The Trolls NFT

The Trolls NFT

August 31, 2022 to
Marketplace: Opensea
Blockchain: Ethereum
Mint Price: 0.07
Founders: Jasper Chatti
Discord Security: 3/5 (Excellent)

Project Rating

Design: 5/10
Smart Contract: 1/10
Discord Security: 6/10
Doxxed: 2/10
Overall Score: 3.5/10


Hey guys, today we have a blast from the past. The Trolls NFT is a Troll Doll-inspired collection of 2000 Troll NFTs soon to be minting onto the Ethereum blockchain. The collection resembles the dolls from the real world but with their own comical twist. In addition to the fun avatars, the project has some utility on offer to holders.

Let’s dive in.

Who is Behind the Project

Behind the project, we have Jasper Chatti, an experienced Recruiter and Marketing Consultant. Jasper claims to have previously worked with the Meta Space Babies NFT project. In his spare time, he loves to play games, specifically Call of Duty Warzone.

Team Members

Jasper Chatti – Founder
Linady Mbandi – Developer

The project has a very small team, it’s just the founder and developer duo with some of the extra services outsourced from the looks of things.

About the Collection

The collection features 2000 male and female Trolls, which closely resemble the original Troll Dolls. Each troll is high resolution, the artwork has a very good definition and as a result, looks pretty slick. Trolls can come in a range of styles with differing traits including headwear/hairstyle, clothing, background, footwear and more. There also appear to be some 1/1s judging from the previews available, although this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In addition to the artwork, the project aims to offer holders some interesting utility.


The team is supposedly working on some Software aptly named Autojobify. Autojobify seems to hold a CV, or profile of your skills and then automatically applies for jobs within specified sectors. Autojobify will be able to automatically apply for jobs the moment they are posted to various online job-boards. Autojobify aims to provide holders with a new way to look for work. In addition, the team will create a mobile app for Autojobify and monetize this for revenue share with holders.


The team wish to implement a DAO which will allow all Trolls NFT holders to vote in important decisions regarding the project’s future. Those that hold a rare NFT will get extra votes within the DAO. More information is to be announced.

Profit Share

The project purports to take a percentage of the profits generated through the royalties and sales and then pay that back to Trolls NFT holders every quarter. Additional profit will be generated through selling the use of Autojobify to the general public and employers.

Road Map

The Road Map is brief but explains some of the milestones set to be achieved. It’s important to note that no set dates are mentioned – meaning the team may take their time with some aspects of the projects Road Map.


  • Twitter – 25.5k followers | Joined April 2022 – Medium Twitter account. Semi-regular posts. Engagement is good to great on most posts. Engagement looks too good, and comments look fake on some posts.
  • Discord – 21k Members | 4.8k online – Verification, rule acceptance. Kicked out if not verified in 5 minutes. No bots. No shilling channels. Good, fast conversation in chat – it moves along quickly.
  • Instagram – 20.6k Followers | 49 posts – Semi-regular posts. Provides previews of the project’s upcoming artwork, but not much else. Good engagement.

Smart Contract

Smart Contract is not yet available for review.

Price & Mint Date

There are two prices for the project:

  • OG – 0.07 ETH
  • Whitelist – 0.09 ETH

Both minting on August 31st at the same time. First come first serve, the whitelist is over-allocated by about 500 spots so get in fast.


The project has fairly decent artwork with a good variety of traits. The utility on offer sounds interesting if it is something you are looking for. The project seems to have a lot of momentum with a big following on Twitter, Instagram and a very lively Discord.
The negatives of the project are that there is very little information on the founder. He tells us who he is, and where he works but other than this non-personal Instagram of his we do not know much else. I was unable to find any more information on Jasper. Secondly, the project seems heavily focused on Autojobify, it feels like they are using the project solely for funding this venture.

All in all, the artwork is nice and there is some good momentum, but I have some doubts on the credibility of the founder and the intentions of the project. If you intend to mint, use a fresh burner wallet. There is little accountability.

As always, please do your own research. This report does not constitute financial advice.