Mystic Motors

Mystic Motors

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Founders: Christian W, Ewan N, Thomas A
Discord Security: 2/5 (Bad)

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 4/10
Doxxed: 3/10
Overall Score: 3.5/10


Hey guys, today we have another P2E racing game to take a look at. The project features cars with varying stats and abilities, as well as a racing system that will reward winners. The collection consists of 8000 NFT Cars soon to be minting onto the Ethereum Blockchain. Each NFT is dynamic and can be upgraded just by joining in and playing the upcoming racing game.

Let’s dive in.

Who is Behind the Project

Unfortunately, it’s not entirely clear. We have some First names and the initial of each last name, and a link back to alias Twitter profiles, so it is not very clear who is who. However, the founders of the Mystic Motors project are known as Christian W, Ewan N, and Thomas A. Nothing else is known apart from the following Twitter links in the next section. Due to the dubious nature of this projects doxx, please use a burner wallet if minting.

Who is Behind the Project?

  • Christian W – Co-Founder, Chief Product Development
  • Ewan N – Co-Founder, Chief Marketing Officer
  • Thomas A – Co-Founder, Chief Financial Officer
  • Arslan M – Head of Content Creation
  • Artem F – Lead GUI & Game Design
  • Hiren P – Head of Website Development
  • Max L. – Senior Website Developer
  • Adriana S. – Lead Website Designer

The project features members that are not fully doxxed, only alias profiles are provided for the three founders.

About the Collection

The collection features 8000 NFT Cars. The NFTs are randomly generated with different stats/traits, these stats will influence your NFT Cars performance. Players are able to play the game and upgrade their cars stats, in turn adding further value to the NFT. The game is reported to feature high-quality, realistic graphics and is reported to be available on both mobile and desktop.

As for the NFTs themselves, each is a car that comes with set attributes. These attributes seem to vary from car to car, however, the ranking of each attribute seems to be set the same at the time of mint. (As per the previews and information in the teams whitepaper).

Cars will have varying attributes – each attribute has it’s own type and then a score, judging from previews. It seems the previews shown all have the same levels – it’s not known if all will mint at these levels, or the team are showcasing the way in which different parts can have the same power ranking.

As previously mentioned, each car will have it’s own power level for the respective part, but each part is upgrade-able so that more common cars are able to compete with rare cars if some time and effort is put into upgrading the car.

The better the overall stats on your car, the higher the chance you are to win. The four stats are:

  • Body Colour
  • Rim Colour
  • Body Type
  • Rim Type

This game is likely the first racing game where your cars colour will affect your performance. Racing flames, on!

Additionally there appears to be another suite of upgrades available to the holder. This isn’t very clear in which way the upgrades and their performance are applied, because the team mention in their Whitepaper, that parts are upgrade-able, as well as the stats pictured below. Overall, the details are unclear because the Whitepaper is contradictory.

Playing the Game

It is not currently known whether this game is a traditional first-person or third-person racing game, or rather an autoplayed game based on statistics, however, we do know that players will be able to use specific abilities in real-time which will influence the outcome of the game. The racing has three distinct game-modes.

Free to Play

Players are able to race against each other for in-game rewards. This will be the standard game mode where players simply complete a race and are then rewarded based on performance. Players are able to earn rewards including in-game Car XP, $Mystic (upcoming token), car blueprint pieces (more on this soon) and more!


For those that are truly up to the challenge will be able to challenge other racers to a game for real cryptocurrency. Players can choose to stake as much as they wish on the game. When compared to Free to Play races players will earn more XP, $Mystic and blueprint pieces.


Played in a standard tournament format where two players race and only one goes on to the next round. The racers that reach the finals are eligible for significant rewards, the first being announced as 10,000 USDT. In order to join a tournament, you must purchase a special ticket, or race enough to earn one.

In Race Features

From the moment the game begins, the strategy element comes into play. Right at the beginning of each race a spell is issued randomly to each player, these spell will influence the game. Once a spell has been used, there will be a short cool-down and then another spell is randomly assigned to the player. Players must strategise and choose whether they use their spells quickly or wait for specific moments in the race for best effect.


Each player has a boost feature assigned to their NFT Car. during the race the player will have the ability to press a “BOOST” button, the boost will temporarily speed up the players car. Boost slowly recharges and players can use as much or as little as they like right up until the charge-bar depletes. This allows for varied strategy where players may opt to boost at key moments mid race. For example, you may have an Enhanced Speed Powerup and choose to use this at the same time as your boost, resulting in even more speed.

Player Rewards

From winning races and playing in the various modes, players will earn different rewards. Some of the rewards will have in-game utility such as $Mystic which will be used to upgrade your NFT Cars performance, as well as for car garage themes and tickets for tournaments.

All races will award players XP which allow players to unlock new spells, backgrounds and car props.

For those that like prestige, you will be able to show off previous trophies earned. These badges will stay on your profile as a symbol of accomplishment. In addition, the top ranks each season will receive cash prizes.

Blueprints go a step further than the standard reward. Players will be able to collect blueprint pieces which will allow them to create an NFT Car, which can be used to race in-game or sold to another person for profit. Blueprint pieces are rare, so it will take players some time to accumulate enough!

Additional Features Being Developed

In addition to the racing mechanics, some quality features are being worked upon for holders to benefit from. From simple emotes, and in-game clans all the way up to passive income from renting out your Mystic Motors NFT Car to other players.

Road Map

The Road Map is far reaching and includes good information on features to be released. The Road Map extends forward into 2024, so holders are going to be waiting some time for all features. This is a long term project.


  • Twitter – 10.8k followers | Joined March 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Semi-regular tweets are made. The accounts tweets get pretty average engagement.
  • Discord – 985 Members | 56 Online – Rule acceptance on entry, push button verification. Bots sit above, below and at the same level as Discord users. No shilling channels, conversation is very slow.
  • Instagram – 13.3k Followers | 22 Posts – A lot of sneak peek artwork, but not much else. Posts get average engagement.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

Currently the price and mint date is to be announced.


The projects car artwork looks pretty good, the ideas given for the racing elements are in-depth and detailed, more so than other attempts by NFT Car racing projects.
What I don’t like about the project is that the founders are not fully doxxed. They are giving partial names, and we are unable to find any more information – they are using generic headshots and these could be fake, but I am not completely sure.

The website looks good, but when you begin reading you will notice some sections do not seem to make complete sense and are riddled with spelling errors. The whitepaper is also a big mess, notably the information on car upgrades – we are told that stats are upgraded such as Speed, Acceleration, but are also told that car parts can be changed to increase the car’s performance.

I have no idea how these two different performance modifiers work when run in tandem. Furthermore, the Whitepaper asks the reader to check out certain sections for more information – these sections do not exist and are not present in the Whitepaper.

Overall, I get the impression this could be another rug, or slow rug. Hastily thrown together Whitepaper, a lot of site and whitepaper errors, dubiously doxxed founders that seem fake, lack of game information or previews of the game in action.

This sounds like another racing NFT slow rug… not pointing any fingers *cough* Reactor Motors *cough*. I would stay away from this one until they at least doxx with a lot more information. We’ve seen it a few times with this style of racing game NFT. Due to the inherent issues with this project, if you choose to mint in the future please use a burner wallet or be fully aware of the risks involved.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.