Samurai Warriors

Samurai Warriors

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Founders: Brain Box(?)
Discord Security: 2/5 (Bad)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 1/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 2/10


Hey all, today we have a nice little PFP project to take a look at. Samurai Warriors are an exclusive collection of 4,444 NFTs soon to be dropping on Ethereum. The collection features high-quality illustrations of male and female Japanese-inspired Samurais. The collection also reports an upcoming P2E game for each holder to enjoy!

Who is Behind the Project

Unfortunately, we have no idea who is behind the project. The website is coming up empty on any team information. The Whitepaper is also lacking in this regard. On the Discord, there is an alias profile – Brain Box which appears to be the person in charge. Due to the nature of this project, it is best to use a burner wallet.

Team Members

  • Brain Box (Founder?)
  • ?????????????????????????????????
  • ?????????????????????????????????
  • ?????????????????????????????????

We do not know any information on the team members apart from a little on Brain Box.

About the Collection

The collection features a grand total of 4,444 Ethereum-based NFTs. The collection is another project by LVME Studios – they previously built The Crazy Frogs NFT.
The NFTs are male and female Samurai Warriors – each inspired by ancient Japanese Samurai culture. The NFTs are each presented in high quality 4K resolution, enabling them to each be used as high quality PFPs or for anything else you can dream of.

As can be seen from the above NFT samples, the collection comes in a few distinct varieties. With a few traits. From the previews available we are only really seeing a few of the possible traits. Hopefully the team has a few more up their sleeves.

Female Samurai

The Female Samurais account for 2200 NFTs from the total collection. Each randomly generated NFT will consists of a range of traits, including hairstyle, sword style, and clothing – not to mention a few others. Each of the Female Samurai Warrior NFTs are inspired by the Onna-bugeisha; the female Samurais of 12th century Japan.
In gameplay, the female Samurais make for cunning characters – skilled in missions of espionage and maintaining foreign affairs.

Male Samurai

The Male Samurais also account for 2200 NFTs from the upcoming NFT collection. Inspired by the Japanese Bushido, each Samurai is crafted to be a high-quality anime manifestation.
In gameplay, the male Samurais make for fierce fighters – better suited to game missions that include physical battle and political shrewdness.


The Shogun are the rarest NFTs in the entire collection. There will only be 44 NFT Shoguns available. The Shoguns each come adorned in traditional armour, displaying their immense superiority above a regular Samurai.
When gameplay launches the Shoguns will be the most powerful characters and will hold special roles in the upcoming P2E game.


The current information on gameplay is highly limited, we are currently devoid of any images or screenshots of the purported upcoming P2E game. The only information found was what could be extracted from the teams Whitepaper.

We know that the game plans to be an open world exploration game with battle strategy mechanics.

The 44 Shoguns are leaders of their Shogunates. Each Shogunate will consists of 100 random Male & Female Samurai Warrior NFTs. Samurai Warriors must serve their Shogun with undying loyalty.
The Shoguns are on a quest of power to become Minamoto Yoshitsune – the greatest Japanese Samurai of all time.

Players will be able to join war raids, build farms, engage in political gameplay – all whilst playing with other teammates and working towards real rewards for each win on the battlefield! For players that do not wish to battle, they can take a more political strategy or agricultural strategy within the game and still earn the upcoming LVME token.

LVME Token

The project also plans to release the LVME token, which should be released around the time of the game – owing to the games need for LVME tokens in order to progress.
The LVME token will be used to fuel the Samurai Warrior ecosystem – holders will earn the token through active participation in the upcoming P2E game.
The LVME token has a range of potential future uses, which include:

  • Upgrading your Samurai NFT (think in terms of fighting speed, weapon damage and more!)
  • Voting on game policies (this token will act as a governance token, based on your own holding of it)
  • Easy exchange to other cryptocurrencies (this is down to the team and the future community – no single person can guarantee LVME will be exchangeable to say, ETH for example)

Road Map

The Road Map is brief. We don’t have any dates present, only a percentage – is this percentage sold – or is this some arbitrary unit to confuse potential investors?


  • Public sale of the Samurai NFT
  • Build UI for merch market, for NFT secondary sales and Samurai branded items. T-shirts, mugs, etc.


  • Work with LVME studios to develop the code for game-ready NFT Characters
  • Also, finalize LVME token integration to the P2E game to create a sustainable reward model for players


  • Launching huge marketing campaigns with leading web3 marketing companies and publicity firms to increase the users base and awareness of the project


  • Yearly develop and improve gameplay and graphics. Finally, launch the android and iOS game modes.


  • Twitter – 6.7k followers | Joined July 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Account Tweets semi-regularly. Only really began tweeting a couple of weeks ago. Engagement is very low, never breaking double digits. Worth to note the team previously had this Twitter – but it was banned for some reason.
  • Discord – 1.9k Members | 88 Online – Small Discord. Unfortunately I couldn’t see anything in the server, it’s either not set up or got some issues. Attempted multiple rejoins but it seems that after verifying the server is completely empty of channels, I can only see the team member, Brain Box

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

We don’t yet know the mint price, or the mint date.


The project features fairly basic anime artwork. Each NFT is high resolution, so could make a good piece of artwork if you like some of the styles. The game sounds like it has some unique concepts with the Shoguns and other NFT holders helping to advance their cause.

What I don’t like about the project is numerous. The artwork is overused – we see so many anime projects, that the project needs to be very special or have some pedigree to succeed, furthermore the NFTs I saw in the samples were very basic by design and limited in variation – I am not sure if this is an accurate picture of what is to come but it is not a good representation.

The website and whitepaper are basic – the website includes a wrong count on the total number of NFTs (4,400 vs 4,444 in the Whitepaper). The Whitepaper can’t really be called a Whitepaper – it might not even scrape the level of Litepaper – it is so basic and only offers fluff and ideas and lacks tangibility involving the mechanics of the project. Worst of all, the team is nearly non-existent… We have little information about the project.

However, we do have some previous history on the team. I did a bit of digging and found that LVME Studios were mentioned on a previous page for upcoming mints. I checked out this project, The Crazy Frogs and then found their Discord. I noticed that Brain Box is online in the highest Discord rank on both the Samurai Warrior NFT, as well as the Crazy Frog NFT. This leads me to conclude that LVME Studios led the previous project also.

The Crazy Frogs, was a free mint and so it’s not like the founders ran off with everyones money – but after the mint the team was almost non-responsive and did not really deliver upon any of the projects initial promises, a couple months later they then announce in the chat that the Crazy Frog Holders should mint their upcoming Samurai Warriors.

Overall, the project features average artwork but the reported utility seems way too over-ambitious, especially for a team that has already failed to deliver. The project is also totally undoxxed, so this time round the intentions of the founders could be more sinister; however by that token they may also have some real ideas. Personally I wouldn’t get involved with this project, it is low effort and the unknown founders have already embarrassed themselves once before. If you do mint, use a burner wallet!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.