Moon Strike

Moon Strike

October 23, 2022 to October 28, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.2
Founders: Maksym Vysochanskiy
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 9/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 7.25/10


Today we have a highly polished P2E sci-fi shooter game with base building, crafting and survival elements. Moon Strike is an animated 3D collection of 5,555 NFT Characters living on the Ethereum blockchain. The team aims to combine the best-performing aspects of leading free-to-play games. The project is also handled by a near fully doxxed team.

Who is Behind the Project

We have a doxxed large team. The project is headed up by Maksym Vysochanskiy. Maksym leads SimulaMaker a game design studio based out of Poland. SimulaMaker has some upcoming game releases planned for this year and beyond. They have also published a few demos of their games on Steam.

Team Members

Most team members are doxxed and have good working history in their respective roles – this is great news. A lot of the current team has worked on previous industry-leading titles, such as World of Tanks, Alone in the Dark, and Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell.

About the Collection

The NFT’s themselves are highly detailed 3D Characters. Each NFT comes in a range of styles. The wide selection of traits allows for individual variations in character type, colour, helmet type, helmet colour, boots, animations and more. The NFTs will be displayed in the game’s native Unreal Engine 4, ensuring ultimate clarity. Going a step further, the team is looking to develop the game further using Unreal Engine 5.


The actual in-game assets that will be trade-able NFTs are the original 5,555 NFT character collection, Land & Bases, Weapons and Resources.
Each of these assets will remain in your possession and are tradeable with others.


The game is a first-person shooter with survival and base-building elements.
Moon Strike features a 5v5 combat mode for quick and thrilling battles. In addition to this, each player has limited oxygen so must move around the map strategically. The map will also change each time you play as each new instance of battle is procedurally generated. Players will have the opportunity to take advantage of unique weapons and gadgetry, specific to the Moons environment – think jet-packs and more. The Moon is a dangerous place filled with many pitfalls.

Land & Basebuilding

Moon Strike features a fully fleshed-out ecosystem.
Each player can own their own piece of land on the Moon. This land is yours to do with as you wish, you can build bases on top of it, use it to mine – the possibilities are varied. You can even use this territory to run key facilities for other players, allowing a revenue generation mechanism.

The Moon is abundant with resources, you can mine these to your heart’s content. Each mineable resource is tradeable with the community.


The main driver of the games economy is the in-game crafting ecosystem.
Players will be able to collect items through mining and completing various in-game activities. These resources can be sold as they are, or crafted into finished assets, available for sale on the in-game marketplace.
Higher tier items require players to use the $MOST token in order to purchase the initial recipes for crafting the items. $MOST are earnable from in-game activities, staking (more on that below) or from outright purchase.

Economy & Staking

The game combines a litany of free-to-play revenue generation models including:

  • In-game purchases
  • Marketplace uses $MOST with transaction fees
  • Some crafting requires $MOST
  • Staking
  • Limited NFT collections
  • Item Skins
  • Battle Passes

In the same fashion as Fortnite, the team has a Battle Pass system, where players can purchase a pass to increase the rate at which they earn in-game rewards.

Players will also be able to stake their $MOST tokens in order to generate more $MOST over time. Full details on Staking are not yet available.

Road Map

The Road Map is brief. With a rough timeline of milestones to be achieved. It’s worth noting that the team have pushed back their NFT sale date to Q4 2022 due to the current market, so things are going to be delayed a little.


  • Twitter – 84k followers | Joined January 2022 – Large purpose-made account. Twitter engagement is average for the accounts size. Some tweets are getting good engagement. Tweets aren’t very regular but are info-packed.
  • Discord – 123k Members | 10.2k Online – Large server. Simple verification and rule acceptance on entry. Could be better. Bots sit below general Discord users. Chat is busy and moves along at a good speed – not to the point it is too fast to read through.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for public view. However, Certik is apparently in the process of auditing the Smart Contract.

Price & Mint Date

The price of one Pre-sale Moon Strike Genesis NFT will be 0.15 ETH. One Public Sale Moon Strike Genesis NFT will cost 0.2 ETH.

  • Pre-sale begins on October 23rd 2022 (time announced closer to date)
  • Public-sale begins on October 28th 2022 (time announced closer to date)

You can still get Whitelist access here.


So many teams are producing interesting P2E gaming projects. Most seem like they are mobile-orientated games, or graphically lacking – it seems Moon Strike is trying to break convention and create a high-quality AAA style blockchain-based game, that is actually fun to play. The project has been in production for a while and it is created by a reputable team and the Smart Contract is currently being audited – what’s not to like?

The team has also gone to an effort to be as user-friendly as possible, by reducing the barrier to entry and facilitating credit card purchases.
A lot of hard work has clearly been put into this project, and I am interested to see if it will become a success.

The only few negative points I would make about this project are that some mechanics aren’t properly explained, for example, the staking mechanism, or the distribution of $MOST tokens. We also have conflicting information in the Litepapers team members vs the sites Team page.

All in all this project seems very promising. They have a strong team and the gameplay we’ve seen so far looks great. Including a doxxed founder and a Smart Contract under audit. This project could turn out to be very big if the momentum continues into late October.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.