September 30, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.1
Founders: Kelly Max
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.75/10


Hello guys! Today we have a unique and highly dynamic art project to take a look at. The Modernist is a collection of 9,724 changing Ethereum-based NFTs, produced by Solvv – being their first project. Contemporary by nature, each NFT will feature the ability to be split and reminted as a new edition, unlocking extra holder utility. The Modernist is also a project that is doxxed, which investors will be happy to hear.

Who is Behind the Project?

Behind the project, we have Kelly Max. Kelly is a born visionary – creating products and services that make a dent in people’s lives. In the past, Kelly has helped shape brands including Haufe, Daimler and Nike, among others!
Now, Kelly is currently the co-founder of Priio – software that enables organisations to assess risks they face, and make informed decisions – a little like an augmented SWOT analysis.
Kelly is also building Solvv – a social podcasting platform focused on all things Crypto & Web3. Kelly is a well rounded and highly experienced individual.

Team Members

The team is lean, but has members with a vast range of experience. In addition, the core team are supported by a dedicated team of Discord moderators.

About the Collection

The collection is a bit of a strange one. Each Genesis NFT from the upcoming collection of 9,724 will consist of 4 randomly generated quarters. Each of these quarters will convey a different style, there are over 400 individual traits. Some of the combinations found in samples actually look great – you could really imagine a large print hanging on a wall. However, the Genesis NFTs are just the beginning, the Modernist has established a game from the NFTs. Each NFT will ultimately be re-mixable and re-mintable.

The project seemed to previously attempt a launch on September 21st 2022, but this failed due to multiple issues with the mint-interface errors, and more plagued the minting experience. The small portion of those that minted were fully refunded (plus gas) and the NFTs they bought have been re-assigned to a special collection that will soon reveal and present holders with some extra benefits later down the line.

The artwork features great use of tone, yet remains highly minimalist – providing a great level of contrast with solid colour blocks and shapes. Each NFT looks great in its own right, however the real fun doesn’t begin until the upcoming airdrop!


The real fun doesn’t begin until around 6-12 weeks after the genesis mint.

Let’s say you minted the example on the left, after around 6-12 weeks you will be airdropped 4 new NFTs which will each be a quarter of your original genesis NFT.

The idea is that each holder will now have the individual pieces that make up their NFT, these pieces must be combined with the other matching pieces in order to mint (or stitch as named by the project) the final matching avatar.
For example, the below final stitched NFT features the bottom right corner of our split NFT. Holders will need to collect all the matching pieces to stitch a final NFT. It isn’t yet clear if you can stitch anything together, even if non-matching but that would be a cool addition.

Those that collect all matching pieces and then stitch together will remint a whole new perfect NFT. Having a complete and stitched Modernist allows holders to be eligible for raffles, with a whole load of cool giveaways including ETH, BTC and more. There are reported to be over $1 Million dollars in giveaways.
The way in which the giveaways work is that for a specific complete type, specific rewards will be available – like the complete NFT above which offers 22k Phantom Shares in Solvv.
It’s important to note that each individual stitched NFT won’t necessarily win anything, they are just entered into a raffle for all other collectors that collected a fully stitched type.

Additionally, the team are offering a special pass – the MŌDE Pass to those that stitch a perfect Modernist – this reward is available to all, no competitions need to be won, simply stitch mint a perfect piece.

Each NFT will also be complete with an MSE Tag (Modernist Type, Style and Edition Tag).

The serialized pieces will assist collectors in hunting down all matching pieces, as well as creating a link between the collected pieces and the holder of the original unsplit Genesis NFT.

Due to the mechanics required to play the game, we should hopefully see a lot of secondary market trading volume if the project has a lot of momentum. Holders that wish to stitch a perfect piece will be required to scour a secondary market for matching pieces and then purchase those pieces.


The MŌDE Pass grants you membership to Club MŌDE, unlocking a range of holder utility. The pass rewards the highest membership tier within the Modernist ecosystem. Those that fully stitch mint a perfect Modernist avatar will have the ability to redeem the NFT card. Expect an elite community with the following benefits:

  • Member Only Discord Server
  • VIP Events Access
  • Collective Board Seat and Voting Rights
  • Exclusive and Custom Merch Access
  • Series ONE Asset Kit
  • NFT Airdrops

Road Map

The Road Map is presented beautifully. It is information-rich and rough dates are present. View the full info-graphic here.

In summary:

Phase 1 (2022)

  • Minting begins (IMPORTANT: Road Map will not continue until project sells out)
  • Splitting begins (4 quarters airdropped)

Phase 2 (2023)

  • Stitching begins! Combine 4 matching quarters to form a perfect Modernist NFT
  • Club MŌDE Pass claim begins for those with a fully stitched perfect Modernist
  • Holders of perfectly stitched Modernist NFTs are eligible for entry to NFT specific giveaways

Phase 3 (2023-2024)

  • Start-up accelerator DAO launches, allowing the fund to invest in holders business ideas
  • Dynamic rewards and drops for holders of a combination of NFTs from the ecosystem (i.e. MŌDE Pass + Modernist NFT, MŌDE Pass + Perfect Modernist NFT or Modernist NFT + Perfect Modernist NFT)
  • Holders of any of the premium NFTs from the ecosystem (Perfect Modernist NFT, Modernist NFT, MŌDE Pass) will get exclusive rights to mint – including the guaranteed right to mint and free mint consideration on the next series of NFTs in the ecosystem.
  • Lifetime Solvv PRO access

Phase 4 (2024)

  • Staking begins
  • Coin offering – $MODE. At least 20% of the supply is being given to Modernist NFT holders that have their NFTs staked.


  • Twitter – 93.6k followers | Joined May 2022 – Large Twitter account. Account Tweets very regularly. Lots of collaborations and Twitter Spaces. Tweets get average engagement.
  • Discord – 26k Members | 4.2k Online – Rule acceptance on entry, Wick verification. Only Crypto price bots sit above Discord users. No shilling channels. General chat has a conversation at a decent speed.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract and founding wallet have been reviewed and are clear of any negative association.

Price & Mint Date

  • Whitelist Mint began on 29th September 2022 – 0.08 ETH
  • Public Sale begins on 30th September 2022 – 0.1 ETH


The project has some great artwork. It reminds me a little of World of Women – but in a slightly different style. The game behind the project sounds like a lot of fun, especially if holders are able to remix any pieces in any way that they like. If the project is a success and mints out, we should see great trading volume to follow as investors collect pieces. I really like the concepts here.
The only concern at the moment is that in order for the Road Map to proceed, the project must sell out – until the sell-out, no progress on the stitching side will be made.

Overall, it’s a cool project. Nice diverse artwork, with a game that is sure to drive trading volume up if the project can overcome the initial mint at a good pace. Sit back, and take a look at OpenSea if you are wanting to purchase, or wait until the public mint day on the 30th of September.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.