Pod Town

Pod Town

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.1
Founders: Console Labs
Discord Security: 2/5 (Bad)
Roadmap and Utility:

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 8/10
Discord Security: 3/10
Doxxed: 10/10
Overall Score: 7/10


Pod Town

Hello Team, this project that I present to you today has a lot to it, its pretty awesome if you ask me, I came across this project on Twitter.
Meet “Pod Town”, the amazing team behind the project have created a Modern cyberworld and Zootopia-themed virtual space, one of which I have never seen before in the NFT space.
They have a second dope collection by the name of Cyber Neko and if you are a holder, you will receive awesome privileges in Pod Town

Click the link below to see the Neko NFT.

They are in partnership with, Multichain, Traitsniper, Layer Zero, Barmy, Fantom Foundation, Based Finance, SpiritSwap, Millennium Club, Onblock Ventures, Tomb Finance, Beethoven-x, fBOMB Finance, WARP & City Roots DAO

With the launch on ETH, they are receiving support from more than 30 projects & communities, including Trait Sniper, Multichain, LayerZero, BArmy, Yield Guild Games, Axie Infinity, Project GodJira, etc.

Lets dive into their plans for this collection.

Stake and Earnhttps://pod.town/profile
Holders who stake their “Neko NFT” will earn shared revenue from wide-range of Pod Town utilities,
including: land sales, game corner, battleground, vault, lending protocol, investment, etc.

Engage and Earn
Proof of Engagement, is the new core engine running through every Pod Town Metaverse activity.
With the PoE system, the general idea is that every action counts in Pod Town. It ensures users on different dapps will benefit.

👀: DeFi made easy
Get an overview of your DeFi assets with intuitive interface, manage and track your money flow with ease.
Everything is in one place, whether you’re holding onto multiple crypto wallets or just one.

👀: Profiles, Ranks & Wallets
Be an active member and get rewarded with special levelled roles.

👀: Build Your Own Pod
Buy lands and furniture items to customize your personal Pod Cube.
Upgrade your home, use land to farm rare resources, tokens, and create the lands.

👀: Take part in Metaversea
Earn currency by trading and playing games on Pod Town!
Buy Neko NFTs, lands, houses, furniture & more with the credits you earn which creates an authentic experience with an unlimited world.

👀: Economic Utilities
DeFi moves fast so their dApps keep evolving to give you the most seamless experience possible.

👀: Join a faction
Four factions follow a different path and rule the Pod Town.
Earn more by participating and contributing to the development of your faction.
🤑:See bot-commands in their discord to check your progress.
⚡:Imperio seeks power.
⚡:Rebellio seeks freedom.
⚡:Mercator seeks wealth.
⚡:Academia seeks reputation.

👀: Acquire a land lot

👀: Team up and battle

Console Labs
They are all fully Doxed on website, Here is the link for you to check out – https://console.so/team
Photos of full team are below.

✔As a tribute to the Blue Chips, they gave some special whitelist spots for holders of some selected collections such as BAYC, doodles, Azuki, GodJira.




  • Pod Together: pod.town/together
  • Pod Auction: pod.town/auction
  • Pod Wallet: pod.town/profile
  • Pod Vault: pod.town/vault
  • Pod Market: pod.town/market

Contract Address (on FTM)

  • Cyber Neko: 0x7acee5d0acc520fab33b3ea25d4feef1ffebde73
  • Treasury: 0xA62Ad86368bBC9bb80c80a945698ac68522F0240
  • Auction: 0xc7d41396b44D7Eb650fb164DCf4bCd4d9Ef93990
  • Together: 0xca84ec54422A601FfDA856582f880fe25a4c82c8

Moshi Moshi Radio


⚡Whitelist mint: May 20, 2022 10:00 AM
⚡ Public mint: May 21, 2022 10:00 AM

Starting at 0.1Ξ and after wl, the price will increase 0.02Ξ for every 1000 rabbies minted.
Together with the kickback program, then you’ll be heavily rewarded as an early minter.
⚡Below is the max number each type of WL can mint:

  • Whitelist: 5 Rabbies
  • Double Whitelist: 10 Rabbies
  • Triple Whitelist: 15 Rabbies
  • Quadruple Whitelist: 20 Rabbies
  • Whitelist Lord: 25 Rabbies

Pod Town will share 50% of Rabby mint revenue back to the current holders, including Nekos and early Rabbies mint.
It’ll be calculated for each mint.
For example, if you mint the Rabby #3005, you’ll get a share from the mint #3006 onward.

It’ll be activated after 2000 rabbies minted and distributed after minted out.

There are 4 types of bundles that come with several benefits including guaranteed mythic & legendary mint, extra gifts like Cyber Fukuro, land pieces, merch set, etc.
You can find more details of what’s in each bundle here: LINK BELOW

👀For whitelist mint, bundles will only be available for those with triple whitelist, quadruped whitelist, and whitelist lord.

👀For public mint, all bundles will be available after Pod Town reached the goal of 3000 rabbies minted.

⚡A private event in the town square to celebrate the launch on ETH.
⚡Token drop in July. They will take snapshots and airdrop them to holders when the token launch.
⚡Land drop in August. Same as token launch, there’ll be snapshots and holders will be airdropped some land pieces and be whitelisted to purchase more during the initial land sale.


👀On May 14, 2022 10:00 AM
They will have a huge WL giveaway event in their discord.


✔Merch – https://store.pod.town/

Discord Security

  • 14.3k MEMBERS
  • Two-step authentication :x:
  • Security BOT placement :x:
  • No sharable links or access to BOT commands:x:
  • No shilling channels:white_check_mark:
  • No crypto BOTs:white_check_mark:

As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!