by an avatar will bolster the Alpha Citizens’ stats in order to help with the defence. If the defence is unsuccessful then the attacking player will take some of the defender’s resources. The resources will always be the type generated by the land tile. The amount the attacker will receive will be between 1-10% of the resource. The amount depends on whether it was actively defended by an Alpha Citizen, and whether or not there is a city or extra reinforcements on the land tile.


Players will be able to mint new weapons through the resources acquired from either attacking land, or passive generation from owned land. Assigning new Weapon NFTs to your Alpha Citizen will increase its ability to successfully defend or attack a Land tile.

In addition to these weapons, each player has the ability to deploy defences or reinforcements prior to an attack. You must pay with in-game resources for this bonus edge. Benefits range from winning extra resources to extra attack points.

The team plans to release regular drops of new weapons with the possibility of collaborations with other brands.

The game’s background is vast, so I would highly recommend reading the full whitepaper if you are interested in this project.


Before The Mint

Players will be able to play a minigame to secure a whitelist spot. Players will search for 1000 white rabbits spread across Kryptoria, finding a rabbit gets you an AllowList Tier 2 Entry to the mint of Alpha Citizens.

Alpha Citizen Mint

  • Tier 1 AllowList Mint: 19/08/22
  • Tier 2 AllowList Mint: 19/08/22 (yes the same day. This is what they say officially. Perhaps different times)
  • Public Mint: 20/08/22

Game functionality for soft staking and avatar fashion selection.
Alpha Citizen reveal, 1 week after mint.

Land Mint

Two weeks after the reveal one free Land can be claimed per Alpha Citizen held. The Lands will reveal on mint out.

Also at this time

  • Resource earning begins
  • Launch of Trading (trade any in-game resources in-game)
  • Any unclaimed land within a fixed period of time will be reclaimed by Kryptoria team and held in a community vault for future rewards and marketing

Weapons Mint

Four weeks after the Alpha Citizen reveal you will be able to claim one weapon per Alpha Citizen held, revealing straight away on mint out.

Also at this time

  • Full game launch on Unity
  • Launch of Fight functionality, allowing players to attack/defend
  • Unclaimed weapons will be held in the same community vault as the Lands for future rewards and marketing


Seven weeks post-Alpha Citizen reveal the very first collaboration trait collections and weapons will hit the marketplace. Players will be able to customise their Alpha Citizens.

Post Mint – Ongoing Development

The team will be open to criticism and feedback and wish to build the game around the communities wishes. The game will receive ongoing developments and updates. Further collaborations will arise.

The team is also planning to lead discussions with AAA game studios to build out the next major evolution of the game’s development.


  • Twitter – 19.4k followers | Joined February 2022 – A medium size purpose-made account. Good engagement on the posts. Don’t post a whole lot, but everything is relevant. No fluff.
  • Discord – 8.1k members | 1.8k online – Good security, not too much and easy to use. Verification on entry and a simple puzzle to solve to keep bots out. Chat has some infrequent conversation, it moves along but not so fast. Bots are placed below regular users.

Smart Contract

The smart contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

  • Tier 1 AllowList Mint: 19/08/22
  • Tier 2 AllowList Mint: 19/08/22 (yes the same day. This is what they say officially. Perhaps different times)
  • Public Mint: 20/08/22

Mint Price: TBA


I really like the project. It is ticking all of the boxes. What’s not to like? We have fully doxxed founders with a great track record, a fully fleshed out whitepaper and concept with the roadmap giving the timeline for the full P2E game within a few weeks.
The NFTs look good too, and you are also going to get another two NFTs totally free of charge (except gas) adding further value to the mint.
The only downside I can think of, is that their discord seems a little on the small side. For a project making this many strides we would ideally like to see them a bit further ahead. With a week to go the time is nigh to amp up the marketing to its maximum. 8k Discord on a 10k mint may mean that it won’t mint out very quickly – obviously, I could be wrong and this could change drastically in the days leading up to mint.

All things said, this is a very promising project. Worth keeping your eye on for sure, good things could happen with this one.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.