Suspicious Unicorn Society (SUS.)

Suspicious Unicorn Society (SUS.)

September 22, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.16
Founders: Phil (Cav. Silvio Berluscoin)
Discord Security: 4/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 3/10
Discord Security: 8/10
Doxxed: 3/10
Overall Score: 5.25/10


Hey guys, today we have an exciting and highly exclusive utility project to take a look at. Suspicious Unicorn Society (SUS) is a utility Ethereum-based NFT that grants access to a new proprietary crypto trading bot – the bot is rumoured to be able to generate small, consistent profits for even the least savvy users. In addition, the project is represented by cute 3D voxel-based Unicorn avatars. Only 999 will be available, so get in fast!

Let’s dive in!

Who is Behind the Project

We know that the founder simply goes by “Phil”. He is an ex-tattoo artist who turned his hand to Crypto in 2017. Originally investing in Bitcoin and selling it OTC from a local marketplace. Through day-trading shitcoins, he perfected his craft and eventually became profitable. He soon comes to realise that the one thing separating himself and the big boys is himself – the human element needs to be removed and it should be automated by bots. Automating the process removes bias and emotion. Phil got to work and successfully created his first trading bot.
From that point onwards improvements have been made and now Phil is ready to share his bot, codename PEGASUS with the community. Looking further down the line Phil wishes to build a fleshed-out AI trading system – Rainbow Labs.

Team Members

Phil – CEO
Luca – CMO
Sberto – Dev
Blonde – CM
Masha – PMO
LunaL – Art

The team is fairly lean and they are a complementary bunch. The team are also slightly doxxed via pictures, but not much else is known in the realms of full names and personal profiles.

About the Collection

The collection features 999 voxel unicorns that are randomly generated when minted. Each Unicorn has its own set of traits including, clothing, colour, skin type, eyes, eyewear and more. There’s not an excessive amount of traits, but it’s a 999 NFT collection so having 300+ traits isn’t something this project needs to aim for – there will be a great degree of variation.


However, even though the artwork is high-quality it is not the main focus of the NFT project – the NFT serves as your key to Pegasus. Pegasus is a private algorithm built on PineScript (TradingViews proprietary programming language). Holders will be given full access to the algorithm and extensive training to ensure they will be profitable. Phil wants to ensure everyones success and will provide you with everything you need to succeed.
Additionally, holders will be entitled to a daily token reward (upcoming Tokenomics to be announced) and a free SUS DESTINY mint (the next upcoming NFT from SUS.) which will entitle holders to early and eventually full access to the Rainbow Labs suite of tools.


Rolling the clock back a little, early in September the team released SUSPASS (Club99) – a pass which was a free claim for the most engaged members of the community and contest winners. The pass allows up to 99 holders to mint their NFTs at a lower price, rather than the 0.16 ETH public sale price, Club99 members will only pay 0.12 ETH (a saving of 0.04 ETH!) and get a priority mint for the upcoming NFT Unicorn collection! There is also rumored to be extra utility for holding one of these ultra-scarce passes in the future.

SUSDESTINY (Rainbow Labs)

The ultimate destiny of the project is to build Pegasus into Rainbow Labs. Rainbow Labs strives to be a full service AI & Bot driven automatic cryptocurrency trading platform. If the team can reach their goals, Rainbow Labs will be constructed and built with an IRL HQ to begin training AI through vast amounts of computing power, as well as new staff members to manage the processes. The full vision of Rainbow Labs is currently a dream and holders are the ones that will help make this possible.

The final iteration of Rainbow Labs strives to be a fully functional, all in one cryptocurrency trading platform that will include automated trading with AI, full backtest analysis, around the clock support, full customization and a community feed where holders can exchange cryptocurrency trading strategies with one another.

Road Map

The project includes a basic Road Map, that makes mention of the goals set to be achieved, but does not provide a timeline of the milestones set to be achieved.

Phase 1

  • SUS Pass – Claim reserved to WL and Club99/OGs
  • SUS Genesis – Mint
  • Refund Option – 7 days (Yes, really – a refund option is said to be built into the contract, enabling users a full refund of their minting price, excluding gas)

Phase 2

  • SUS treasury
  • Marketing
  • Tokenomics and staking
  • Early access to Pegasus

Phase 3

  • SUS Destiny – Mint
  • Day 1 access to Pegasus
  • SUS HQ
  • Quantitative Team expansion

Phase 4

  • Rainbow Labs (BETA)


  • Twitter – 7.2k followers | Joined March 2022 – Medium Twitter account. The team tweet regularly. Engagement is average, with some tweets getting a lot more engagement.
  • Discord – 1.6k Members | 309 Online – Vulcan captcha authentication on entry – if not resolved in 10 minutes you are kicked. No shilling channels, no bots. Chat has some occasional conversation, but is pretty slow.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The NFT project works on a three tier price structure, with Club99 Pass holders receiving the cheapest possible price.

  • Club 99 & Selected Whitelist Members: 0.12 ETH
  • PREMINT Allowlist: 0.14 ETH
  • Public Sale: 0.16 ETH

The project plans to begin its mint on September 22nd, exact times are to be announced.


I like the ideas that this collection has, the trading algorithm that is ready to ship to holders could be an interesting value add straight from the get go. The artwork is pretty good, but nothing too special. The upcoming utility which also allows access to Rainbow Labs and another NFT mint for free, could potentially be profitable to holders.
My concerns with the project at the moment are that it seems overambitious. The trading bot part (Pegasus) I can get onboard with, but the AI that will power Rainbow Labs doesn’t even seem to exist yet and that is something holders will be waiting for – the minting of this SUS Unicorn is the funding for this dream. The project also seems underexposed on Discord, a very small server with slow conversation.

Overall, the project has some cool ideas – The built in refund option is a nice touch from the team which could help stabilize the floor price of the project early on. I would say that it’s best to keep your eye on this one and see how the momentum builds – this may be worth a mint – but as we do not know the full profiles of who is behind this project, mint with caution – use a burner wallet if in doubt.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.