The Millie$

The Millie$

Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.00
Founders: Joaquin Arroyo
Discord Security: 2/5 (Bad)

Project Rating

Design: 7/10
Smart Contract: 5/10
Discord Security: 4/10
Doxxed: 6/10
Overall Score: 5.5/10


Hey guys! Today we have another PFP/Collectible project to take a look at. We have some bright and distinctive artwork with a little utility and prizes thrown in along the way. The Millie$ are a 10k collection minted on the Ethereum blockchain, featuring 260 traits (most of them being hand-drawn).

Let’s dive in a little deeper!

Who is behind the project?

The team appears to be semi-doxxed. The primary founder Joaquin Arroyo (Derom) appears to be an established artist before entering the NFT space. He has another collection before he founded The Millie$.

Joaquin creates high-quality prints of Rolex’s and other designer watches, he then adapted this artwork and has been releasing limited edition NFTs of some of his key pieces. The NFTs allow his art to go a step further, some pieces are animated and for each first-time buy of a piece the original buyer will receive a print of the artwork.

Joaquin (DEROM) with his hand painted Millie.

Team Members

Joaquin Arroyo (Derom) – Founder & Artist
Bee The Block – Blockchain Development Agency
Dani – Strategy Director
Ana Baselga Eisen – Creative Design
Cali – Marketing Director

The team is semi-doxxed as you can see. Joaquin has a good chuck of information about himself online.

About The Collection

The collection features bright and clean-looking avatars, presented in an almost pop-art style. The team have given the characters some cool traits. Holding a Millie gives you the chance of winning some great prizes, from free minting a Billie all the way to private parties with flights paid for, for those that are very lucky.

Further afield the team has plans to develop the collection further – either through creating more collections (in the case of Billie$) or something very ambitious like a TV Show or Video Game.

Road Map

Please note that the team does not offer specific dates for completion of the road map, so it could be a lengthy process.

Stage One

Millie$ are minted onto the Ethereum Blockchain, once sold out they can only be purchased on secondary marketplaces.

Stage Two

A small percentage of the sales generated from the collection will be raffled among all Millie$ holders. There are also rumoured to be hidden prizes in the collection – we are yet to know what these are!

Stage Three

Exclusive parties begin to be planned. Exclusive events and parties will take place across the world – Miami, Ibiza, Dubai are all potential locations.
Entrance to the parties will be free for invited holders. Some will have their flights paid for, others who have a Golden Ticket will have a direct pass. It all depends on which ticket you win from the raffles.

Stage Four

The next collection is ready for release. The Millie$ have hustled their way to Billionaire status. Presenting the Billie$. All holders of a Millie will be able to mint a Billie for free. 15K Billie$ will be released. (It is unclear how the remaining 5k will be distributed if it’s a 1:1 claim per Millie).

Stage Five

Exclusive merchandise is released.
Merch is only available to Millie$ & Billie$ holders – allowing for truly limited merch.

Stage Six

Further, into the future, the team plans to have a long-standing community. With the vision of taking Millie$ to the next level. The team talks of ambitious plans, ranging from TV Shows to Video Games – the team is excited to see what the project can achieve!


  • Twitter – 20.6k followers | Joined May 2022 – Purpose made an account for the project. Fairly large account. The amount of engagement received is on the low to medium end. They have some collaborations with other projects.
  • Discord – 1.1k members | 140 online – Small server. Chat moves along very slowly. Verification on entry is minimal, security could be better. No shilling channels and bots are below regular discord users.
  • Instagram – 869 followers | 49 Posts, regular updates made. Low to medium engagement rate.

Smart Contract

The Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

The Price is yet to be announced, however, we do know the first 500 OG supporters of the project will get a free mint. This is still available as of the date of publish of this review.

Launch date is yet to be announced, we are early at the moment. We do know that there will be a Pre-Sale and a Public Sale at different times/dates.


Millie$ is a cool project. They have cool artwork and some interesting plans. The utility is baked in, in the form of a second collection for claim by holders – this could be a good value add for Millie$ holders. The concept of the parties and the tickets to be raffled is a nice little concept, it will be good to see how this pans out.
Now the negatives of the project are that it seems very underexposed. They have a very small Discord community and a Twitter and Instagram that could do with better engagement. I believe the team needs to pick up more traction in order to successfully mint this project out and complete their Road Map. However, we are very early at the moment and this could change in the future.

Overall, a cool little PFP project that will be fun to keep an eye on!

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.