Sick Ape Society

Sick Ape Society

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.05
Founders: EliGoat.eth
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 1/10
Overall Score: 3.75/10


Hey guys. Today we have a P2E project. The project features 4700 randomly generated 2D ape avatars. This isn’t just a PFP collection though, Sick Ape Society has a functional mini-game straight off the bat, and a P2E aspect that will soon kick into action once the project has minted.
The smart-contract will be built on the ERC721A standard, saving minters more gas, compared to less gas-optimized mints.

Who is behind the project?

We aren’t totally sure who is behind the project. Unfortunately, the founders are undoxxed. The team is small and the only shred of background we have is the EliGoat.eth twitter.

Team Members

EliGoat.eth – Founder
SpreadLuv.eth – Marketing/Community Lead
EternalSS.eth – Development
Captain Crook – Moderator

About The Collection

The collection features a whole lot of traits, randomly generated to create a unique 2D ape. Your ape also serves as your key to take part in the upcoming P2E game “Wild Jump”. Holders will also have the ability to stake their apes for $LIANA tokens (Sick Ape Societies upcoming ERC20 token), breed and create baby sick apes. Further down the line the team plans to release 3D Sick Apes.

The team has been working on this project for some months. Twitter posts indicate that the project has been in development since late 2021. The teams wish is to release a fully fleshed out project that can hit the ground running, rather than a lot of the over-promising slow rug pulls going around lately. This is a great sign, and hopefully the team is true to their word.

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Buckle up, this roadmap is packed with promising future plans, currently, no dates are provided:


Shortly after the mint the Sick Ape Society ERC20 token $LIANA will be listed on Uniswap. Holders will be able to stake their Sick Ape and earn 10 $LIANA per day.
The P2E game will begin and all holders will be able to compete in the Wild Jump game for a chance to earn more $LIANA. In addition 200 $LIANA will be airdropped to 10 random holders.


Shortly after $LIANAs release, breeding will unlock.

Breeding allows holders to breed one (Just one?) Sick Ape to create a Baby Sick Ape. The cost is 800 $LIANA and only 1234 Babies are available, adding further scarcity to the new collection. You will most likely have to move quickly on this one! 200 $LIANA will be airdropped to 10 random holders, once again.

3D Apes

Going a step further, 411 3D Apes will be available to those that hold 3 Baby Sick Apes. You better move quick on this one, as these are highly limited and will likely be the most valuable part of the collection.


The team is planning to buy land in a popular metaverse for the community.


The team has ambitious plans further along the timeline. The first of which is to launch their own marketplace, where all holders will have beneficial perks on the marketplace, including free mints and whitelist opportunities.

Somewhere along the line a merch store will be set up, with the opportunity to pay with your $LIANA.

In addition, the team also wishes to offer services to the community. Spend $LIANA to get access to smart contract development, advice from project founders as well as high value connections that can help you launch your own NFT projects.


  • Twitter – 207k followers | Joined December 2021 – A very large purpose made account for the project. Compared to some NFT accounts, they do not post often at all – however, engagement is good.
  • Discord – 35.4k members | 6.1k online – Large server, busy chat with a lot of engaged members. Verification on entry to server, no shilling channels and bots with /commands. Bots are sitting below general Discord user rank.

Smart Contract

The smart contract is not yet available for review. The smart contract will be based on the ERC721A standard, allowing for more efficient mints – especially when minting more than one NFT.

Price & Mint Date

Sick Ape Society has a few different prices –

Presale: 1600 at 0.05 ETH each
Public Sale: 1600 at 0.07 ETH each
1500 FREE for OG Sick Ape Society members that minted at least 1 Sick Ape during either presale or public sale.


Normally I am not a heavy fan of derivative projects (especially ape projects), but it seems that the team have something different cooking up here. They have been developing and planning for some time, they have a game that is ready to play from the get-go and a bunch of utility added in that holders should be able to access very early on – it sounds good.
Now, on the flip-side, this is an undoxxed project with a founder that seems to have only been around very briefly, nobody else on the team is doxxed. We don’t know anybody and there is no reputational risk for EliGoat if he were a bad actor.

In short, an interesting project but there are some concerns. If you do go ahead and mint, ensure you use a burner wallet – other than that, enjoy!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.