Sons of Mars

Sons of Mars

September 3, 2022 to September 4, 2022
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.09
Founders: Alessandro Frosali, Sean Frosali
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 8/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 9/10
Overall Score: 7/10


Hey guys! We’ve got something a little different to take a look at today. This project is not like any other we’ve reviewed so far. It features an ongoing mini-game, savage Roman warrior-style avatars and the chance for some lucky holders to win big!
The team is also fully doxxed and offers a wealth of design and artistic talent. Let’s dive in a little deeper!

Who is Behind the Project

Sons of Mars is the first NFT project by the Frosali brothers. Alessandro & Sean Frosali.

Alessandro Frosali

Alessandro has had a long and varied career taking him through the film and entertainment industry. He’s sold short films to Hollywood. He’s travelled the world writing film scripts, documentaries and vlogs.

Alessandro also likes to make music in his spare time and is known by the stage name Seth King, having over 500k streams on Spotify.

Sean Frosali

Currently working as a policy specialist in the Australian life insurance industry. In the past Sean has managed vineyards in Tuscany and has even been a commissioned artist.

Sean has an artistic side and has had is work published in the Sydney design magazine “Semi Permanent” twice. Currently, he is engaged in creating his own Tarot card deck in collaboration with The Eternal Tarot.

Team Members

Alessandro Frosali – Founder
Sean Frosali – Founder
Amine Amahadar – Artist
Jerome Malevez – Artist

The team is lean, consisting of only 2 Founders & 2 Artists. The artists have a lot of good industry experience having worked on movies such as Lion King, Murder on the Orient Express, Disneys Nutcracker and many more great titles! The artists also both co-founded creative studio ANMP.

About The Collection

The collection features 5,555 Roman warriors, adorned with varying armour, weapons and more accessories. Over time your NFT will most likely change as the mini-game progresses.


So, the game I have previously touched on is an automatic game that slowly begins once the collection has minted out.
The game is played passively whilst the NFT is held.

The premise of the storyline is that each Son of Mars NFT is sentenced to a battle to the death. Over a period of 40 whole days 5,554 NFTs will be killed and only 1 will survive. The remaining NFT holder will then have the option to sell back their Son of Mars NFT for 200 ETH.
The game itself is played automatically, across the 40 days there will be 15 fight events (on average a fight event occurs every 2.66 days). Each round will present a 5% cumulative chance of each NFT dying.


In most cases, your NFT will die. Once it dies the NFT will turn into a stone version of itself. There are said to be 15 different stone variants that your warrior can transform into – adding another layer of rarity to the collection.
If your NFT dies, you can no longer win the 200 ETH. However, don’t despair as four lucky murdered warriors will win 5 ETH. 5 ETH will be randomly assigned to 4 dead NFTs.

Sons of Mars shifting to a “dead” state.


If you manage to survive all 40 days and 15 rounds and your NFT is the sole survivor then the Sons of Mars team will place a 200 ETH offer or 15% of mint proceeds equivalent (whichever is lesser) on your NFT. You are free to accept this offer and sell it to the team, or you can leave it and decide to hold the surviving NFT. However, I kind of think a 200 ETH offer would be impossible to pass up.

Season 2

Yes, there will be a second season. Dead, stone warriors will be burnable for an entry into Season 2, or you can keep the Season 1 statue forever and obtain yet-to-be-announced perks.

Read more on the game here.

Road Map

The Road Map provides loose dates with some rough outlines of whats to come in the future.

Q3 2022

After mint concludes the 40 day game will begin. Only 1 winner will survive. Winner will be able to claim 200 ETH. 4 dead warriors will be randomly airdropped 5 ETH each.

Q4 2022

The burn commences after the game concludes. Burn for a ticket to Season 2, set in a completely different timeline with a different story. Or hold onto that Season 1 statue for future mystery perks.

Q1 2023

The team wishes to produce a graphic novel based on the storyline of Season 1 & 2. Season 1 statue holders are given perks.

Sons of Mars Collaborations begin.

Q2 2023+

Graphic novel released.

Season 3 is close.

Sons of Mars is going to amp up their marketing and try and gain unique collaborations by infiltrating through all areas of popular culture.


  • Twitter – 12.1k followers | Joined May 2022 – Medium twitter account made for the project. Very regular tweets. A lot of tweets get bad, to average engagement at best – however there are a few big tweets.
  • Discord – 6.1k Members | 227 online – Push button verification and rule acceptance on entry. No commands. Shilling channel. Chat moves along fairly slowly, but there is some conversation here and there.
  • Instagram – 189 Followers | 39 posts – Some regular information is posted now and again. It’s a small account and the engagement is okay for the accounts size.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The price for a WL NFT will be 0.09 ETH.
The price for a public NFT will be 0.12 ETH.

  • Whitelist mint will begin on September 3rd 2022.
  • Public mint will begin on September 4th 2022.


The collection is giving us something unique, a cool suspense building ultimatum that will culminate in a few lucky holders receiving a few ETH each and one holder will receive the life-changing sum of 200 ETH. If you lose, you always stand a chance in whatever the next competition will be in Season 2.
The artwork itself is great, and whilst we don’t have a count on the traits we can see from previews there is good variation and once the NFTs die the metadata changes and they take on a whole new aesthetic.
The team is also experienced and they are fully doxxed!

Overall, the artwork is on point and I love the transformations the NFTs undergo. The competition and the future road map are nice touches around the artwork. Of course, your chances of winning a reward are slim to none, but if you are buying for the artwork alone it is a nice added bonus to receive.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.