Magic Folk

Magic Folk

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Pexxstudio
Discord Security: 1/5 (Extremely Weak)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 10/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 1/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 5.5/10


Hello team, hope all is well…
I noticed the market is in total Degen Mode right now, during this dull moment in the space interested in projects with no doxed team, road maps, no utility, the hype and just maybe the art 💀.
With the hopes of the market bouncing back to normal maybe this project will snap you back to the reality of longevity and owning to earn.

Today I bring you a project by the name of Magic Folk.
The team has taken no shortcuts, They have collaborated with a top creative agency that has worked with Panasonic and Somersby.

Magic Folk is a collection of good and evil Magicians created by Splash Labs.
The Project came alive on twitter in January 2022, so they have been around for a while, making noise on the twitter platform.
They have successfully gained 23,000 followers on twitter. The engagement is legit and exciting, no rug pull intentions detected.
Their discord is currently invite only, it will soon open to the the public, that date is TBA.

The Magic Folk ecosystem is powered by the ERC20 tokens called $GEMZ,
staking a Magic Folk NFT is the only way to get any $GEMZ.

Magic Folk is a customizable NFT.
After mint you can customize your NFT with the ERC1155 accessory NFTs.
The Accessories are pets, magic items, weapons or more.

Accessories are added onto your existing NFT and they can also be traded, meaning, removed from your NFT at a later point.
Accessories will be available through the shop on the website.
Any item you add to your Magic Folk will update your metadata, and change your NFT on all your favorite Web3 platforms, OpenSea, LooksRare, MetaMask, etc.

When staking your NFT, rarities are a multiplicator and you earn $GEMZ for staking it.
$GEMZ is an ERC-20 token. It is burnt, when you claim your equipment item. Equipment items are ERC1155 NFTs.
$GEMZ are earned holding your NFT and can be spent in the shop. The token itself cannot be traded.
In the Future, They plan to extend the integration possibility of their tokenomics.

Lets Check Out Their Quest Map

Fractional Share of “main character” Magic Folk
This really ties in with their licensing quest.
The idea of giving fractionalized ownership over some “main character assets” is pretty litt🔥

The plan is to see Magic Folk in TV / Movies / Games.
They have VProFX on board to help them explore.

The team behind Magic Folk will enable different mediums of interactions with the Magic Gallery being first on the list.
While the Web3 space waits patiently for metaverse platforms to mature.

Magic Gallery
A unique, fun way to view and interact with your Magic Folk pets, weapons and items.

Games such as Galaxy Fight Club, and it will be a top quest to offer as much interoperability with other project like this as possible.

Metaverse Plugins
The team has explored the multiple options of upcoming metaverse integrations.
Like Sandbox, Substrata, Other-side or any other suitable metaverse, Magic Folk is capable and excited to explore these integrations further.

NFT Customization + Token Gated Collab Assets
It is great to know that the team behind the project believes in long term partnerships.
Equitable assets for our long-term partners.
You will have to hold a partner collection’s NFT in order to acquire these limited edition items.

The marketplace is available right on mint.
Initially you will be able to burn $GEMZ to acquire unique Pets, Weapons, Magic Items, Coal and Allow-list spots.
In the future, They also plan to add more things such as holder exclusive tools, services, merch and more!

Interactive Website
User experience is one of their core values, They have taken the time to create a unique experience on their homepage.

Vision + Goals
(Light) Fun utility available on mint
Right away on mint, staking and customization of your NFT and items will be available from the Magic Marketplace.

(Dark) Serious holder exclusive tools
They are going to be rolling out NFT tools as the have stated “like we have never seen”.
As with everything, clean UI/ UX, and displaying information in a clear way will be the magic that will make their tools stand out.

They are creating a solid foundation for an extendible ecosystem of Web3 technologies.

Burn Mechanism
Magic Folk has made sure to have items to acquire, and have items from seasonal drops, tools (subscription access),
services, WL spots and more, to help provide burn mechanisms for tokens.

Collab exclusive items and access to tools
Magic Folk is interested in building real, long-term partnerships with other like-minded communities.

They want to empower the community, and builders in the space. One way of doing this is a Magic hackathon with prizes.

.Kumobot-Project Advisor
Nikki is the founder of the awesome KumoXWorld community as well.

.Dollar-Project Advisor

.VProFX-Visuals Advisor
Vincent is a software dev & visual effects artist & animator and has over 20 years experience in the film and television industry building both live interactive
content in Unity for use on-set in Virtual Production as well as content VFX for post-production.
Vince is currently working at Warner Brothers Studios in Burbank, California.





Currently Invite Only

As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!