Moonie Moo

Moonie Moo

November 27, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: .6
Founders: Keith Chapman, Martin Aram, Andy Booth
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.75/10


Hey guys, today we have an upcoming NFT project featuring some hand-drawn cows! Moonie Moo is an upcoming Ethereum based collection of 10,000 ERC721 NFTs. The collection purports a slew of upcoming holder utility, including a cartoon TV Series, merchandise and more. Additionally, the project reports that the founder is a world-renowned entertainment figure.

Who is Behind the Project

The creator behind the project is said to be Keith Chapman. If you are a parent or have ever seen kids shows such as PAW Patrol, or Bob the Builder you will be familiar with his work. Keith originally hit critical success when he sold the IP rights for Bob the Builder to HIT Entertainment. It was through this global success which saw him founding his own production company – Chapman Entertainment. Chapman then went on to create a range of successful shows, with his intellectual property and other creations having generated $18 Billion globally to date.

Keith is also supported by founding partners Andy Booth & Martin Aram. Andy works for the Stars group as a Senior Manager of Web Operations & System Observability Engineering. Martin is the founder of ManxTech, as well as several other business ventures.

Whilst we don’t have absolute confirmation of Keiths involvement from himself or company, I have been provided with private images from the founding team that demonstrate high-level proof that Keiths involvement is genuine. Furthermore, founders have reported that an interview with Keith and Martin will soon be published by Forbes, as well as video-footage for the projects home-page.

Team Members

Keith Chapman – Creator & Founder
Martin Aram – CEO/Founder
Andy Booth – COO/Founder
Armands Balodis – CTO
Andrew Garvin – Solutions Architect
Massimo Formby – Researcher

The team are all doxxed to a good personal level.

About the Collection

The collection consists of a grand total of 10,000 randomly generated glammed up cows! Each Moonie Moo NFT features a host of randomly assigned traits that are sure to impress. Moonie Moos also come with some added holder utility that is supported by Keith Chapmans vision.

Each randomly generated NFT looks like it’s been hand-drawn, with a good level of detail. Each NFT is presented with a range of traits that include the likes of clothing, hairstyle, earrings, footwear, accessories and more! It also seems as though some lucky minters will receive a dog trait – which must be rare as if you manage to mint a variant with a dog it will also be assigned differing traits. Overall, each NFT is presented well and those with keen eyes will notice the fine details in each and every trait.

The Utility

The NFTs sale price may be subject to some change but the current price is rumoured to be 1 ETH. This is a high price, but the founders have tried to reassure me that this price is warranted due to the inherent value of owning a piece of Keith Chapmans IP which will in turn provide value back to holders in the form of potential royalties from the planned activities which will include a cartoon TV series, food products and more!

Cartoon TV Series

Keith and the team will attempt to establish and create a true cartoon TV series, using the Moonie Moo intellectual property. Holders will be involved along the way and if the cartoon series successfully makes it to broadcast, each Moonie Moo NFT holder will be eligible to receive royalties paid in ETH.


Along the way the team would like to release a single which will be recorded and performed by a world class artist. Moonie Moo NFT holders can also expect to see potential royalties off of the back of this.

Luxury Brands

The team would also like to explore the possibility of licensing Moonie Moo out to leading luxury brands and others across the globe. Moonie Moo holders can expect to see a royalty from this.

Food Products

The team plan to team up with a leading Dairy producer and create the “MOONIE MOO SAYS CHEESE” brand. Bringing authentic dairy products to holders and more with a smile! Each NFT holder can expect to see a royalty if the venture pans out to be a success.

Lottery Rewards

In addition to the the above benefits each holder will enjoy free entry into the Moonie Moo lottery draw.

There will be a range of rewards up for grabs for lucky holders including tickets to world class events such as the Monaco Grand Prix, Milan Fashion Week, Wimbledon Championships and other fantastic rewards such as an original painting from Keith and prints, a launch party, merchandise and a beautiful holiday for two to Lake Como in Italy.

Road Map

The Road Map is brief but outlines the points that need to be made. We are not given any dates and so holders may need to wait a while for all of the utility to become available.


  • Twitter – 7.1k followers | Joined September 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Account Tweets regularly. Only started account and tweeting a few weeks ago. Most tweets get average engagement.
  • Discord – 797 Members | 102 Online – Small Discord. Pandez verification on entry. Bots sit above offline users. Shilling channels. General chat has some conversation that bubbles along slowly.
  • Instagram – 9 Followers | 7 Posts – New account with a few posts relating to the project. The engagement is very low owing to the accounts size.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The NFT is rumoured to cost 1 ETH, however upon talking to the project founders I discovered that this may change depending on market conditions.

The pre-sale is set to begin on November 27th 2022.


Update: Mint price has now been changed from 1ETH to 0.6 ETH

The project has some decent artwork. Each piece looks as if it’s been hand-drawn and includes a lot of small details that help bring the piece to life. The traits seem to be numerous. The utility announced for the project is rather ambitious, but if Keith Chapman is truly involved in the project, then the vision is certainly possible under the right conditions.

The problems that I am seeing at the moment are that the project seems a little underexposed – however, we are over a month out from mint day and there is plenty of time to turbocharge things – the project was only announced very recently after all. Secondly, the mint price.

1 ETH is a mammoth mint price and not the kind of price people are accustomed to paying to mint in this market. Whether its Keith Chapmans project or not, you would have to have an exceptional reputational standing within the Web3 environment within this market to mint out a 10k mint at 1 ETH per NFT. However, if the utility is genuine – holders can see this as an investment into some potentially lucrative IP.

I would personally hang fire on this project until the upcoming Forbes interview and video shoot with Keith becomes available. At that point potential minters can have absolute clarity and peace of mind. This could be a great project, so keep your eye on it!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.