May 31, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.07
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)
Roadmap and Utility:

8,080 No Nos Manufactured

Project Rating

Design: 6/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 3.5/10


NoNo The Backstory

Remember your favourite childhood game? Well for some that are where the NoNo character comes in. The game, that the character NoNo is in, takes place in space, where the player is aboard a spaceship called the SEER. Onboard, there are robots and other non-playable characters, but the most important parts of SEER are the creature capture and training portions. The game is like Pokémon, players can come across a space monster and capture it to use it for battle. Each creature has four moves, the player can choose to use a move to attack, use items, or to run from the battle. It is not only a browser game, but it also incorporates positive focuses into the game — such as physical health, creative thinking and discovery.

NoNos are assistant robots within the gaming realm of SEER. At first, the NoNos needed to be charged, and taken care of and they needed to learn. Super crystals that were found in the galaxy would then be captured and used to create SuperNoNos . SuperNoNos were able to bring SEERs even more assistance in terms of understanding monsters, training them, and upgrading abilities.

Phase 1 – Bridge from Web2 to Web3

8080 NoNos Minted

Giving Back: We want to show our community that we are willing to give back. Instead of putting you all on a cliffhanger of building something great, which takes months, we want to give back to the community, IMMEDIATELY after launch. Smaller goals, more goals, but more realistic, so that you know we are serious about the next phase of the roadmap, when we complete the previous phase. What are we giving back?

20% of mint to NoNo holders, the rest we will use for YesYes DAO
20% of mint back to 20 original minters, chosen from a raffle of all NoNos

Fully 3D: 1% of NoNos will be randomly selected to be made fully 3D. Fully 3D means that you can rotate your NoNo NFT with your mouse, for a free 360-degree view. 1 of 1’s will also automatically be fully 3D. All fully 3D NoNos will have increased staking value in the P2E Faction-Joining MMORPG.

YesYes DAO: Our goal is to give you the skill sets and knowledge to generate wealth and value. Do you always buy at the highest? Do you sell and then the price increases? We will teach you what the “whales” do to profit from you individuals. There are currently 5 members (Great 5) on the NoNo team with a +3000% trading history in the NFT space. The NoNo team will also select 50 more members from the “Holders” with a minimum +30% trading history to join our DAO for each investment season. The entire team of NoNo, traders, technicians, marketers, artists, and the “Founder”, will be doxxed to members in the DAO. There will be a total of 4 Investment Seasons, and 50 new DAO members will be selected for each season. There are 2 parts of the fund: VC Fund, and Long Term Fund. The $VC team (led by 3 of the 5 “Great 5”) will research new hyped projects and popular derivatives,

with the investment thesis of rapid-profit. The $LT team focuses on expensive long-term Bluechip projects, with the investment thesis of a minimum 25% annualized rate of return.

DAO Discord Text Conversations (shotcalls) and Audio-Meeting Recordings (analysis) for the 4 Investment Seasons will be made accessible to any NoNo holder upon the completion of all 4 seasons, this will ensure all NoNo holders, after reading and listening through the actions we have taken on secondary markets, can have from basic knowledge to advanced skillsets to be profitable in trading in the future.

Phase 2 – Planning for P2E
Staking + $GALAXY Tokenomics:
Staked NoNos earn $GALAXY Tokens (ERC-20


Marketplace opens for voluntary trading with $GALAXY and [Items]

[Items]: SuperNoNos, Armor + Weapon + Spaceship available in 5 Tier (levels) will be minted with $GALAXY

If the Negotiation does not go well, [Raid] is available to acquire the desired item upon winning the battle against the Defending Force[Home Field Advantage]: 1% bonus increase in all attributes

Burning Mechanic introduced, multiplier boost through [Item Combo] enabled

Revive Token available for HODL (HP depletion without owning a Revive Token = eternal death (all items burned))

Phase 3 Beta

Beta Access for NoNo holders, bug fixes
– Team communication software implemented for T3 Spaceships

[Unique Ability] available for traits upgrade.

[SPYNO]: detailed enemy attribute analysis
[MAGNENO]: increased resource collecting bonus [DOCTONO]: increased item repairing efficiency [LUCKNO]: increased item upgrade chances + rare mutation [LEADNO]: team attribute bonus Aura, etc.

Objective Groups formed based on [Unique Ability]


Mint Deets

Whitelist: WL is earned by being a part of the community. Active in the community (Twitter + Discord), attending events, speaking about growth with the NoNo team, bringing in collabs, groups, etc. You can also take part in WL raffles.

Free-Mint Pass: You can get this pass by being a leader in the community, being a part of the team, or awesome fan art, setting collabs, and influencing.

OG: OG’s are the earliest supporters. A big percentage of OG’s will be given WL but OG’s does NOT whitelist. Think of it as a team based in the community. They will also have priority to join the YesYes DAO.

A-List: All A-List are whitelisted and they are directly in contact with the team of NoNo.

Wen Mint?

Late April or early May, as per their prediction of the bull market. Launching a project during the bear market will hurt the investors and the community. So they have decided to build during the bear, and shine during the bull!

Price and Supply:
8,080 NoNos Manufactured. 0.07 Eth per NoNo Team
Currently unknown

Website: coming soon


70,000 members with 7,000-10,000 online

As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!