October 8, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.15
Founders: James Wedgwood, Seán O'Neill McPartlin, Joseph Young-Perez
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 5/10
Doxxed: 8/10
Overall Score: 5.75/10


Hello all! So today we’ve got a project to take a look at that is like nothing we’ve covered before. Professors are a collection of 3141 NFTs soon minting onto the Ethereum Blockchain. The collection aims to bring education to the metaverse. Best of all, potential investors will be pleased to hear that the founders are each doxxed and also graduated from various prestigious universities.

Decentralised education, here we come!

Who is Behind the Project?

We have three founders behind the project. Each have graduated from a prestigious university either in the US or the UK. Each founder has varying levels of teaching experience.

James Wedgwood

James currently works as a data scientist at Salesforce, a fortune 500 company. James has a strong background in mathematics, physics and computer science. In the past James has tutored high-school and college students in a range of subjects including English, Spanish and Calculus. James graduated Yale University in 2020 with a double degree in Mathematics and Comparative Literature.

Seán O’Neill McPartlin

Seán currently works as a tutor, but before this Seán had an interesting past. Having published articles for the British Medical Journal as well as The Telegraph. Seán specialises in Nietzsche and Contemporary Ethics. Previously studying at Trinity College Dublin, and then moving on to the present to study Philosophy as a graduate student at Oriel College, University of Oxford.

Joseph Young Perez

Joseph currently works as a litigation analyst at Kenny Nachwalter. Joseph has previously volunteered in his spare time teaching at New Haven Reads – his local non-profit that is dedicated to teach vital reading and writing skills to young students. Joseph graduated from Yale University back in 2020 with a double major in History and French.

Each founder brings an array of academic experience to the project.

Team Members

James Wedgwood – Founder
Seán O’Neill McPartlin – Founder
Joseph Young Perez – Founder

The team is relatively small but is a team of skilled minds. They may possibly be working with an agency or two, or a person that isn’t listed.

About the Collection

The collection aims to bring education to the metaverse – whether you are a high school student or are preparing for college admission or beyond, Professors NFT has got your back.

The teams initial plans are to build out a school in a Metaverse, aptly named “Professors University” where holders will be able to attend virtual classrooms, workshops and seminars. Holders will receive an all access pass to the University and receive weekly educational seminars on community chosen topics presented by one or more founders. Additionally, classroom environments will be available where holders are able to interact with other students and ask questions of the tutors (from the looks of the Whitepaper, other tutors will be employed).

The NFTs are available in four distinct rarities:

As can be seen, the NFTs come in four distinct rarities. Male, Female, Einstein & Golden Einstein.
Einsteins always seem to have the signature white hair, and Gold Einsteins retain gold hair, and gold background. All other traits are variable and across the collection include: clothing, accessories, skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, eyewear, background and more. The collection is relatively small at 3141 NFTs meaning that there will be a lot of diversity from the pool of possible traits.


Those that have important events which require a lot of study will be pleased to hear that the team plan to implement workshops that will last a whole day on things such as standardised test preparation and university admission. The founders speak from experience and can offer much wisdom. They can be especially informative for Americans that wish to study in the UK or vice-versa as well as offering impartial advice on all benefits and risks of international study.

One-On-One Sessions

The upcoming NFT project also plans to offer tutorship on an individual basis.
The sessions set out to cover virtually any topic at most levels of education, ranging from elementary school all the way up to graduate level. The team are happy to offer a bespoke service whereby users are able to receive assistance with essays and other tests.
As a result of being a holder of a Professor NFT you will be eligible for discounted sessions (50% discount) – rather than the standard $150/hour holders will only pay $75 an hour for the exclusive service conducted via Zoom.

Unannounced Utility

In the Whitepaper the team have mentioned that there will be an additional utility available to holders. This will only be announced shortly before the mint, but is purported to add increased value to each Professor NFT.

Road Map

The Road Map is thorough and mentions each milestone set out to be achieved. However, no dates are included and so it is anybodies guess how long all utility will take to drop.


