May 20, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.045
Founders: Julien Cameron
Discord Security: 5/5 (Excellent)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 8/10
Discord Security: 10/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 8.25/10


The “Phase 1 roadmap” is centred around giveaways and runs parallel to the mint. 

  • 25% Minted 

Community wallet established and 10ETH deposited for some lurky activity 

  • 50% Minted 

Lurky holders get eth. Lurkies split 10ETH. 

  • 75% Minted 

Ten Lurkies getting lurked 1ETH each 

  • 100% Minted P2E game, cartoon series, merch… where to next? Lurkies will decide.

The Phase 2 roadmap is the actual roadmap post mint, which includes the following milestones and an estimated budget for completion. 

  • Purchase NFT World (10-15ETH) 
  • Initialize P2E Game Development (3-4 months) (50ETH) 
  • Purchase Required $WRLD to Stake for P2E gameplay (85-100ETH) 
  • Develop and Execute Intense Video Game Marketing Plan (25-50ETH) 
  • Develop Online NFT Marketplace (5ETH)

The project also promises Passive Income without mincing on any words to that effect, while also envisaging a scenario where their project may be banned from Opensea, UPDATE Artwork has now been changed to suit some creativity and not similar traits to Doodle NFT.

The Passive Income forecast starts with a major assumption of taking the “conservative” estimate of $250,000 per month as income from the P2E game. Out of this 50% of the income is promised to the holders, coming down to approximately $22.5 per NFT, every month. 

The promises from the project are huge, while the literature that aims to convince users regarding the promises fails to come anywhere close to the promises. Their calculation includes a simple discord text, with assumptions made on the basis of information from “advisors”. There is no information on the advisors or where this “conservative” estimate of $250,000 per month of income came from. Furthermore, it is pertinent

The website does not have any terms and conditions or a privacy policy. Consequently, the ownership rights of the artwork are not vested with the holders. However, the artwork has been changed to suit more creativity instead of “Doodle NFT” similarities.



4,185 members with 300-500 online which is essentially a ratio of 8-12%. The engagement rate is not very high and the general chat is often silent for minutes.  

They have conducted a number of whitelist collaborations with various projects. 


Red flags
Phase 1 of the roadmap comprises only giveaways simultaneous to the mint, and cannot be really called a roadmap. Phase 2 of the roadmap is based on very vague and far-fetched assumptions and makes a blatant promise of passive income. The only USP at the end of the day is passive income for holding NFTs, if the P2E game is successful. A number of assumptions and contingencies exist till the point of executing this phase. 

The Discord does not look very aesthetically pleasing, and the chats are inactive. The announcements seem like 1 person thinking out loud instead of addressing the community. But it’s still early days and forever changing.

We have noted all of these highlighted red flags and the project has been more than compliant and willing to change and adapt for clarity and more transparency.