Mini Melties

Mini Melties

September 22, 2022 to
Mint Price: 0.2
Founders: Buff Monster
Discord Security: 1/5 (Extremely Weak)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.75/10


Hey guys, today we have an exciting art project to take a look at. Mini Melties is an upcoming collection of 2000 exclusive NFTs minting onto Ethereum. Created by Buff Monster, a world renowned American painter that has been active in the scene for the last 2 decades. This is Buff Monsters’ third NFT collection to date and appears to be a continuation of his previous collections.

Let’s get to it.

Who is Behind the Project?

The individual behind the Mini Melty NFT project is the famous painter Buff Monster. Buff Monster has been in the scene for the last two decades, and originally rose to fame when he began putting up thousands of hand-silkscreened posters all over the streets of Los Angeles. Following on from this Buff Monster has created a range of further artworks and merchandise from vinyl toys to OG style trading card wrapped in wax wrapper.
Buff Monster has had his artwork collected by famous museums from across the globe. He’s also worked with clients such as Nike Italy, Coca Cola and many more. Even featuring in Banksys movie Exit Through the Gift Shop.
Buff Monster has two previous NFT Collections titled The Warriors Day Off (180 NFTs) & The Meltiverse (21 NFTs) both of these previous collections are relatively small and offer the same or similar aesthetics to the upcoming collection. The primary difference is that the upcoming Mini Melties NFT collection will feature animated artwork.

Team Members

Buff Monster – Founder & Artist
Jimmy in Motion – Animator
Nervous – Developer
Aaron – Strategist

The team is lean but comes with an abundance of experience. After all, for an art project like this you only need a small, skilled and hard-working team.

About the Collection

Buff Monster is a real artist. He has been painting and perfecting his craft for decades. So it stands to reason that this project is first and foremost an art project. However, some small little nuggets of utility have been thrown in for collectors to enjoy.

The artwork itself is rather special. Jointly created by both Buff Monster creating the original artwork and then all animation conducted by Jimmy in Motion. Each Mini Melt is inspired by the original Mister Melty created by Buff Monster. The artwork and animation took many months to perfect – the results speak for themselves! In addition, there are a whole bunch of traits. Buff Monster and Co have randomly generated a set of NFTs from the attributes available and then 2000 were hand picked by Buff Monster himself, ensuring that each NFT has his seal of approval.

The NFT Artwork

Each NFT is reported to have traits from the following pools.

• A lot of background colours and designs

• Many Ice Cream head colours

• 30+ hands & accessories

• 10+ eyes & expressions

• 6 line colours

• 5 skin tones

‍In addition the team report that there will be some rare and super-rare NFTs and a handful of 1/1 ultra-exclusive NFTs available.

The Utility

The project is an art project. However, the team. have planned out some cool incentives for loyal holders.

Real Art

Holders of a specific amount of NFTs can burn their NFT for a real world piece by Buff Monster.

Holder Airdrops

Some extra special NFT drops are planned for holders. Stay tuned!

Exclusive Collectibles

The team plan to release exclusive real world collectibles that will be available to holders only.

Road Map

No Road Map has been provided by the team. After all, this is an art project. The team are completely transparent on that. So after the mint we can only initially expect to see the NFT to real Art swap, some NFT airdrops and exclusive collectibles for sale – but we don’t know when these features will come into effect so holders may be waiting a little while.


  • Twitter – 23.4k followers | Joined April 2009 – Large Twitter account. Long standing account by the creator – the projects account is relatively new with minimal followers. This account regularly tweets about the project and gets pretty average engagement.
  • Discord – 1.1k Members | 253 Online – Little verification on entry. Simple click to enter. Bots sit above regular Discord users. No shilling channels. Conversation is slow but it bubbles over.
  • Instagram – 287k Followers | 4.8k posts – A lot of posts made throughout Buff Monsters career. He is regularly showing us his upcoming artwork and other snippets. Posts are getting ok/good engagement.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

One Mini Meltie NFT will cost 0.2 ETH

The project will begin minting on September 22nd for presale. Or 23rd of September in the public sales.


The artwork is made to a high quality standard. The animations are incredibly slick and you can see that the artwork has been made with passion. Buff Monster took the time to go over a large selection of generated NFTs and hand pick 2000 that all look clean and consistent. Each NFT is a quality piece of artwork, which can also be turned in for real artwork in the future. The collection maintains the same high standards from Buff Monsters previous collections.
The negatives of the project are that the Discord is very small, coupled with the high mint price I am not totally sure how quickly this project will sell out. Buff Monster does have a large, devoted following and so it is hard to make a confident prediction.

Overall, if you have whitelist – this could be one to mint I could imagine making an early profit could be possible under the right circumstances. As for a long term hold? Who knows – if you like the artwork and want to support the artist, you will be rewarded with some of the benefits we mentioned previously – which could be valuable.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.