Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.088
Founders: Tenny Pinheiro, Tais Pancier, CoinOp
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 6.25/10


Hey guys, today we have an exciting utility project to dive into. NYX SOULMATE is an upcoming 10k Ethereum-based NFT project, chiefly focused on bringing like-minded individuals together. The team behind the project are a group with an extensive track record – having worked for the likes of Facebook & Apple. In addition to being able to make new connections, holders will be able to claim an AI-matched Ferryman – another NFT with more utility baked in.

Let’s take a closer look.

Who is Behind the Project?

The core founding team consists of an experienced and diverse team.

Su (Tais Pancier) – Chief Data-Scientist

Former Apple. Machine Learning platform Product Manager, Data Scientist, Music Composer from Berklee College of Music. Su is a diverse leader with a wide range of skills. Recently co-founded Reality Distortion Ink with zr0. Previously and currently working on another project, Metacitzn.

zr0 (Tenny Pinheiro) – Chief Product Officer

Hailing from Brazil, Tenny is a former Facebook Reality Labs, Software Engineer & Product Designer, also Author of six Design Thinking books. He has held various roles across the world throughout his career. Recently co-founded Reality Distortion Ink with Su.

CoinOp – Chief Executive Officer

Chain Reactions / Tokenomics Sorcerer – we don’t know much else about this mysterious individual.

Team Members

Chief Executive Officer – CoinOp
Chief Data Scientist – Tais Pancier
Chief Product Officer – Tenny Pinheiro
Artist – RP
Artist – Lu
Advisor – KOA
Advisor – Mike Schaiman

The team features a diverse bunch and is fully comprehensive. The team draws from a wealth of experience. Most of the core founders and some of the team are doxxed – this is great news.

About the Collection

The collection is focused on bringing people together and forging new connections in Web3 – the team have set out to achieve this by creating an AI-based program that is capable of matching people together based on their own self-interests and personality traits.

The collection’s artwork is rather basic – featuring sets of symbols that are selected by each minter. The options you select when you personalize your SOULS NFT will be matched by AI to your future Ferryman.
Holders will be able to redeem 1 Ferryman NFT for each NFT Soul they hold. The Ferrymen are here to inject some cool fine art aesthetics into the collection.

The distribution of the project works like this – 6.5k Souls will be sold publicly (first 1.5k FREE). 3.5k are saved for later. Next, all 6.5k Genesis Souls can claim a Ferrymen. 3.5k Ferrymen are now left – they are to be sold in a public sale. Once the last 3.5k Ferrymen are sold, they will be eligible to purchase one of the remaining Soul NFTs so that 10k + 10k of each collection is fully allocated.

The NYX Soulmate project predates it’s inception on the blockchain. Previously the team created the first iteration of Kinds – which has now evolved to NYX. Kinds is a Web2 mobile app that allowed friends to connect, explore the traits that make them who they are and then upvote, and rack up new ones. Users could also compare how similar they are to their friends by comparing traits.

It was the Kinds app, the initial iteration that helped massively increase the machine learning models accuracy that we are seeing used in the AI behind NYX Soulmate.

“NYX’s machine learning AI model is built upon decades of published scientific research on personality and relationship, and excludes biased scales such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI).”

To those that are curious, you can check out and even download the Kinds app here, if interested.

The way in which the matchmaking AI will operate is supposedly through the teams holder gated Discord – users will be able to submit information on themselves and then allow the bot to matchmake them with another similar holder. To those that do not wish to use Discord, APIs will be available.

Enter Speed Networking like we’ve never seen before. Users can meet new friends, forge business alliances, or even form romantic partnerships – the possibilities are endless and NYX is here to provide a curated Web3 social experience.


The Ferrymen stage is where the real artwork begins.

After the first 6.5K SOULS are minted, each NFT holder will be able to redeem an AI matched Ferryman NFT. Ferrymen are presented in a fine art style that is sure to impress.
Ferrymen come in a range of styles including:

  • Gods
  • Demigods
  • King/Queen
  • Prince/Princess
  • Duke/Duchess

The older your NYX SOUL the more ancient your Ferrymen will be – meaning those that have higher token IDs will get some of the rarer Ferrymen from the collection.

The Ferrymen add a much needed dose of creativity into the project. Each coming in a range of different character styles, featuring a myriad of traits. Some of the NFT artwork is very good – not unlike a 1/1 piece painted by an artist.
The Ferrymen will also give the benefit of additional utility which is set to include:

  • Exclusive networking channels in Discord and exclusive events
  • Early adoption of new tools
  • Earn $OUL the upcoming token
  • Ultra-rares will be redeemable as physical fine art pieces
  • Ferrymen vote on the future of the project

The Ferrymen are also rumoured to have some sort of exclusive match system that is different from the standard SOUL NFT Discord matchmaking. We do not have any specific details on how this will be different so far.

Road Map

The team have a Product Backlog, which covers the tasks that are currently being worked on. The project’s goals are simple and they set to achieve the goal of killer networking and matchmaking AI before anything else.”

See more details here.


The team only have a Twitter for now. Likely because the upcoming Discord is gated to holders only.

  • Twitter – 13.6k followers | Joined June 2022 – Medium Twitter account. The team tweet semi-regularly. Engagement is pretty average, with some tweets getting a lot more.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

First 1,500 SOUL NFTs are FREE. Remaining 5k are 0.088 ETH each. Last 3.5k will be sold to Ferrymen holders that bought their Ferrymen at the public sale (3.5k Ferrymen will be publicly sold, whereas 6.5k will be claimed by SOULS NFT holders).

We don’t know the mint date just yet, but it should be September 2022.


The collection has some cool ideas for utility, a social matchmaking/networking program that is powered by AI sounds like an interesting concept – adding some high quality NFT artwork to the concept makes it all the more interesting. Your SOULS NFT and Ferrymen serve as your key to these upcoming programs.
Plus, the artwork for this project is pretty cool in its own right. The initial personalised SOULS are rather basic, but the AI matched and generated Ferrymen will more than make up for that.
The fault I can pick in the project is that it seems underexposed – there is no way for the wider community to talk with those in the project – no public Discord to chat on or anything similar. I think in a situation like this, producing a separate public Discord for information and communication with the team could be a good idea. Every little helps after all.

Overall, the project has some good ideas, cool artwork which will include a free claim for those early – and those very early to SOULS get it for free – what’s not to like, the founders are also doxxed. Interesting concept, decent artwork. It’s a nice project and could be worth minting – it will be interesting to see how the momentum builds for this one!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.