Monsta NFT

Monsta NFT

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Jordy Wouters
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 7/10


We have a striking PFP/Collectible project to take a look at today. Best of all, it is another free mint and a P2E Ethereum based NFT Game that’s similar to Pokemon Go. In addition, the team are also fully doxxed giving the upcoming project further credibility.
Read on to find out more about this interestingly free and utility-loaded mint.

Who is Behind the Project?

Behind the project we have a small, fully doxxed team. The team is spearheaded by founder Jordy Wouters a passionate and engaged entrepreneur working within the creative design space. He has held roles from Senior Designer to Creative Director, working with many brands across his extensive portfolio.

Team Members

Jordy Wouters – Founder, Creative & Project Manager
Vincenzo Bonaccorso -Blockchain Developer
Davey Ravestein – Community Manager & Copywriter
Patrick Rosema – Artist

The team is small and very lean as you can see. We don’t have any bloat or fluff. All team members are doxxed via LinkedIn except for Davey (although we do know who he is, he just hasn’t self doxxed).

About the Collection

The collection features some pretty striking monster looking avatars. The Monstas come in a range of styles featuring a selection of traits offering good variation, ensuring no two NFTs are the same. Unfortunately we do not yet have a count on how many traits there are exactly or the intended supply of the collection.

The P2E aspect of the collection revolves around the games similarity to Pokemon Go. Simply imagine a tokenised version of Pokemon Go, with what appears to be no battling.
The premise of the game, is that Monsta-Eggs were released onto earth when the Monstas had to escape their planet Jumbadoe after learning of an enormous meteorite headed on a direct crash course for their homeland.

These eggs are now scattered all over Earth. It is each Monstas responsibility to find as many eggs as possible.
Each Monsta Holder will be able to take part in the upcoming P2E AR Egg collecting game. With each egg collected and opened holders have a small chance of finding unique prizes. Whether it be an NFT, some Crypto or physical merchandise is all down to chance. One lucky egg will contain a Monster Truck. This Monster Truck is up for grabs for any Monsta holder. Most eggs found, however, will contain junk.

The unique aspect of this game, is that anybody will be able to play it for free, but only Monsta NFT holders will be able to claim the prizes found within the eggs.

The team is a little way out from the full P2E game and before this is released mini-games will be introduced that allow players to collect items that will be useful in the upcoming P2E game. Along the way we will also see Female Monsta NFTs released – we are yet to hear how these will be distributed!

Slick, clean and fully functional UI is another thing Monsta NFT holders can look forward to,

Road Map

The teams Road Map is fairly brief and offers a rundown of the milestones to be achieved with no fixed dates.

Phase 1

Male Monsta NFTs are ready to be minted!

Phase 2

Mini-games go live – players can take part to earn valuable items for use when the P2E game is fully released in Phase 4.

Phase 3

Female Monsta NFTs are released. (We do not yet know about the distribution of these. Will they be claimable for Monsta holders, or Whitelisted for Monsta holders at all?).

Phase 4

Eggs are scatted onto earth. Monsta NFT holders can now begin playing the P2E AR game. Non-holders can also play, but rewards won’t be claimable unless they purchase a Monsta NFT.

Phase 5

Scattered eggs now have a chance to reward finders with a Baby Monsta – serving as another addition to the Monsta NFT collection. Now you can have a full family of Monsta, Female Monsta and Baby Monsta!


Twitter – 4.8k followers | Joined February 2022 – Small purpose-made account for the project. A lot of fairly regular tweets. Account has been around a few months. Engagement received on posts is average to good.
Discord – 3.3k Members | 513 Online – Smallish server. Chat bubbles along slowly. Seem like a bunch of nice guys in the chat. Very welcoming. Simple click to verify on Discord entry. Bots are placed below users. Commands available. Security could be better.

Price & Mint Date

Its a FREE Mint. No purchase is necessary. You only need to pay gas fees to mint.

Release date is to be announced.

Whitelist spots are still available by interacting with the Monsta NFT Twitter & Discord.


This is a cool little P2E project. Heavily based upon Pokemon GO. Pokemon GO is a tried and tested, highly popular mobile game, put simply an AR (Augmented Reality) version of Pokemon.
If the team can accurately tap into this market with a good Blockchain based P2E game replicating this style, they could really be onto something. The team members are all fully doxxed and the project is free – what’s not to love?

The primary challenge presenting the team will be the adoption and rollout of their game. Games like this need a lot of active players to create a collectible environment where scarcity is treasured and valued. This I assume is part of the reason why it will be available to players without a Monsta NFT.
The game also doesn’t appear to be close to release at all – as it is featured as one of the last steps in the Road Map.
If the team can successfully promote their project and keep people actively engaged up until the release of the P2E game, then I think Monsta NFT could potentially do very well!

Keep an eye on this one, it’s FREE an fully doxxed after all!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.