Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: JohnnyBlack.ETH
Discord Security: 5/5 (Excellent)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 10/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 8/10


Hello team, today we have a project that I can personally relate to by the name of Miners*, I’m sure most of you can relate as well. The team behind this amazing project came together to build after finding out they had minted a RUG PULL. This is why I can relate, it happened to me and also lead me here to this wonderful community NFT APPROVED. Rug pulls happen to the best of us in the NFT community, unfortunately, but we must rise above the scammers and expose them, I applaud the Miners team member Johnny Black for doing that on a live AMA. Not only is the art dope and original but also hand-drawn, I am also a fan of their core values like honesty, integrity and transparency. These guys definitely have made the community their biggest priority.

Let’s dive into their 3 pillars of integrity.


• I love the fact that no one from the team can mint, they want to avoid market manipulation
keep it fair and honest with us, that’s rare to find in the NFT space these days if you ask me.

• There will be 1 mint per person, each minter will be vetted by the staff to prevent multi-wallet
minting, which is a great idea because the supply is only 949.
It is good to know that they care about us investors.


• There are a lot of projects out there that will have the team mint the rarest & sought after
NFTs just to keep for themselves. The team members at Miners want to eliminate this
completely and by doing so, no one from the team has a chance of minting a 1/1.

• They will utilize a 4% payout to purchase a Miner NFT for each of the team members from
the secondary market.


• They want to drive as much value as possible into the Miners Investment Club with that being
said when it comes to decision making the investment club will be in mind.

⚡Pillars of integrity

• They want to keep this exclusive. Our members will remain important to the team. As far as utilities go, we are covered, Miners will deliver top-quality to us.

• They will provide educational sessions on NFTs, Crypto, Stocks, Basic Business and much more to holders.

• Mental health resources will be available because they put us first, I really don’t see any other projects putting the people first and providing this utility unless it’s a lie.

Miners presale – Bedrock Believers

Isles Of Meta is a part of the Miners metaverse, they already have ownership of it, it’s the largest plot of land within the Island.

• There will be houses built and designed by you “The Bedrock Believer” located in “The Enclave”, the area has limited access, only team members will be able to enter.

• There will be a Cloud Room for company events along with the option to sit on board meetings.

• If 3rd mint sells out, there will be a brunch with the Miners to attend, also a free room upgrade for a future Vegas trip. That’s pretty litt. 🔥

• All future mints will be free, That includes a free Genesis Miner at no cost.

Genius Launch – The Miners 490 Mints on ETH

• A snapshot will be taken to verify holders for the free NFTs.

The Cryptids (2nd launch) will be free for Miners NFT Holders.

• Each holder will have a reserved Plot to build a house upon on Meta Island.

• Parties, games, events, and competitions will be held.

• Holding a Miners NFT will be the only way you get voting rights along with being a part of the Miners Investment Club.

2nd Launch – The Miner Verse 4900 Mints on SOL

• The Minerverse is where they will hold parties, events, games & competitions, there will be more information on this sector soon.

• The Minerverse will be powered by the Isles Of Meta.

⚡There will be 10,000 3D Miners to mint on the ETHEREUM Blockchain, this collection will pay homage to the Genesis collection, Dedicated to the Miners Investment Club.


We were unable to run a report on the smart contract because it’s blank, however, we were able to run a report on the founder’s wallet and it came up clean.


☑JohnnyBlack.ETH – Founder of The Miners NFT




☑TRich.eth – Co-Founder of The Miners NFT / Veefriends Holder 4 Life

☑isAlex – Artist of The Miners NFT

☑Z_Best – Sr. Dev of The Miners NFT

☑DCrazy – Streamer/Influencer

☑ElevatedThought – Discord Mod, Community Manager, Streamer

☑️ Yeztki – Warrior

☑️Pinacoalada – Designer

☑️RIZZO – Designer

☑️D4v3y.Eth – Discord Manager


⚡Pre-Sale Price: INVITE ONLY, TBA
⚡ Public-Sale Price: TBA
⚡Mint Date: TBA

Discord Security 5/5

  • 486 MEMBERS

As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!