A group of Yale and Oxford graduates are hanging out in a meadow when, all of the sudden, a time-machine sweeps in from the future. The time travelers bring news of how NFTs have completely reshaped the fabric of society in the not-too-distant future, and the young graduates grow excited about how to create this new world. They have the brilliant idea of combining their expertise in tutoring young students from all walks of life with their newfound knowledge of the transformative potential of NFTs. The Professors are born. They will enable students from all over the planet to have access to some of the most elite tutors from the world’s very best universities. The world that these graduates and students will create will be a sight to behold. The future awaits!


Join the Professors for an enriching conversation about life, the universe, and everything. We’ll be exploring the question of why there is anything at all and whether there is a meaning of life in a podcast-style conversation, as well as discussing some further follow-up questions from the audience. We aim to inspire future students and Professor stakeholders by showcasing the intelligence and wisdom behind this project.


Today is the day when the past meets the future. 3141 Professors will hatch out of their eggs and be released into a world desperate for what they have to offer. Anyone lucky enough to own one of these Professors now has access to some of the brightest and most inquisitive minds on the planet, ready to help you or your loved ones with that math problem that’s frustrated you for days, test prep, or even getting into a top college like the ones our tutors have attended. Will you be one of the lucky few to own a Professor?


The Professors have taken the next step in changing how education works in the 21st century. We are launching our virtual classroom in the Metaverse, the first of its kind. Students from all walks of life, from all over the world, will gather in the Metaverse where they will receive 1-one-1 tutoring from tutors from the most elite universities in the world. Students will also learn from each other in the classroom, with cutting-edge seminars moderated by one or more of the Professors. In addition to these seminars, the Metaverse classroom will host workshops on subjects from grade school to university-level studies, as well as offering advice on how to get into world-class universities in both America and the UK. Education will never be the same.


Taking a stroll in the metaverse, the Professors stumble upon something very unusual. They encounter a British telephone box from the 1960s. Could it be a Tardis, the time-machine that the Professors saw at the beginning of their journey? Lucrative utility is headed for all Professor holders. The monetary value of this additional utility alone will be reason to mint a Professor!


  • Twitter – 19.1k followers | Joined June 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Account Tweets regularly. Tweets get good engagement most of the time.
  • Discord – 8.3k Members | 2.2k Online – Medium Discord. Rule acceptance and click to verify on entry. Bots sit below regular Discord users. No shilling channels. General chat has some regular conversation that moves along gradually.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The NFT has a few price bands:

  • A+ Phase – 0.11 ETH (200 NFTs)
  • PHASE 1 – 0.11 ETH (750 NFTs)
  • PHASE 2 – 0.13 ETH (950 NFTs)
  • PHASE 3 – 0.15 ETH (1241 NFTs)

The first wave of minting begins on October 8th 2022.


The projects artwork is good. It has a nice degree of variation. The utility on offer doesn’t sound too ambitious and each of the founders are doxxed and have the prerequisites to be a great tutor – with all of them having a range of tutorship experience. We haven’t seen an educational based NFT project like this before, so I applaud the originality.

My current concerns right now are firstly the nature of the project. This doesn’t seem like something people are going to want to flip due to the high initial mint price and the lack of future value increasing utility. The mint price is also too high in my opinion. Cheaper, better projects with more value driving mechanisms are failing to sell out. Looking back to January the NFT landscape had a USD trading volume as high as 1 billion dollars, to put this into perspective a single day in the last month has not surpassed 25 million USD. High mints like this aren’t able to mint out as successfully as they once did before due to the decreased investment in the ecosystem.
Furthermore, I do not appreciate the “Unnannounced Utility” – the founders are effectively asking potential investors to trust them blindly and wait for a future announcement that will “launch this project to the moon”.
I am also not a fan of the one-on-one sessions – or at least the way this is mentioned within the Whitepaper – it is one of the first topics and when I began to read this it screamed “cash grab!” at me. Straight away I am left with the impression that the founders are new to the ecosystem and looking for a way to glorify and sell more tutoring sessions.

Overall, decent artwork. Doxxed founders, however I won’t be minting this one. I think the only people this project can truly benefit are those seeking discounted and additional tutorship.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.