September 30, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.12
Founders: Serdar Cot, Batuhan Alper Bilginer, Ahmet Kizilkaya, Mustafa Vural, Nuray Busra Ates, Kemal Murat Dervent, Buse Irem Yildirim
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 6/10
Overall Score: 6/10


Hey guys, today we’ve got a vibrantly animated collection to get into. Plaxy is a fun collection of 1000 animated Ethereum-based NFTs. Each piece features high-quality visuals which consist of 100% hand-drawn traits. In addition to the slick animated NFT artwork holders can expect a few extra perks, relating to events, giveaways and more!

Let’s take a close look.

Who is Behind the Project

We aren’t entirely sure who is the original founder behind the project or if all team members have an equal share. The team are however nearly completely doxxed, with most of the team hailing from Turkey with a member also coming from London. The team are highly experienced individuals with decades of combined experience behind them in areas such as 3D Animation, UX Design, Marketing and more. Some of the team have worked with prestigious clients such as Coca-Cola and Turkish Airlines. Overall, the team is highly capable.

I suspect that the actual founder is Nuray Busra Ates because in the Discord “baranmentes” holds the highest rank of Founder (above the rest of the team except for Buse Irem Yildirim (ThisOne)) “baranmentes” is similar to the middle and last name “Busra Ates”.

Team Members

The team is almost fully doxxed, the only member we are missing information on is Nuray Busra Ates. However, the team is comprehensive and all core roles are satisfied.

About the Collection

Plaxy is on a mission to eliminate lifeless NFTs. That is why the ultra-exclusive collection of 1000 NFTs features vibrantly animated characters. Each NFT avatar is created in stunning quality and will be presented in a range of animations. There is a wide range of animations which is why the collection is a relatively small collection of 1000. Judging from the animations available, there seems to be at least 22 (24 if you count the few that are variants) unique animations spread across the collection. Some of the animations are increasingly complex to create. As a result, the more complex animations will belong to the rarer NFTs in the collection.

The collection features colourful and expertly animated NFT artworks. The full-size final NFTs will look even more spectacular. Some of the NFTs displayed above will be unique 1/1s for some very lucky minters – such as the Zombie, and the Wizard.

The Distribution of the NFTs is broken down by animation type – there seems to be 22 unique animations. These are titled as follows:

  • Fly: 96 NFTs
  • Hero: 96 NFTs
  • Idle: 96 NFTs
  • Turn: 96 NFTs
  • Run: 96 NFTs
  • Walk: 96 NFTs
  • Tumble: 96 NFTs
  • Shot: 96 NFTs
  • Run 2: 96 NFTs
  • Jump: 96 NFTs
  • Purple BRARELET: 20 NFTs
  • Unique (10 NFTs, each with a unique animation): 10 NFTs
  • Yellow BRARELET: 5 NFTs
  • Green BRARELET: 4 NFTs
  • Party King: 1 NFT

As can be seen from the animation type distribution, “Fly” to “Jump” will all have 96 NFTs each and will account for a total of 960 of the collection. Meaning that only 40 NFTs out of the entire 1000 collection will be considered truly rare. The 960 common NFTs will also have their own animation complexity which increases on a sliding scale from “Fly” to “Jump”

The Utility

The project appears to be primarily an art/pfp project, however there is some reported upcoming utilities available for holders to enjoy


The team have already partnered up with The Sandbox.

Holders can expect Premium Land & Game Development to take place. The land in The Sandbox will also be the home for the upcoming PlaxyParty on sellout, which all holders are invited to attend.

Single Frame Avatar

Each Plaxy NFT sold will come with its own single-frame portrait style picture – so that you can see your Plaxy up-close in full detail as a still image.

Currently, previews of these portraits haven’t been released but from the description, I am assuming the pictures used for the Founders on the site will be the same as the upcoming single frames.

Collector Rewards

The most avid collectors of the upcoming Plaxy NFT project can be expected to be rewarded generously.

The team have mentioned that anyone that collects at least 5 of the 10 core animations will receive a totally custom-designed Plaxy NFT.

Those that go a step further and collect all 10 of the core animations can expect to also receive a real-world toy created in the image of on one of their held Plaxy NFTs.

Additionally, the team includes a few other tidbits of utility, such as FBX files for those that max mint 3 NFTs. Holders can also expect to get the shot to participate in various events and giveaways. For each NFT sale the team will also make a donation to an agreed-upon charity.

Road Map

The Road Map mentions all objectives set to be achieved but does not include dates – so holders may need to wait for some features to unlock.



We aware of the negative effects of NFTs on the environment. We want to give back and contribute to the good causes around this. For each NFT sale, a donation will be made to a charity of your choice from the agreed-upon charities.



Once we reach 50% of the collection, an NFT airdrop will be made for our Discord community.


Custom Design!

Once you collect 5 animation of an NFT character, you’ll be a forever Plaxier with your Custom Design NFT character. We’ll design your own NFT as you dream it to be!


Collectors Perk

If you collect the whole 10 animation of an NFT character, your passion and commitment will be acknowledged with a real-life toy version of your NFT character!



PlaxyGalaxy is an immense galaxy with endless opportunities, and it will welcome all Plaxiers on Metaverse once we have a sellout!



We’re not firm believers of a reason to party but once we have a sellout, we’ll have a well-deserved celebration with all Plaxiers at PlaxyGlaxy!



We’re dedicated to have an everlasting party for our community. Our next project is to create a game within the PlaxyParty on Metaverse. We are collaborating with ThisOne’s creative studio for the game development.

Combined with our team’s expertise in gaming, this collaboration will be a great advantage for this step of our Roadmap.


  • Twitter – 24.1k followers | Joined March 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Tweets are regular and get low to average engagement. Some collaborations.
  • Discord – 12.1k Members | 550 Online – Rule acceptance on entry, Pandez guard captcha. Bots sit below verified users, but above unverified members. No shilling channels. The conversation is ok, and moves along a little.
  • Instagram – 2k Followers | 37 Posts – Sneak peeks, project information, posts seem to get average engagement.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The project has a Whitelist mint price of 0.07 ETH. The public sale price will be 0.12 ETH.

The project is set to mint on September 30th 15:00 EST for Whitelist.
Public sale begins on September 30th 21:00 EST.


The project features high-quality, animated artwork. It reminds me a little of Invisible Friends, but in a more three-dimensional style. The utility coming up for holders seems pretty cool, including an airdrop and 2D versions of their NFT – with the biggest collectors receiving custom NFTs and real-world toys.

The team are also nearly fully doxxed, meaning that prospective investors can have a little more peace of mind.

Currently, my only concerns for the project are firstly, the undoxxed person which I believe to be the founder. In the past we’ve had undoxxed founders bankroll projects, just to rug the community and leave the doxxed team members with ruined reputations – I’m not saying that’s the case but anything is possible. Secondly, the high price difference between public mint and public sale (0.07 ETH – 0.12 ETH) is a 0.05 ETH difference. This is considerable and can result in Whitelist minters undercutting the public sale price, which is not a good look early on in any project.

Overall, the artwork looks good, nearly all members are doxxed apart from the suspected founder. Utilities aren’t overly ambitious for the teams skill level. Everything is achievable. Given the right circumstances, it could be a good mint.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.