Lords of the Lands

Lords of the Lands

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.15
Founders: Shubhaum Guptha
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.5/10


Lords of the Lands is an upcoming pfp/land collection (two separate collections produced under the same brand). The collection features an array of exciting features intended to allow full customisation and monetization of each Lords Land.
The doxxed founder and semi-doxxed team even have plans in place to share 25% of the collections royalties with holders.

Let’s take a closer look!

Who is behind the project?

Shubhaum Guptha is the founder of Lords of the Lands. Shubhaum is based out of Faridabad, India. Shubhaum brings a range of sales and project management experience to the table – over the last decade, he has managed marble mining efforts and worked as head of sales for luxury real estate development across India. All in all, a skilled and capable project leader.

Team Members

Shubhaum Guptha – Founder
Kunawl Bhatiea – COO
Arvin Khamesh – CMO
Mitch Kennedy – Advisor
Suranjan Singh – Community Lead

The team is small and very lean. Most of the team but Arvin are doxxed. All are based out of India, except for Mitch, who is based in the United States in Texas, working as Global Lead – Loyalty at Dell,

About the Collection

The project is highly ambitious and seeks to create it’s own metaverse with it’s own lands that will be fully customisable and monetizable. The collection goes a little further on the dynamics and allows holders to become “Landlords” if they collect and hold a Land NFT & Lord NFT in the same wallet. Landlords are entitled to a cool 25% of the Lords of the Lands creator royalties. Distribution of the 25% to holders is determined by the rarity of your Land NFT and the number of days you had both the Land & Lord in your wallet.

There will be a total of 3000 Land NFTs & 2000 Lord NFTs. First available in an initially small pre-sale round.

Lords also vary in rarity and come with a whole load of cool traits. Rarer Land Lords can claim rental income from more Lands. With the most standard Lords awarding 1 Land rental claim per month, and the rarest Lords having the ability to claim up to 3 rental incomes per month (please note Land must also be held to claim, no claim exists without Land).

Landlords will be invited to attend regular gaming tournaments where they can win prizes, such as rare NFTs and cash prizes up to $25K. Think of playing GTA V, or perhaps Minecraft and having the chance to win some fantastic prizes.

Each Land NFT comes with a special hidden treasure chest. What you will win depends on the rarity of your Land NFT. Treasure chests can contain a range of items including Land, Lord or other exciting collection NFT assets. The rarest find available is the Viron Vault which contains the projects upcoming advertising utility token, VIRON.

Further in the future the team also wishes to bring Play to Earn treasure hunts to their Metaverse (once built), live Music Festivals with renowned artists, and functional NFT museums with live virtual reality auctions.


The Road Map is far-reaching, going a year into the future. Rough dates are mentioned.

We can see that the Road Map actually goes about a year into the future, and it doesn’t seem like the Metaverse will be ready until roughly Q2-Q3 2023.


  • Twitter – 25.7k followers | Joined December 2021 – Large twitter account. Most tweets get good engagement. Occasional tweets are made. Team appears to get involved in Twitter Spaces regularly.
  • Discord – 9k Members | 717 online – Tick verification and rule acceptance on entry. Commands and bots. Discord users sit above bots. No shilling channels. Conversation is on the slow side but bubbles over.
  • Instagram – 49.6k Followers | 19 posts – Semi-regular posts, showing artwork and project progress. Posts are getting good engagement.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The prices of both the Land NFT is variable based on which tier you wish to go for. Lords come at a fixed cost and its totally down to chance the rarity of traits you will receive.

300 Available in first presale round out of a total of 3000.

  • Land – 181 available 0.2 ETH Presale | 0.3 ETH Public
  • Platinum Land – 92 available 0.4 ETH Presale | 0.6 ETH Public
  • Prime Land – 27 available 0.8 ETH Presale | 1 ETH Public

255 Available in first presale round out of a total of 2000.

  • 0.15 ETH Presale | 0.25 ETH Public

Mint date is to be announced.


The project has some very clean avatars, the land looks good, but admittedly I’ve seen little variation. The utility on offer sounds good, almost too good to be true – you hear of a lot of projects that offer to share royalties, but never 25%. But to earn some of that you will need to hold both NFTs making a minimum collective presale investment of 0.35 ETH. Lords of the Lands has a decent following and seems to have some good momentum so far.
The negatives of the project are that it is another Metaverse project – a lot of builders are working in this space and there is not room for many victors. The project is also considerably far out. We don’t know the presale date just yet, plus the Metaverse itself appears to be in the works and around a year away. The team will need to maintain steady momentum.

Overall I like the project. We are still very early being before the first early presale round. I would ideally keep an eye on the project and watch to see what happens in later presale/sale rounds and gauge whether you’d like to buy in then.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.