May 31, 2022 to May 31, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.12
Discord Security: 2/5 (Bad)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 4/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 2.75/10


Senshi means warrior, soldier, or combatant. What is the true meaning of a warrior? One that is engaged or has experience in warfare or conflict, one that has shown great vigor and courage.

Senshi aims to focus on community and including the community in all things SENSHI. By consistently engaging with the community, they also want to focus on rewarding the community since engagement is a two-way street. In order to achieve this community inclusivity, Senshi plans to launch their DAO. The purpose of the DAO will be to invest, reward and collaborate with projects that the community likes and has an interest in. The DAO will be funded by 20% of all royalties. Besides the DAO there is also the community wallet which is funded by 8% of the Senshi project and 30% of royalties. This wallet will be used to achieve all roadmap promises and roadmap 2.0.

Senshi has partnered with Rarity Sniper to be their exclusive rarity partner and say that their are over 300+ #BAYC/#MAYC holders on their WL.

⚡️ ROADMAP 1.0 ⚡️


All members of the Senshi Whitelist will have enough time to mint their Senshi NFT. After this is over, the public will be able to mint the remainder of the collection until all 5,555 Senshi’s are gone.


The reveal of Senshi’s and rarity rankings.


After mint has concluded, there will be 30 days of giveaways. This includes $ETH giveaways every single day, exclusive WL giveaways for upcoming projects and to conclude we will giveaway a Tesla to one lucky Senshi holder. The plan to start this 2 days after mint. To be eligible, you must hold a Senshi and have it listed above a certain price (TBA) or not listed at all.


Launch of the Senshi DAO, which will invest, reward, and collaborate with projects the Senshi community likes best, funded by 20% of all royalties. Alongside with the community wallet, funded by 8% of the project + 30% of all royalties.


Partnerships and collaborations with some of the biggest brands and projects.


Official airdrop of the Senshi NFT tokens, with access to claim merch, enter raffles, enter exclusive events and much more!


Official merch release.


Exclusive events for holders, held across the world.


Launch of a brand new collection which will be free to claim for Senshi holders.

🚀 PHASE 10 The release of Roadmap 2.0 … Entering The Metaverse, staking and more… 👀

🔥 Mint Info 🔥

Wen Mint? 31st May 2022

Supply: 5,555

Price: WL: 0.09 ETH Public: 0.12 ETH

WL: 1,940/2,500

💥 Phase 1 – Priority

– Phase for the biggest whales and diamond hands

– 0.09 ETH

– 200 Supply

– 1 Per Wallet

– Tuesday, May 31, 2022 2:00 PM CET (central European time)

💥 Phase 2 – Whitelist

– Phase for all whitelisted members

– 0.09 ETH

– 2500 Whitelisted

– 2 Per Wallet

– Tuesday, May 31, 2022 5:00 PM CET (central European time)

💥 Phase 3 – Public

– Phase for everyone

– 0.12 ETH

– Remaining Supply

– 3 Per Wallet

– Tuesday, May 31, 2022 8:00 PM CET (central European time)

Extra minting info:

– Each phase will have a 3hour window, then the next phase will start immediately after the window ends.

– If a phase sells out before the 3hour window is over, the next phase will not start early. The time of the next phase will still be the same.

– Whitelist has been overallocated by a small amount, due to market conditions and the fact that not everybody will mint, so we do advise you not to be too comfortable expecting a guaranteed mint.

– Public sale will be the remainder of the supply which is left after the whitelist sale. – Senshi’s will be automatically shuffled in order to make it fair for the community, so no matter when you mint the rarity of the Senshi will always be random.


Co-Founder Jacko: Jackson Hewitt

Also the co-founder of The Index Agency, a digital marketing agency.



Co-Founder Strizzy: Sidney Anyijobi

Also the co-founder of The Index Agency, a digital marketing agency.


Co-Founder Pingue: Samir Suarez


Co-Founder Rykey: Ramarri Tyrell

Also the co-founder of The Index Agency, a digital marketing agency.


Artist & Designer: Faebe


Artist & Designer: Vestige


Executive: Yahya Maghrab


Head Moderator & Advisor: Enes


Some notes based on the images of the team on their website:

  • The images have odd file names which is not expected from images taken and uploaded.
  • One of the founder images also has been edited in photoshop.








  • 52,129 members
  • Discord was closed but it is currently open now

    🚨🚨Project Summary🚨🚨

    Based on the unsatisfactory findings of the founder DOXXING and what is fake PROXXY doxxing this project has been labelled as a caution, website for host business has been created just for this projects authenticity, and we ran reverse image searches on advanced AI technologies that didn’t link any names or social media accounts with faces shown.


As always this is NOT financial advice and remember to ALWAYS DYOR!